Ask Ash: The Libra Full Moon & Finding Balance

[one_third padding=”0% 0 0 0″][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0% 0 0 0″]Astrologist Ash Bonelli brings her intuitive connection to the stars as she guides us through our yearly Libra full moon’s balancing act between attending to our personal desires and the needs of others. At the end, Ash gives advice about this lunation to one lucky reader.

Dear Muses,

During the Libra full moon the sun and the moon are gazing deeply into one another’s eyes. They are relaying a story to each other that will show up in our lives in a variety of ways depending upon the cosmic makeup of our charts. If you have any planets or important points (Ex: MC, IC, Descendant, Ascendant) at or within a few degrees of 21 in Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) you are likely to feel this lunar event more deeply.

Let’s begin with the Sun’s role in this configuration. The sign that the Sun is currently in each month gives a feel for the energy found within the collective. Right now the Sun is residing with passionate pioneer, Aries. It makes sense that Aries, the Ram, would lead the charge of Spring to kick start the zodiacal year. We are in the midst of newness and charging ahead with the plans that will grow and evolve over the next year. There is a strong need for independence right now. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]Your autonomy in a particular area of your life is probably quite palpable, but as much as we need to be able to stand on our own two feet we also need others in this intense journey called life. This Sun/Moon opposition is all about being able to find,feed,and nurture ourselves without compromising our precious relationships. The urge to be free is even more amplified at this time due to the fact it’s sharing close quarters with Uranus, our planetary rebel. With Uranus adding some peer pressure to the sun you may feel more restless than usual this month.[/full_width]

[one_half]Across the heavens we find lady luna nestled in Libra’s harmonious embrace creating an emotional need to keep the peace with others. She vibes sweetness and serenity. The moon is a swift figure within the transiting bodies that affect us. She only stays in a sign for about 2 ½ days, so her emotional state is always changing. With that said she is in Libra every month for a couple of days—except this time in particular she is sitting right next to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. He is often associated with happily increasing good cheer and positivity yet the dark side to this is that he isn’t really concerned about what exactly he expands in our lives. He can amp up the joy just as quickly as any drama. We always forget to choose wisely with Jupiter. He goes big and isn’t concerned with the details so we need to be! Jupiter will be expanding upon any emotions you may have about pleasing those near and dear to you. This could throw a wrench in all of that Aries, my way or the highway attitude. You may find yourself juggling your needs versus your desire to make other people happy.

Another element of this lunar spectacle is that the sun and moon will both be squaring Pluto, Mr. Underworld himself. That means that whatever comes up at this time for you won’t go away unless you deal with it. Avoidance, denial, and resistance will only make you sink further into Pluto’s depths. To win with Pluto is to let go. Stop clinging on to the issue. The negativity will only disappear when you recognize its hold on you. No use fighting the tide when you can simply float, my friends.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[full_width]Lastly, (like there isn’t enough already going on!) is the fact that Mercury (our communication planet) and Venus (our values & love planet) are both retrograde. This could add in discussions/episodes that you thought were over. People from your past could start cropping up. Some of these people may be a welcome surprise while others you wish would just stay in the shadows of the past. Either way be on watch for review sessions regarding your thought patterns, the way you engage, your values, self-esteem and how your heart deals with love & loss. [/full_width]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]All of these topics could show up in your friendships, partnerships, jobs, children, etc so be mindful of your inner state vs. outer state.

Think on these questions….

Is there an area of your life where you restrict yourself for fear of being judged by others?

Do you give yourself enough alone time?

Are you addicted to pleasing others? If so, what area of your life do you focus that energy and why?

Do your thoughts align with your words?


[full_width]THE READER QUESTION (Email [email protected] for a chance to get your question answered at next month’s Scorpio full moon).

Dear Ash,
How does this upcoming full moon play out in my chart?

Dear Maiysha,

As with everything in astrology there are layers, cycles and an evolving story at play. How this full moon in Libra will unfold for you is no exception. Full moons are a time of release and awareness. They have a tendency to illuminate important areas of our lives especially if the degrees of the full moon happen to be close to natal points or planets in our charts. In your case this is occurring near a few areas of interest. First off, you are coming up on your solar return, Happy Birthday! Since this full moon is happening so closely to your birthday I feel like its themes tie into your year ahead. Keep that idea in mind when thinking about the energy of the rest of 2017.

During a full moon the sun and moon are in an exact opposition so we want to look at the dialogue between those two first. The transiting Sun is in fiery Aries making a conjunction (close together) with your natal (birth) Chiron, Mercury and natal Sun. This represents the external/yang portion. With so much energy close to home for you I would expect this to be a more intense lunar experience. Since you were born with Chiron, the symbol of our personal achilles heel being right next to your Mercury, our communication planet you may naturally be sharp witted and quick to state your opinion but this could be a gift that gets you in trouble with others from time to time. Having this conjunction so close to your Sun suggests that this is a big part of your life path. The full moon may light up this dynamic in a surprising way thanks to Uranus also being in the mix. Uranus is our rebellious planet that likes to be foot loose and fancy free. His presence could throw you some curve balls. The issues/experiences that come up will likely be linked to your daily routines, how you go about your life, your health or how you feel you are giving back to the world. This may be a good time to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself unless it’s a battle you know you will win. [/full_width]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Across the chart we see the more internal/yin side of the story. The moon is in diplomatic Libra being extra close with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The moon in Libra is concerned about the other, whether that be romantic or platonic, she needs to know she is being harmonious. Jupiter who livens up everything he touches in size and attitude will be amplifying this need to please. This will be the emotional side for you. You are an Aries so you won’t be placating nonsense but when you care for someone you are willing to at least hear them out. This could be a theme that pulses strongly during this moon cycle as well as the year. Finding a balance between the head and the heart is this years mantra.

Also in this cosmic soup the sun and moon will be square to Pluto. The deal with Pluto is to let go of the things that seemingly control us. If there is a thought pattern, attitude, experience that is nagging you from within that you are happy to ignore then you’ve found your Pluto. This could be a time when that drum starts banging away again. [/one_half_last]

[full_width]Be mindful of your internal landscape and see what happens if you face the issue head on by giving into it instead of hoping it will dip back into the recesses of your mind.

During this full moon Mercury will be retrograde in your house of love and partnerships while Venus will be retrograde in your house of creativity, romance, and personal expression. This would point towards the idea that this push/pull dynamic of aligning what you say and what you think especially in intimate relationships will be up for review. When Mercury is retrograde we get to reflect on our verbal interactions, things we’ve written and the many ideas that come up again and again in our heads. During a Venus retrograde we reflect on our current relationship status, our exes, our values and our self esteem in response to those subjects. You may find yourself running into people that once meant so much but somehow got lost in the shuffle of life and time. You may re-evaluate what you find meaning in. This is an excellent full moon to let go of ideas, feelings or experiences that are limiting you from moving forward in all of your relationships. Just know some old ghosts may arise, surprises are not out of the questions and get ready for a year ahead that focuses on love, relationships, and potential business partnerships!


Find a list of Ash’s astrological services on her site, HERE.[/full_width]

Dear Ash: Your Personal Capricorn Energy

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third][/one_third][one_third]Astrologist Ash Bonelli brings a powerful offering today as she answers one muses’ question about connecting to the Capricorn in their chart. Keep reading as she then sheds light, for each sign, on how the transformation enhancing Sun conjunct Pluto transit is affecting each of our signs this weekend. A must read.

Dear Ash,

Can you tell me a little bit about where I have Capricorn energy in my birth chart and how that plays out in my life?

Dear Andrea,

You were born with Capricorn residing proudly in your 1st house. Your Ascendant/Rising sign is there at 19 degrees. [/one_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[two_third]The Capricorn rising moves through the world with a quiet grace, a strong sense of self and stoic distance. They appear wise, classy and are usually quite polite with the occasional side of bluntness.. They possess a natural determination to pursue their goals no matter how many blocks pop up on the path. Capricorns are serious achievers and wish to be noticed for their committed efforts! They can be stubborn but dedicated and they want to be seen as successful. This is definitely a rising sign that wants to project to the collective that they are cool, calm, and collected. Lucky for Cappy, they usually are!

This year these normal temperaments may begin to shift though. Pluto, the mighty mouse of the cosmos will make an exact conjunction to your Ascendant in early March and will be moving back and forth over it all year due to his retrograde period. That means this will be a deeply transformational year for you. How you engage with the world is up for review. Pluto likes to break things down so they are forced to rebuild better and stronger than before. You may notice that your attitudes around how you want to be seen in your day to day life could drastically change. Pluto works beneath the surface so these are likely (to be) subconscious thoughts and feelings that are coming up for processing. The mantra with Pluto though is “just let go”. If you feel you are clinging on to some old beliefs or support systems that are no longer working, but you are simply hanging on for comfort, then that’s your cue to release them. New and better ones are on the way! [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]Pluto can sometimes work in really obvious ways but usually the most profound insights come about in hindsight. Because this is a merging of two energies it’s possible that you will feel more powerful during this transit because Pluto will essentially be imbuing with your Ascendant. This could give you a sense of strength you’ve never had before and you will now know how to integrate it moving forward. The mantra with Pluto though is “just let go”. If you feel you are clinging on to some old beliefs or support systems that are no longer working (but you are simply hanging on for comfort) then that is your cue to release them. New and better ones are on the way!

Another piece to add to your Capricorn nature is to take a look at her ruler. Saturn is the traditional feminine ruler of Capricorn. I see Saturn as our cosmic life coach. He has rough edges and can be quite demanding, but he is also fair and ultimately expects you to do well. He goes about it in harsh ways sometimes so most people dislike him, but if we didn’t have structure, pressure, deadlines, etc. in addition to someone putting up boundaries then we all would just Neptune out and party all the time. It’s all about balance, and Saturn loves when our ducks are all in a row! You have natal Saturn in Gemini in the 6th house. This would suggest that you try to have structured routines and are always paying attention to the way you communicate. This adds a playful and talkative quality to your Capricorn rising which could actually soften some of that natural coolness that Cappy is known for. It also means that this upcoming Pluto transit could also have a strong affect on your daily routines and your work life. You may notice that any shifts in your personality directly affect your engagement with clients. It could be that the way you’ve always presented yourself in a professional setting needs a tune up. Maybe you’ve been over giving? The 6th house represents service after all. You might set up stronger boundaries and this transit could bring some new found confidence that allows you to really go after some bigger dreams. However this Pluto transit plays out for you, I think you will come away with a renewed sense of independence, strength, and vitality!

Ash [/full_width]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Sun + Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn


Our solar king is making his yearly conjunction to Pluto this weekend. This sets the tone for the next year to an area of your life that could use an injection of power or deep changes. Pluto, lord of the underworld likes to work behind the scenes. His presence is strong, immensely felt but usually not obvious right away. It’s common to feel the plutonian experience while it’s happening, but the wisdom that comes from those experiences seems to arrive in hindsight. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 and will be there until 2024–so he’s a slow little beast! Capricorn also rules power so they have that in common but this sign also governs structure which is Pluto’s favorite thing to tear down. The Sun/Pluto lesson is that we are learning what we need to let go of in order to feel empowered on our life paths. Often we are weighed down by self-imposing barriers or ideas that have been created by outsiders that we feel we need to uphold. These can limit our growth, autonomy, and independence. Pluto likes to peel back our layers to get to the bones of our own personal truth. It’s not easy work but the more you learn to let go when it comes to Pluto dealings, the happier you will ultimately be. For more insights I’ve written a few sentences for each of the houses. All you have to do is look at your birth chart and see which house Capricorn lives in. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]1st House/Capricorn Rising – Our house of image, projection and our bodies. Pluto moving through your 1st house is asking that you let go of the idea of who you think you are to the world. If you are putting on airs or projecting an image that isn’t really you, then it’s time to peel back those layers. Authenticity is key here. This is a really impactful place for Pluto because most likely it’s crossing your Ascendant/Rising sign. Your Ascendant literally represents how you rise up each day to face the world. So a whole life examination could be in order. Think of this as a bit of a rebirth. You are the Phoenix, not the snake.

2nd House/Sagittarius Rising – Our house of money and self worth/esteem. Pluto moving through your 2nd house is asking you to let go of any negative feelings you have around your finances. If this is an issue in your life then it’s probably damaging your self worth/esteem. Therefore it affects more than just your bank account. Currency is tangible energy so how we treat it and what we think of it does play a role in how it shows up in our lives. If you have a really negative view of yourself financially, then that’s going to be a tough hole to climb out of. Really use this Sun/Pluto conjunction to get really honest about your feelings around spending, saving, and what limiting ideas you have that are actually holding you back from prospering. [/full_width]

[full_width]3rd House/Scorpio Rising – Our house of communications in all forms: speaking/writing/body language. Pluto moving through your 3rd house is asking you to re-evaluate how you engage with others. This could range from feeling like you don’t have a voice because other people speak over you or maybe you are the one that needs to learn to listen more. We all have times where we feel unseen, unheard, and misunderstood. These issues all come from how well we listen, mentally digest what we just heard, and understand one another. These are very important skills that make or break our conversations. Be mindful of your dialogue at work, home, school, etc., and see where some adjustments could be made.

4th House/Libra Rising – Our house of home, family and security. Pluto moving through this house is asking you to let go of the need to be in control at home all of the time. There could be a need for more compromise with members of your family. If this can’t be met in a healthy way then a hard look at serious boundaries may be in order. Also look at what you need to feel safe at home. Everyone deserves to have a sanctuary, so look at your current situation and see what could be shifted/discarded in order for you to find your perfect haven. This could also be a time where you find security in new or unusual places. You may start to find an inner strength that you didn’t know you had. One that gives you comfort in the face of changing foundations ahead. In times of shaky grounds remind yourself that you are always at home in your own heart. Allow the tides of change to do their work, and take comfort in your own resiliency. [/full_width]

[full_width]5th House/Virgo Rising – Our house of children, creativity, and romance. Pluto moving through this house is asking you to let go of anything that is blocking your true expression. This could show up in your dating life, your relationships with your kids, or how you go about creating anything that you feel passionate about. If you don’t have a clear/honest relationship about what lights you up in life then that’s where you need to start. That fire within us is our own personal root system that then feeds the garden of our lives. Get digging. Also, whether or not you have children we all have an inner child. This part of ourselves needs attention so that we can experience a bit of play and joy in our adult lives. You may find yourself craving childlike activities that allow you a deeper connection to source. If this is the case, embrace it.

6th House/Leo Rising – Our house of daily routines, work, service, and health. Pluto moving through the 6th house is asking you to let go your daily habits that are no longer serving your highest self. When I say highest self, I’m referring to the best version of you that each of us should strive to be. Of course we all having housework to do but what do you do regularly that doesn’t actually make life better? Think about your bad habits. These could run from cigarettes/unhealthy food choices to the constant need for outside approval. These are just a few of the many examples of things you could let go of. These changes would not only make your daily work/routines feel better but give you a more healthy body/mind/soul as well! This could also be a time where you heal your own issues and find yourself feeling the desire to help others with the same journey. This could be a profound experience that allows the energy of Pluto to work his magic by stripping away what doesn’t serve you so you can better serve others![/full_width]

[two_third]7th House/Cancer Rising – Our house of love and relationships. Pluto moving through the 7th house is asking you to let go of any toxic relationships, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, or issues around control. These issues can apply to romantic or business relationships. The ideas that you had when you were younger about what love looks like could be up for a major shift. You may find yourself craving a new type of partnership or maybe just a better one with yourself. You may also realize that the drama in a current situation is actually coming from you. If so, it’s up to you to be proactive about figuring out why you behave in the negative ways you do. If you find yourself in that relationship with someone else then maybe it’s time for couples therapy. This could also be a breakdown to breakthrough situation, so some relationships may only get better and better. Work on letting go of any power struggles and the new fresh energy to arise will be oh so lovely.

8th House/Gemini Rising – Our house of personal power, sex, death, and the mysterious side of life. Pluto enjoys this house (of course) so he is quite at home here. Pluto asks us to let go of of anything blocking us from being totally empowered individuals. Think about people, situations, attitudes or ideas that make you feel small. How can you step away from any of those toxic choices. I use the word choices because that’s the driving force behind many of our issues. We can choose who we spend time with; we can choose to not partake in certain negative situations; and we also decide what we think. These things that need to change can seem so obvious, but we are all guilty of letting things in our own control wreck our day. Look for ways in which you allow drainage to occur in your life, and make some adjustments so you can move through the world with more power and grace. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]9th House/Taurus Rising – Our house of spirituality, higher education, philosophy, and international travel. Pluto has his work cut out for him in this section of the chart. There is a lot going in this house. He could be stripping away a long held belief system that shaped your upbringing, but now doesn’t fit who you’ve become today. Your thoughts and feelings about the world could be changing dramatically at this time. Maybe you are desiring to get out and fill up your passport so you can open your mind to different cultures. You may also be thinking about going back (or currently going) to school to connect deeper with these shifts in your consciousness. Any limiting or just rigid ideas that you’ve had about society, government, religion, and lifestyle are up for review. Be open-minded and let go when you find yourself swimming upstream against the current.

10th House/Aries Rising – Our house of career and public life. Pluto moving through the top of the chart here could signal major job shifts or the ideas you’ve held about your current position could be changing. Your thoughts/feelings around how you appear in the world could also be transforming. Since Pluto governs power, you may be recognizing where you don’t have as much as you thought or how you actually need to work on developing yours. Maybe you’ve been working in an unfulfilling career but never had the self worth to actually make a change until now. Pluto could show up in your experience as a bit of a wrecking ball that breaks down one situation so that a better one can come about. Work on letting go of clinging to anything that isn’t actually benefitting you just because you are comfortable. Sun/Pluto asks that you step outside of your box long enough to see what else is possible. Then work on your personal power step by step until you’ve reached a more satisfying situation. If it all happens too quickly though, just embrace the end goal by recognizing that you have to break the walls to let the light in sometimes. [/full_width]

[full_width]11th House/Pisces Rising – Our house of hopes, dreams, and community. Pluto moving through the 11th house is asking you to get real about your goals. You may have big dreams, but due to a multitude of reasons (so many things can bog us down) you haven’t actually reached your desired outcome yet. This Sun/Pluto conjunction is kicking off another year for you to get really clear and practical about your wishes. If there is something blocking you from achieving your dreams, then Pluto’s presence may remove them. Now this may sound too good to be true. That’s because it is. There is another side to this shiny coin. When the excavation occurs it could actually leave you feeling a bit vulnerable. We have a tendency to unconsciously rely on our blocks, bad behaviors, and things we don’t actually like. Weird, huh? When those negative things are removed and we come to terms with our new reality we can then move forward with more clarity. Be careful what you wish for, and be ready to work for your dreams when those roadblocks are no longer lingering!

12th House/Aquarius Rising – Our house of mystery, intuition, and inner wisdom. Pluto is treading through the private waters of our soul in this house. Because this house is a bit undercover, Pluto may bring up issues/feelings that we have either forgotten (possibly on purpose) or didn’t even know we had. This can be a deeply cathartic experience where we really get in touch with our most intimate selves. This can feel like a spiritual purge that at times may be painful but once you pull the thorn out the healing can occur. Pluto is asking you to let go of any barriers that restrict you from connecting with your more yin/feminine side (men included). This is a great time to start a meditation practice so you can still your mind from over active thoughts. This would allow for the deeper wisdom residing in this house to bubble up. You can learn from the nebulous energy of the 12th house by surrendering to your own emotions. Release to realize is your mantra. [/full_width]

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Dear Ash: Is There A Block In My Chart?

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Dear Ash,

I’m a Sagittarius who needs some astro clarity! I had an astrological reading done in the past and was told I had an area of my birth chart that shows that I’m ‘stuck’ somehow. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant so could you further explain where I might be blocked in life?

Hi Amy,

Looking at your chart there are some things that immediately jump out at me. I will try to break down what I’m seeing as easily as I can. I hope! Astrology is not easy so never fear asking questions about it.

First off –
Everyone has what is called the ‘North Node and the ‘South Node’ in their chart. They are not planets. They are simply mathematical points created by the moons path. The north node represents our future, our dharma and depending on the sign it resides in will shed light on the skills we are supposed to gain in this life. The south node is our past, our karma and the traits/talents we came into this lifetime being good at. Your south node is in the sign of Sagittarius and your north node is in the sign of Gemini. Meaning that you came into this world ready and able to look at the world through a big picture lens. Being naturally philosophical, spiritual and possessing a large appetite for expansion/travel/freedom.[/two_third_last]

[two_third]Your north node in Gemini suggests a need to learn how to be more detail-oriented and really focus in on projects. Learning how to study the individual trees of the forest and not just the name of land it grows on. Zeroing in on the more everyday experience is what you’re learning about this time around.

Secondly – Your Sun (your life path/ego/identity) and Mercury (your mind/how you communicate) is right next to your south node. This would suggest that you have a natural talent for writing or communicating in a creative way. This also shows that you might be stuck in the past. The south node represents our past lives, our family history, and the genetic code that pulses through our veins today. I think where you may be blocked is that you could be too focused on your past or what you didn’t do/achieve yet. Sagittarius usually has really lofty goals and perspectives so it can be hard to live up to your own expectations. Looking at your north node you have Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the ruler of Sagittarius (therefore the ruler of your south node, Mercury and Sun) in the same sign. When I use the term ‘ruler’ I just mean that it has a strong affinity for those signs/placements. This means that you have big hopes, dreams and wishes for yourself. In order to obtain those dreams it would serve you well to be more focused on the little things in life. Maybe it’s time for a life makeover. Maybe certain attitudes or ideas or even physical objects in your life need to be snipped for good. It can sound harsh but it’s really incredible the weight that supposed comfort isn’t actually bringing to our hearts/souls.

I think the more organized and direct you can be about your passions and life objectives, the more successful you will be. It could be that you are quite scattered and you’ve worn yourself too thin. Figure out what you really love/need in life and let go of the rest.

If you don’t love it, leave it, girl.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

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Dear Ash: How to Embrace More Scorpio Mystique?

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]Dear Ash,

I’d love to know how and where Scorpio shows up in my chart and how I can tap into its dark and mysterious powers?

Dear Jessica-

There is a deep reservoir to be found in the Scorpio slice of the chart that is vulnerable, sacred and fearless. In your Libra rising chart we find Scorpio ruling over your 2nd house of self-worth, tangible resources, your relationship to those resources and money. It’s the house of how we support ourselves in this material world. The foundations we create. The way we view ourselves in private. Needless to say, a powerfully important house. Truth be told, each house carries its own blessings and burdens but this one really represents some heavy topics.

So LaCasa Scorpio is a private place meaning you may be a bit secretive about your money. Maybe its a topic you like keeping a little mystery around. You might be strict, hyper focused or obsessive about always having enough. Your feelings about yourself could have a direct link to how much you have and how well you can take care of yourself. You also have two planets living in that house that are in what is called a ‘Conjunction’ in astro speak. This simply means they are in close proximity. Their themes influence each others energy.


[full_width]First off, you have Saturn, the planet I see as the cosmic life coach there. Saturn represents our fears, survival, fathers or older male figures, hard work, restriction and structure. Where we have Saturn in the chart is where we are meant to work extra hard in our lifetime. This means making money could have been or still is a bit of a struggle. If not, you are working your Saturn. If it is, that is what you should focus on. Because this theme is in your 2nd house it represents more than just making money to consume and have fancy things. This is about your ability as a woman to take care of yourself on your own merit. Knowing you have your own back at the end of the day is the lesson here. Scorpio is independent and will go to whatever length it needs to, to achieve success even put itself at risk. That is a trait you must always be mindful of. Risk assess every option.

[two_third]Secondly, you have Mars, the warrior planet residing there. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so he is very strong and able to act on his desires with greater ease. He governs over personal drive, passion, aggression, masculinity and power. This adds an interesting dynamic to your 2nd house formed by the relationship between Saturn and Mars. One restricts and wishes you to work hard by sometimes going without while Mars goes after whatever it wants. So there is probably a push/pull that occurs within you around topics of self-esteem, what you want/deserve/need and how you go about getting it. The good thing about Saturn is that if you do work hard for him, you get rewarded. He isn’t there to help you (not in the traditional sense of the word), he’s there to challenge you to push through the obstacles life throws your way. Mars adds a needed boost in purpose to help you achieve in the face of struggle.

To tap into this side of yourself further I would say work on transparency around any issues you have with your money, your self-esteem and your current living situation. Scorpio likes to dig till they hit every nook and cranny of truth possible. Look at what blocks, boundaries and resentment you have around the 2nd house subjects so you can be clear as possible about what you want to work for. Your goals in life come back to this house because of the inherent psychological self value component. It’s imperative to feel like you have control over the tangible sections of your life. So dig deep and see what treasures lie within that can help you move forward feeling the best you can feel about yourself!

Scorpio Season Mantra: I let go of that which I cannot control. I embrace my shadows without the need to hide them away. I release any resentments that cloud my ability to be authentically seen by others.

[one_fourth]Dear Ash is a monthly advice column with astrologer Ash Bonelli. Send your question to [email protected] for a chance to get it answered in next month’s Dear Ash feature. For private readings with Ash, email her, [email protected], or pop into her website for a list of services. [/one_fourth][one_fourth_last][/one_fourth_last]