Mad Libs with the Sun

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In the below sentence, mix and match different concoctions of your Leo house, sun sign, and sun’s house placement to see multiple aspects to the kind of light and heart you shine with.

Leo Through the Houses (what house in your chart hosts the sign of Leo?):

1st House: I am a star of clarity/passion/independence

2nd House: I am a star of value/pleasure/form

3rd House: I am a star of connection/community/communication

4th House: I am a star of security/family/nurturing/imagination

5th House: I am a star of presence/love/leadership

6th House: I am a star of lifestyle/work/wellness/systems

7th House: I am a star of relationships/partnering/fairness/diplomacy

8th House: I am a star of intrigue/mystery/seduction/merging

9th House: I am a star of opportunity/vision/philosophy/myth

10th House: I am a star of achievement/reputation/credentials/title

11th House: I am a star of innovation/individuation/friendship/progress

12th House: I am a star of art/dreams/glamour/illusion

Sun’s House Placement Keywords (what house hosts your sun?):

1st House: clarity/passion/independence

2nd House: value/pleasure/form

3rd House: connection/community/communication

4th House: security/family/nurturing/imagination

5th House: presence/love/leadership

6th House: lifestyle/work/wellness/systems

7th House: relationships/partnering/fairness/diplomacy

8th House: intrigue/mystery/seduction/merging

9th House: opportunity/vision/philosophy/wisdom

10th House: achievement/integrity/building/position

11th House: innovation/individuation/friendship/progress

12th House: art/dreams/glamour/illusion

Light of Sun Sign Keywords (what sign is your sun in ?):

Aries: Passionate, Clear, Impulsive, Aggressive, Independent

Taurus: Sensual, Worthy, Animalistic, Stubborn, Valuable

Gemini: Witty, Intelligent, Connected, Communicative, Pluralistic

Cancer: Intuitive, Nurturing, Deep, Stabilizing, Imaginative

Leo: Dramatic, Commanding, Warm, Playful, Creative

Virgo: Systemized, Refined, Fruitful, Natural, Useful

Libra: Harmonizing, Elegant, Fair, Aesthetic, Partnering

Scorpio: Intense, Transforming, Intimate, Powerful, Strategic

Sagittarius: Optimistic, Visionary, Civilized, Philosophical, Seeking

Capricorn: Structured, Poised, Authoritative, Aspirational, Impressive

Aquarius: Collaborative, Freeing, Enlightened, Friendly, Aloof

Pisces: Compassionate, Inspired, Ethereal, Tortured, Whole




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