Dear Ash: Translate the Virgo Full Moon

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Astrologist, Ash Bonelli, brings her intuitive Pisces insight to one reader, and then to all of us, around this weekend’s Virgo full moon. The polarity of Pisces and Virgo that is illuminated at this time is always one that feels haunting, in a magical way. Ash channels this beautifully as she guides us to weave through the energy of the Dual Fish and the Virgin with mysticism and purity.

Dear Ash,

How does this Full Moon in Virgo translate within my life?

Dear Kate,

The transiting Sun (our current solar path), Chiron (our point of sensitivity) & Mercury (our communications) are all conjoined with your natal Moon (our emotional hub) in Pisces for this particular lunar event. The transiting Moon in Virgo will be shining her light on that watery quartet. This fleeting dance of opposition may be asking you to make a compromise somewhere in your life or at least strike a more authentic balance.

Breaking this down I will start with the Moon lighting up your second house. Where the Moon is transiting, especially when she is full, shows where you currently need to feel nurtured and cared for. This window of time is showing you where you can amplify those requirements. In Virgo, the Moon needs to be able to care for those they love in a way that is more practical and almost mundane. The everyday details of life can be boring but if we didn’t take care of them everything else would just seem a bit sloppy. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]If we thread in that this expression is occurring in your 2nd house, there is a link to your self-worth. You may need to derive more value from your everyday acts of service. Since this is a Full Moon we are experiencing, there is something that has come to fruition as well as something that needs to be released. It may become more clear in the next few days just exactly how you’ve been routinely engaged with your intimate circle. This could also highlight what has been blocking you from experiencing a deeper, more fulfilling version of expressing these Virgo moon characteristics.

Now over in the house of Pisces where the Sun, Chiron and Mercury are transiting your natal Moon with a little hug we see the other side of the opposition story. The Sun is highlighting the energy and attributes of how we go about our life path. Being in Pisces, there is a heightened urge to express empathy, compassion and creativity. Considering you were born with a Pisces moon these sensitive qualities are certainly not foreign to you. Having the Sun illuminate your tender moon could highlight the need to invest more into that compassionate soul you were meant to be. With Chiron so closely tied into this exchange it could bring up some raw emotions especially if you feel you haven’t been able to properly/fully utilize your kindness. It could be that you’ve felt repressed and need to channel it outwards in some capacity. Mercury rounds out the mix with a need for creative verbal release. Your thoughts and feelings may be swirling about for a few days and possibly journaling or just sharing with a friend may be very cathartic. This all goes down in your 8th house so you may be feeling a need for more empowerment. Maybe your heart has yearned for expression but due to feelings of fear or anger haven’t yet had the proper outlet to share it. I feel this is especially strong due to the fact that Saturn will also be squaring this gathering of pisces planets. There could be an authority figure or a negative male/patriarchal energy butting heads with your spirit’s need for expression. Use that Virgo moon energy to be strategic, skilled and crafty with your emotional executions. We live in a time where caring about the details, doing the work and leaning into the art of discernment will lead to more creative freedom and compassion. Wishing you a healing and inspiring Full Moon.


[two_third]Dear Collective,

We have arrived at the Full Moon in Virgo at 22 degrees which will give birth at 7:54 AM (PDT)!

We find ourselves swimming through the season of the dreamer, Pisces, for another week. Pisces is at the end of the cosmic pantheon making our entrance into Aries on March 21st, the zodiacal New Year. There is a feeling of endings with Pisces, yet as her archetype would also suggest (the two fish swimming in opposite directions) a symbology of new beginnings. I often think of the quote from Pablo Picasso, “The act of creation is first of all an act of destruction” when I meditate on Pisces energy because this sign really embodies the belief that there is a never ending cycle of birth/death. Full moons also possess this similar energy as they represent the culmination of something as well as the ending of something else. The Sun and Moon are gazing at one another asking us to weave together a narrative between these two polar opposites.

Our current Full Moon is playing out in the sign of Virgo. The Moon in Virgo wants to nurture by taking care of all the necessary details that can get missed by the nebulous/dreamy nature of Pisces. With that said, there is an area of your life that needs more fine tuning, more craft and care. With Chiron being so closely linked to this lunar event you may find yourself feeling a bit more sensitive especially to any outside critiques. Mercury is also intimately involved so how you think and speak are at play as well. Really give notice to whether or not your thoughts align with your actions. Maybe work on letting go of any distance between the two so you can feel more cohesive in your daily life. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]As if this wasn’t enough to process, Saturn, our cosmic life coach is squaring (90 degrees) our little underwater trio (Sun/Chiron/Mercury). This adds a serious depth to any shifts or decisions that you embark on during this time. Pisces is all about the feelings and Saturn is all about the achievement. Whenever Saturn is involved just do the work and the rewards will eventually come. Such a simple mantra, do the work, do the work and yes, do the work. Saturn is really the Zen master of the universe.

Concurrently, we are under the spell of the Venus Retrograde. Our values within our relationships, our self-worth, what unifies us and all the things we love are up for review. This addition to the heavens weighs heavily into how we navigate this Full Moon. Stay clear of being too critical, drowning in unnecessary worry or judging things that you know all too well you are also guilty of. Up the self-care, make mindful adjustments that you can commit to long term and allow creativity to lead the way. Below are questions for each of the houses Virgo could rule in the chart. Take time to review and process these questions. This Full Moon could bring some healthy solutions to begin integrating into your routine starting with our next New Moon on March 27th in fiery Aries. [/full_width]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]1st house Virgo/Virgo Rising – Are you taking care of your body? How do you speak to yourself? Could it stand to be a bit kinder?

2nd house Virgo/Leo Rising- How is your budget? What is your money story aka your relationship to your finances based on how you were raised regarding the topic of money? Are your feelings of self-worth directly linked to how others perceive your external successes or failures?

3rd house Virgo/Cancer Rising – Are you too critical of yourself and/or others? Do you place too much pressure upon yourself to be perfect? Have you considered starting a daily journaling practice?

4th house Virgo/Gemini Rising – How do you engage/support your family? How do they nurture you? What small actions could you take to feel more secure in your own home?

5th house Virgo/Taurus Rising – Do you allow yourself time to engage creatively with your inner child? What allows you to feel free? Are there any new skills/crafts that you wish to start learning or sharing with others?

6th house Virgo/Aries Rising – What could you add to your daily routine that would help it flow better? In fact, what could you take away? How could you nurture your health better? What dietary changes could you embrace for more optimal wellness?[/two_third_last]

[full_width]7th House Virgo/Pisces Rising – How are you contributing to your relationships in a meaningful way? Do you feel seen, heard and supported by your intimate circle? What do you love about yourself?

8th house Virgo/Aquarius Rising – What helps you feel in control? Do you feel that something within you is actually limiting your ability to experience self empowerment? How can you creatively connect on a deeper level to your own intuition?

9th house Virgo/Capricorn Rising – What makes you feel spiritual? How do connect to a deeper sense of purpose? What is your relationship to culture?

10th house Virgo/Sagittarius Rising – What are your career goals for the rest of the year? How is your relationship to your co-workers? Is there a creative interest that could be turned into a new career or make for a nice addition to your current work situation?

11th house Virgo/Scorpio Rising – How do you support your social network? Is there a charity that could really utilize your area of expertise? How often do you allow yourself to daydream?

12th house Virgo/Libra Rising – Do you take time to notice and really evaluate your more subconscious/background thoughts? Do they align with your daily conscious expressions? Do you write down your nightly dreams?

Happy Full Moon Muses!

xxAsh [/full_width]

Illuminated Gathering: Virgo, Spinner’s Full Moon

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0% 0 0 0″]A Virgo full moon masterfully weaves itself into our lives this Sunday, making it the perfect day to plan a moon gathering for this weekend. Seasonal Astrologist, Allie Couch, brings us some fated insight and ideas to get your gathering spun with perfection.


As we swim our way through the dreamy, mystical, and artistic seas of Pisces Season, a grounding full moon will come along in the not-so-emotional sign of Virgo. In opposition to this solar season’s vitality; a vitality that influences all of us to use symbolism and composition to attach meaning to the full spectrum and complexity of life, we blossom with a new found ability to actualize practical purposes in the outer world.

Virgo is a sign of fate and as we stepped into the Virgo new moon initiations, in early September, we started a six month journey to analyze, refine, and hone a skill or skills that we saw as being ‘useful’ or ‘purposeful’. There is a purity to this sign of the Virgin which conflicts with the messiness of human relations. Because of this, a pendulum swing happens as we refine and develop this ‘pure’ and ‘useful’ purpose, one that may have taken us between moments of needing the help of others to develop to one of utilizing what was learned to purify our own lives. At the full moon, this skill is actualized in some way that pushes it, and us, out into the world. An ability to refine, organize, and analyze has gifted us with a beautiful capability and now we recognize that it’s this capability that can bring a recognized purpose and usefulness to our lives. We see that this is a service we can offer and one that is needed by humanity.

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]We now start a six month journey to offer our useful purpose to our close peers, communities, and then to the world at large, all the while, spinning a web of connection that maintains purity from needing to engage in the messiness of emotional interaction or subjectivity. Rather, this web is spun to bring support and connection to an objective fate or specific need, purifying health and process. This is where Virgo gets it’s connection to the principle of serving. [/two_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[two_third padding=”0% 0 0 0″]THE GATHERING

We love us a full moon gathering at CosmoMuse as the high tide that full moons bring creates an opening to put our needs in the spotlight. This complete illumination is urging us to step into the outer world with what’s developed and celebrate the things coming into actualization—or mourn for things that didn’t make the cut and are now needing to phase out of our lives. With a close group of loved ones, either side that you are spilling over with (actualizing or releasing), is given communal support and nurturing.

At this Virgo full moon, take the time to ask your gatherers what it is that they’ve been honing and training in, or taming, in their lives. At 22 degrees of Virgo, the Sabian Symbol speaks to a readied faith in yourself after taming and mastering a wild aspect of ego: An ego refinement.

Here are some great questions to allow each person to address in the moon circle:

What part of yourself do you feel is ready and more polished to give to the world?

Do you feel a rising purpose or fate in your life?

Is there a skill, service, or aspect of your ego that is feeling a need to phase out of your life right now, no longer serving the fate, or usefulness of your life direction?[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]With all that is illuminated after these questions, use some critical thinking skills to see if there might be some way to help each person feel more comfortable with spinning their web of use and purpose in the outer world. Do any of the skills or purposes of those at the gathering relate or can some of these things be practiced on others there to help boost confidence in this coming-out time? How does each moon gatherer see the use of each other’s new fateful callings? Maybe allow a bit of response and reaction to each person, adding to the never ending need of Virgo energy to refine, analyze, and purify. [/two_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]SEASONAL ACTIVITIES

Some kind of seasonal art or activity is always a lovely, grounding, and communal enhancing thing to start your moon gathering off with, followed by a shared meal, and then the moon circle. To learn how to organize the flow of a full moon gathering and our version of what you need, you can find this info in our 2017 Seasonal Astrology Guide (download the PDF version here or purchase the print version here).

With this being a very practical and earth oriented full moon, we think it’s the perfect gathering to actually learn a skill and bring in a professional or one of your crew who’s good at this skill to give a simple and short 101 class: knitting, macrame, crochet. With Virgo being tied to the sympathetic nervous system, making epsom salt bath soaks is another great thing that might encourage everyone to go home and take a relaxing soak, taking a bit of pressure off of the perfection that Virgo is tied to. Have each person bring an herb, dried flowers, or essential oil that’s seasonal so people can make their own soak mixtures that speak to them. Chamomile and lavender are especially great relaxers. As this is the Native American Magpie Full Moon, having soil and little containers for planting seedlings, could also be fun. Have each person bring spring seeds so there’s a nice variety and make cartons of seed starters for herbs, veggies and flowers. Here’s a great tutorial.