In the Stars: How to Find Calm in Tomorrow’s Election

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]I have to start out with full disclosure that I am voting for Hillary, no questions asked. As a female with any sense of dignity I can’t in any way, shape or form support Trump.

As I started digging into the candidates, Hillary and Trump, and the dates of the election and on and on down the rabbit hole for this post, I felt more and more and more perplexed by what I was finding. Instead of seeing threads that brought clarity and insight to mind, I felt overwhelmed. Can the stars tell me who’s going to win? Can they help support why I believe Hillary will be a better president? Can I tell who’s a better ‘match’ as Commander in Chief per the US’s chart? Can I see why this election season has been such a disappointment? I only felt more lost the more I dug into different cosmic insight.

In true Sagittarius rising fashion, I had to step away for a while and realign with new questions around what I was even trying to find for this post. Perspective – that’s my ultimate keyword. This step away helped, immediately realizing that I was going about nebulous election questions in the wrong way—just as I was going about my day in the wrong way (car issues, puppy issues, technology issues – is it Mercury Retrograde? No. Really?). Realignment and a step back cured the symptoms of chaos. So, here it is, here’s my big cosmic reveal around all of the nebulous questions about the candidates and this election:[/two_third_last]

[full_width]Both Hillary and Trump have charts filled with complexity. There’s really nothing that I can tell you that we haven’t already dissected about them so I’ll just confirm: Yes, Hillary is brilliant, filled with stubborn determination to have power, control as well as lead. She keeps secrets and we may never know if they are all for her own benefit or for the good of the country. She is compassionate and duplicitous. Trump is a narcissist, he’s archaic (and is blind to that having been born on a south node lunar eclipse), he’s intuitive but not focused. Both have things in their charts in relation to the US’s chart that make me feel a little scared of their leadership for this country.

What finally made the circus and shit show make more sense was when I decided to step away from the candidates and the election and look more at the birth, transit and progressed charts for the US. This is where the root of the problem lies. It’s not about ‘them’ but more about why our country is attracting such candidates right now as well as unprecedented polarization, bringing out the ugliness in all of us.[/full_width]

[one_half]First: We are currently going through some heavy Pluto transits as a country. Our sun (our vital will and ego) is being opposed by this intense planet of transformation. We are going through epic shifts in power structures where the white middle-class male is no longer the majority. This, I believe is where The Donald is gaining support. People are scared of change and he represents old world security that is an illusion. With Pluto involved, change is already upon us and there is no going back—just walking into the fires of destruction. Specifically, around infrastructure, reputation, corporations, security, and value, knowing that as a great nation we can rebuild these things better as a more encompassed country if we can embrace the changes already in motion. With Trump’s heavy Cancer influences he is hugely reactionary and I think a lot of us fear the big red button in his reach – this is what scares me the most with him. [/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Second: It’s this same transit that I think has drawn Hillary into the mix along with the way Pluto is placed in the US progressed chart. Her Scorpio packed chart (ruled by Pluto) is one that can walk into the shifting tides and help us grow new skins and revitalize our country through re-building rather that clinging to the old. She represents that shift in society that is embracing power that looks different than it did in years past. Her ability to control and assert a psychological upper-hand is a double edged sword here. We need someone to lead us that isn’t scared of the change ahead and knows how to pool our power with others (that Scorpio is so masterful at), to keep us great. But, in that change will she get power hungry and make decisions that are better for her than for the country? The US chart has Scorpio in its 12th house of illusion, behind the scenes dealings, shadow and healing or self-undoing. So this could go both ways, either she uses her secretive Scorpio energy to help heal this area of our chart that has major baggage or she adds further fire to our sneaky backroom dealings. Either way, if she wins, I have no doubt that there will be much mystery around her presidency that we will never know about. [/one_half_last]

[one_third]Third: This is the biggie and the one that is the least about the candidates. Every thirty years, our charts make a shift in their progressions to a new sign. The last three degrees of progressing through a sign are when we can feel cycles coming to a close and are wrapping things up. As we move into the new sign, the first three degrees are ones where we are totally thrown out of water and struggle to understand our new environment and direction. For the US we are in the thick of this with our rising sign (what determines our direction and assertion) having just changed in May. The past three years we’ve been wrapping things up around leading, creatively expressing ourselves and shining as grand leaders and theatrical divas. Now, in Virgo, our direction needs to shift in big ways. [/one_third][two_third_last][/two_third_last]

[full_width]It’s time for us to figure out how to be more productive and create healthier process in our country. We’ve burned through a lot of resources in this Leo cycle of fun and excitement but now Virgo will help us dig in, work hard and make sure that the great creativity and leadership that we’ve asserted will be sustainable with a focus on refining, maturing and growing up. It’s not a really fun sign but it will bring a great harvest and more clout when we finish our new thirty year cycle. We are less than a degree into this new sign so we are literally spinning right now. None of us can fully grasp this new cycle for a couple of years so we have a long road ahead before the current turmoil calms down and we can all understand how we connect to our nation’s new directive. Call it fate or the cosmic powers that be, but this new rising sign is conjunct Trumps rising sign and conjunct Hillary’s mid-heaven (or career line). I guess we’ll see which line is more important to our nation’s chart tomorrow night. Although, Trump’s ascendant is technically in the last degree of Leo so I believe Hillary’s Virgo mid-heaven will be the rising star (but it’s going to take time for the US to ease into this Virgo energy so any leader will feel uncomfortable now).

In closing, more than who wins, keep in mind the epic cycles of change that we are going through and allow your fellow Americans to figure out their place for themselves without as much harsh judgement. We all have things we are going to have to let go of, find new footing in and transform for so try to be supportive and calm in this effort as we are all trying to figure out our place in the madness of the current US charts.

Side Note: There is controversy and mystery over Hillary’s true birth time as well as over the timing of the signing of The Declaration of Independence (US birth chart time) but I made my own judgements and assertions that I now (after having done research for this post) feel confident about. I’d already dug into the US chart for another post and feel sure that we have a Sag rising (freedom of speech, religion…). Feeling 98% sure about that, made it easier to rectify the time I choose to believe Hillary was born, of the few times she’s given.[/full_width]