Gemini Full Moon: Positive Messages

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]As an epic full moon, supermoon in Gemini sits on our horizon, astrologist Allie Couch guides us through the high tide themes facing us today and this evening.

It’s full moon time muses, and this one is a special full supermoon as well as our culminating full moon of 2016. There may be huge feelings of needing to let go of aspects of 2016 that messed with our minds and thoughts so we can move on to 2017 in fresh and vital ways. It’s been a rocky and combustible year with the yang fire that’s been a filter over things. We’ve also had the numerological number 9 (the number of endings) filtering our happenings in 2016–the final number in the 1-9 cycle of years. The good news is that this is a spiritual number and I think it will help us let go of much negativity and prep us for the “1” year ahead–welcoming new paths and epic beginnings and initiatives.

In Gemini, the full moon’s purpose is to show us the information and thoughts that we need to let go of as well as a time of manifestation around information, words, communication, and community connecting that we have worked hard on. The messages that we have put out to the world and the pollination efforts that we have been busy promoting will show through now, letting us know how well we did.

If negativity is reflected back to us at this full moon, we’ll need to take time to analyze our thoughts and words over the past six months. Have they been negative?


[one_half]If our messages and thoughts have been positive and productive, community, connection, and a merry sense of belonging will be reflected back to us.

The planets seem very eager for this moon as so many of them will reach out with holiday cheer. We have two kite formations at this lunation and the full supermoon serves as one target and our seasonal ruler, grandiose Jupiter, serves as the other one. Because of this, there should be an epic feeling of being in touch with others now–for good or bad. It’s great day and night to get out, meet new people, and maybe find that key person or connection who can help push our manifestations, that are trying to peak, over a hump.

It’s always interesting to watch how timing works out and as fate would have it, we made a final decision to produce and self-publish our guide around the Gemini new moon. As hard as we worked and tried to get it out to everyone a few weeks earlier than we did, it is manifesting now, literally getting delivered today to the people who ordered it. A very literal moon cycle in our cards: set the intention at the Gemini new moon and watching it manifest at the Gemini full moon. We have put our hearts, souls, love, and gratitude for so many into this and it’s overwhelming to see the love coming back in and new connections coming our way.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]Please come to our humble home today for our pop-up shop to check one out for yourself (check our Instagram @cosmomuse for details). If you already have one come to our 7-9pm holiday celebratory open house and toast to the coming 2017 ‘A Year of Great Expectations’ so we can help elevate each other in all of the new and altruistic inspiration that we see seeping into so many of your minds.

We would love to meet every one of our followers, although I know many are not in the same city as us.

Gemini Full Moon Gathering Ideas:
With this moon being agile, verbal, quick, and movement oriented, it’s a gathering that should be more free flowing than usual. Instead of having a structured program, maybe treat this more like a book club

[full_width](actually a book club theme would be great for a Gemini themed gathering) where food and wine are just out and available to nibble on all night as you sit and chat and move around freely. Let the ritual aspects of this moon gathering happen in their own time and in a less formal way. Instead of doing the traditional circle, maybe set up a table where your moon crew can write out their messages to release and burn and messages that they are hoping to have come into manifestation, to do in their own time. No doubt people will be coming and going so anything structured may have constant distraction. Smudge people upon arriving at the gathering location rather than before entering the moon circle.

Gemini Full Moon Prayer:
I release all of my negative thoughts, forgive other’s negativity and embrace the good messages that I, and others, have. As the year ends, so do my feelings of hatred and bitterness. I am loved, connected and belong to amazing things and people that are all around in this world. My messages carry light and love as I help connect the dots of positive forward motion all around me. [/full_width]