Seasons Changing on the River: The Picnic

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Continuing on from part one of this post ‘Seasons Changing on the River: Fly Fishing’, I noted that time can be an investment rather than a spent commodity. With Scorpio Season ruling investments, assets, power, sexuality, intimacy and wealth, let’s explore these things in ways less traditional.

Fly fishing together, picnics; whatever common threads you find with others, time given to these joint interest can deepen bonds, times one thousand. The closeness gained form shared experiences creates resources that might make you feel wealthier and sexier than a grand portfolio.

Imagine the richness and heart this world would have if we all did more to consider our wealth and magnetism in these terms instead of through financial measurements.

The 8th house of each sign, shows us the focused passion we should use to grow the brand of resources, sexiness, intimacy and power available to us (read for your Sun and rising sign).


Aries) Intimacy, control, assets, sexual energy and shared resources (such as stocks and bonds); these are the areas of directed passion that will pay off down the line.

Taurus) Give your heart to grand dreams and visions, be they in empire building, story telling or international endeavors. The growth you see in these areas could be astronomical with adventures beyond your imagination.

Gemini) Putting time, money and heart toward personal achievements could return ten fold, giving you power and control over your reputation.

Cancer) Investing in future oriented endeavors brings a sense of belonging and returns, be it in technology, humanities, networks or anything group centered.

Leo) Compassion, arts and retreats are great places to go all in. Feed your inspired side and see beautiful returns and a sense of personal magnetism.

Virgo) Sports, metals, physicality, assertion and independence pay off for you. Feel passion for yourself and find the power and wealth that you’ve always shrugged off.

Libra) Nature, pleasure and self-value bring you power beyond belief. Income can easily be turned toward assets and affection given will grow in depth.

Scorpio) Words, communication, writing and friendships are great areas to place your heart. Greater control will come to you by feeding your environment with your thoughts.

Sagittarius) Home and family bring you power. Place your heart and resources here and the inheritances and bonds will grow.

Capricorn) Giving your heart and resources to leadership, generosity, playfulness and creative expression deepens your sense of power and builds your connection to intimacy and wealth.

Aquarius) Investing heart and passion into analyzing, organizing and refining your lifestyle, brings you more clarity and power for intimacy and resource building.

Pisces) Relationships and passionately pursuing equality in your life, brings you power, giving you the strength to also empowerment others. Partnerships hold great resources for you.


Words and Art Direction: Allie Couch of CosmoMuse

Photography: Britt of Britt Chudleigh Photography

Styling: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Models & Wardrobe: Jenny & Thomas Bradley (instagram)

Location: The Weber River, Utah




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