Using Intense Election Emotions For Creation

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]The unimaginable has happened and in it’s wake, many of us are enraged, emotional, shocked, terrified… The Donald has secured himself as the President Elect, our 45th POTUS-to-be. Is it the dawn of Idiocracy or can we use the intense emotional responses coming up to transform the maturity of our country through brilliant creation? Rather than completely submitting to our inner rage and war paths, let’s incite war’s polar energy of creating—not peace.

I’m an eternal optimist (Sag rising here), so I choose, I take a stand, to make a difference, to tap into the current transformation evoking energies of the sun in Scorpio to create powerfully (and hopefully in a way that might welcome some from the other side to ‘get it’ and see what we are now facing). To help myself and others, no matter their previous patriotic ideals, to grown up and face our country’s pathologies head on.

How did we fail to reach such a huge segment of the US and how do we come together to help enlighten those who are functioning at very immature, selfish levels. We’re at a time in history where we can no longer be in it only for our own gain. We need to be in it for humanity’s sustainability and we need leaders who take our environment, equality, and basic benevolence to heart. So, what now? What do we do in this moment that feels like a crisis? Here are three astrological insights and ideas, on what kind of creation and understanding we should be striving for, that have been inspiring me over the past 24 hours:[/one_half_last]

[full_width]1) We, as a country, are in the midst of a huge shift, one that hasn’t taken place since 1977 (before I was even born), as we move into a new progressed rising sign—from Leo into Virgo.

Since 1977 (shortly after a different kind of presidential election upset happened as unknown Jimmy Carter beat out Regan for President) the US has been focused on asserting herself through grand entertainment, recreation, youthfulness, theatrics, leadership, creative-expression and gregarious warmth. It’s been fun but it’s time to batten down the hatches and start growing up with our new directive from Virgo. Things like reality TV and useless spectacle will start to dwindle under Virgo’s refined and snobbish reign. It’s going to take a few years to understand this new direction so many strange things such as this election (although this is hopefully the biggest) may start to appear. On that note, Trump’s ascendant is about one half of a degree away from the US’s progressed rising sign or ascendant—although his is technically in Leo so has just been passed. Because of this, take heart – we as a country will be moving further and further away from his POV and directive and I believe that even if he makes it through four years, we will not re-elect him. Leo is done, and we will have understood that by the 2020 elections. It takes until 3 degrees of a sign to start accepting the new energy (which will be just when the new election cycle begins).

Virgo is going to ask us to work hard to produce great harvests, get more organized, be more efficient with process and critical thinking, value quality over quantity and find more purpose and service as a nation. It’s not going to be as fun as our Leo days, but I think it’s going to be a needed shift. One that helps us mature and be more thoughtful. As a Virgo sun and mid-heaven, I can assure you, us Virgos do like to have fun, but in a quirky way. Humor may be more off-beat and dry, but clever.

With Virgo’s ruler, progressed Mercury, currently in Aquarius, I love the implications this holds for taking humanity and worthy causes such as the environment, seriously. It’s an altruistic combination, these two—Virgo and Aquarius. Leonardo DeCaprio just might get his efforts to take flight as we start taking the environment, as the US, more seriously. Use your fired up state to know that change is coming and dive head first into worthy causes that will take you into our nation’s Virgo cycle, being a pioneer for the rest to follow as we act more maturely and thoughtfully. [/full_width]


[full_width]2) Pluto, planet of transformation (death and rebirth) is opposing our nation’s sun form the sign of Capricorn (structure, achievement, corporations, paternal, old-boys club, reputation, career…). With our sun in Cancer (mothering, safety, privacy, patriotism, nurturing, roots, family, home) these two signs make up the polarity of security – one side through our roots (Cancer) and the other side through our ability to be seen and admired for the structure we create (Capricorn). Both of these things are facing differences of opinion and with Pluto in the mix, there is no doubt in my mind that we will need to go through some destruction in order to rebuild again. Sure this scares me that we may not survive the trauma this induces, but if we can all remember that what is really at play here is a desire for security, we might come out the other end in more fertile ground where our roots can thrive and better grow.

With our sun getting opposed by Pluto, our ego’s and will-power are tied up in having a ‘safe’ home but Pluto is coming along and questioning the influence that business and old power structures are having. It’s an epic battle of wills. I think this election put this issue front and center – why do white men and women, big corporations and old establishment get to decide what ‘safe’ means anymore. I think the cosmos is teaching us a lesson that really got ignited in the most public of ways this week. This IS going to change if Pluto has anything to say about it.

Power is shifting, ‘corporation’ is shifting and what we see as successful is shifting. Try to see with this perspective and choose how you wish to create with that fueling your drive. We don’t need to go to war with each other we need to create with each other in order for this to have a healthy transition. We need to put our heads together, listen to each other and have love and compassion for those trying to tell us what feels ‘safe’ to them. We are faced with this everyday in the news right now. People are not feeling secure so let’s deconstruct the structures we’ve put in place around our old definitions of safety and rebuild with a more encompassed vision. [/full_width]

[two_third]3) Over the next eleven months, we have expansive Jupiter in the sign of relational and equalizing Libra. This means we start the year off with what may seem like imbalance as that’s what Jupiter in Libra will be ‘seeking’—things to bring into balance. As we move through the year, we have very optimistic influences to use Libra’s equalizing energy of justice, harmony and elegance toward our efforts for more equality and fairness. Any ‘Trumped-up’ anger can be used very effectively right now in our efforts to create and grow more equality. Start initiatives that allow diversity to have a voice and to help those out there who are ignorant to what minorities and the disenfranchised are suffering to understand and develop more compassion. Energy goes where we focus, so rather than focusing on Trump himself, focus on solutions and creation that will ‘trump’ the issues we foresee him creating.

So, to clarify, I’m not saying that we should stop fighting to get Trump out of office or block his archaic initiatives but I do see a need to balance this war-like spirit with creation that elevates past him, that helps all mankind see potential in progressive rather than archaic movement. For good or bad, Trump is igniting a lot of cardinal energy in our society, so in yourself, use this opening that is happening to initiate things founded in love, compassion and progressive hope. This is the thing that will inspire change and maturity in those who are on the wrong side of history. I am a patriot through and through so I have to have hope and share the things that I think will help us climb out of the darkness that we may be headed toward.

“These are the times that try men’s souls… We have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.”
– Thomas Paine | The Crisis [/two_third][one_third_last padding=”25% 0 0 0″][/one_third_last]

Yoga Poses to Uncover More Intensity & Desire

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]CosmoMuse yogi, Brooke Musat, brings us some Scorpio Season intensity with two poses that help us balance our yin & yang energy during this transformative season. Photography by Bus Couch.

In the height of the transition between fall and winter upon us, we welcome Scorpio into her reign. Harnessing the power that is transformation, now is the perfect time to turn lessons learned into lessons shared. With Mars in Scorpio’s corner, the courage within will help us as we turn toward our hidden depths. Because Scorpio energy calls upon our inner detectives, consider this an opportunity to dig a little deeper into what you desire. Don’t shy away from identifying what it is you want, need, or simply crave.  If what you desire feels a little avant garde or taboo, find comfort that identification is the first step in the healthy exercise of self-discovery.[/one_third_last]

[full_width]With Pluto, Scorpio’s second ruling planet in your court, your intuitive abilities should be easier to call upon. Knowing what is right for you and when to act, are powers you already embody. Know though, that your journey to seek that which you desire does not need to be a lonely one. Sure, Scorpio season strengthens our self-control, but Scorpio season also reminds us there is power in intimacy. Give yourself permission to open up and share your truths with others. The essence of who you are is worth celebrating with company and embracing both your dark side along with your light side will bring greater empowerment!
The Yin and Yang poses of Scorpio season will keep you balanced as temperatures drop and the scenery shifts. With focus on caring for the loins and the heart, we are reminded that sometimes access to our desires requires a great deal of concentration and hard work. Steadiness achieved through strong feet, hamstrings, and quads, we recognize that transformation isn’t fleeting, but rather best initiated by finding strength on a cellular level.

[one_third padding=”26% 0 0 0″]Yin Pose :: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Folded Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)

o Stretches the hips, shoulders, and hamstrings

o Strengthens the ankles and legs

o Can help to strengthen the tiny muscles in the feet to help with cultivating a better sense of balance


[full_width]Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius):
Fire Signs, practice this pose only after warming up the hamstrings and opening up the hips. Don’t let your ego tell you props aren’t permitted. A strap looped around the foot in the air is a great way to give tight hamstrings room to breathe.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):
Earth signs, your tendency may be to focus on the foot that is connected to the ground or your mat, try to avoid this, as it may throw off your balance. Instead, try to bring your focus to the lightness of the leg suspended in the air. You could even try letting go of the foot with the hand and using your core to hold the leg up.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
Air Signs, we challenge you to hold this pose for more than 1 minute. If your hamstrings are tight, bend the knee, and take both hands to the shin, then draw the knee closer to chest.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): 
Water Signs, focus on trying to make this posture comfortable. You may need to play with bending either the standing leg’s knee or the knee of the leg in the air. Relax the shoulders and break in this pose in as it feels right for you.

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”5% 0 0 0″]Yang Pose :: Dancer’s Pose (Natarajasana)

o Strengthens the core and legs

o Opens the heart and chest

o Stretches the shoulders and back

Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius):
Fire signs, be aware that this pose should be eased into. Draw your attention to the tension of the foot in the hand and make sure your knee (of suspended leg) is pointed down toward the earth.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):
Earth signs, recognize this pose is quite an opening for your chest, back, shoulders, and heart. If you begin to feel vulnerable or trapped, try bending the standing leg, focus on the breath, or acknowledge you need to come out of the pose and try again.

[full_width]Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
Air signs, consider bringing the hand into the foot and aligning the knees. From there slowly begin to push the foot into the hand. With every breath you can focus on bringing the leg a bit higher. Once you’ve reached your peak, exit the pose the same way you entered it.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
Water signs, bring your attention to the shoulders and the arm suspended in space. Play with the angle of the suspended arm, reaching up toward sky, or reaching forward and parallel with the earth. Try to keep the shoulders squared toward the front of your mat. [/full_width]

Dear Ash: How to Embrace More Scorpio Mystique?

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]Dear Ash,

I’d love to know how and where Scorpio shows up in my chart and how I can tap into its dark and mysterious powers?

Dear Jessica-

There is a deep reservoir to be found in the Scorpio slice of the chart that is vulnerable, sacred and fearless. In your Libra rising chart we find Scorpio ruling over your 2nd house of self-worth, tangible resources, your relationship to those resources and money. It’s the house of how we support ourselves in this material world. The foundations we create. The way we view ourselves in private. Needless to say, a powerfully important house. Truth be told, each house carries its own blessings and burdens but this one really represents some heavy topics.

So LaCasa Scorpio is a private place meaning you may be a bit secretive about your money. Maybe its a topic you like keeping a little mystery around. You might be strict, hyper focused or obsessive about always having enough. Your feelings about yourself could have a direct link to how much you have and how well you can take care of yourself. You also have two planets living in that house that are in what is called a ‘Conjunction’ in astro speak. This simply means they are in close proximity. Their themes influence each others energy.


[full_width]First off, you have Saturn, the planet I see as the cosmic life coach there. Saturn represents our fears, survival, fathers or older male figures, hard work, restriction and structure. Where we have Saturn in the chart is where we are meant to work extra hard in our lifetime. This means making money could have been or still is a bit of a struggle. If not, you are working your Saturn. If it is, that is what you should focus on. Because this theme is in your 2nd house it represents more than just making money to consume and have fancy things. This is about your ability as a woman to take care of yourself on your own merit. Knowing you have your own back at the end of the day is the lesson here. Scorpio is independent and will go to whatever length it needs to, to achieve success even put itself at risk. That is a trait you must always be mindful of. Risk assess every option.

[two_third]Secondly, you have Mars, the warrior planet residing there. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so he is very strong and able to act on his desires with greater ease. He governs over personal drive, passion, aggression, masculinity and power. This adds an interesting dynamic to your 2nd house formed by the relationship between Saturn and Mars. One restricts and wishes you to work hard by sometimes going without while Mars goes after whatever it wants. So there is probably a push/pull that occurs within you around topics of self-esteem, what you want/deserve/need and how you go about getting it. The good thing about Saturn is that if you do work hard for him, you get rewarded. He isn’t there to help you (not in the traditional sense of the word), he’s there to challenge you to push through the obstacles life throws your way. Mars adds a needed boost in purpose to help you achieve in the face of struggle.

To tap into this side of yourself further I would say work on transparency around any issues you have with your money, your self-esteem and your current living situation. Scorpio likes to dig till they hit every nook and cranny of truth possible. Look at what blocks, boundaries and resentment you have around the 2nd house subjects so you can be clear as possible about what you want to work for. Your goals in life come back to this house because of the inherent psychological self value component. It’s imperative to feel like you have control over the tangible sections of your life. So dig deep and see what treasures lie within that can help you move forward feeling the best you can feel about yourself!

Scorpio Season Mantra: I let go of that which I cannot control. I embrace my shadows without the need to hide them away. I release any resentments that cloud my ability to be authentically seen by others.

[one_fourth]Dear Ash is a monthly advice column with astrologer Ash Bonelli. Send your question to [email protected] for a chance to get it answered in next month’s Dear Ash feature. For private readings with Ash, email her, [email protected], or pop into her website for a list of services. [/one_fourth][one_fourth_last][/one_fourth_last]