Seasons Changing on the River: Fly Fishing

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Only after shooting this Scorpio feature did I realize what I was really digging at and hoping to communicate through an experience. What was found on the other side was the power of cycles in life & death.

Fly fishing holds a secret: There is something utterly connected about walking with a river, listening to the current, the wind, the sounds of nature. There is no end and no beginning; you disappear and become part of the earth’s natural rhythms. It’s a shortcut to a transformed Zen state, transformation being the root of Scorpio Season.

The soulful hour of pre-dawn was our backdrop, filled with mist rising from the water & earth, still warmer than the season’s changing temperatures, and made more dramatic over frost covered grasses. A season shifting toward death; this is where we see the physical manifestation of Scorpio. We witness nature decomposing, nourishing the earth for winter, in order to give life for a Taurus spring to follow. This was the darkly beautiful hour and time of year that our fly fishers, Thomas and Jenny, guided us on a journey to transform and connect with the wild, during it’s deepening season of cyclical transition.

First, the gear is prepared, tools to help join in with nature’s rhythms as a connection is found.

“Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”
– Henry David Thoreau

As our CosmoMuse team watched in wonder at our two fishers, even with our disruptive barking of orders, there was grace at hand. I won’t pretend to know how to describe their techniques, but it was obvious there was rhythm and art at the heart of it. Just by watching, we connected into the experience; a magical shift to witnessing the ecology of life, death and the natural order around us. The delicacy, the strength, it all had a purpose and a sacrifice to be made. Such is the polarity of existence.

The Scorpio thread of death continues as a fish is hooked. This one was gently set free, but not all have that end. Although they, and we, all have an end.

Scorpio Season (October 23 – November 21) urges us to use and listen to our hearts, and gives us the willpower to transform that which needs a change in resonance. It’s a time to show grace and respect for the cycles of transformation that you, or others in your life, are going through. Time given to this is not spent, it’s invested!

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Words and Art Direction: Allie Couch of CosmoMuse

Photography: Britt of Britt Chudleigh Photography

Styling Assistance: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Models & Wardrobe: Jenny & Thomas Bradley (instagram)

Location: The Weber River, Utah




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