Inspired by Seasons and crafted by Creative Director & Mystical Architect, Allie Kesler. CosmoMuse is a lens into the cyclical intersection where heaven, earth, and human meet. Lean into the poetry of astrology with Allie. Lean into how seasons hold more intuitive and healing energy in their progressions than we are aware of. Dive into the process of understanding the deeper cycles that we all go through in the daily, monthly, yearly, and longer-term phases of life. Find your light and your depth. Find your heartbeat and breath.


Allie has been an avid student of astrology for 20 years and has led a bohemian lifestyle—anything but linear. Along with a background in fashion design having experience at brands such as Patagonia, she's also served as the Executive Director of an event design firm in Salt Lake City and Park City. With her background in design, Allie brings a modern, quiet, and rhythmic expression to astrology, tying it to cycles and seasons in a unique and grounded way. She aims to help others enrich their lives through giving form to a deep connection with the patterns that weave through human, nature, and the cosmic spaces. Having lived in several countries and states, Allie has a thirst for exploration and learning about what makes people and cultures tick, looking for the depth and poetry in all of life. Currently, Allie is back in school at the University of Utah, feeding her mind with new concepts through psychology, astronomy, and creative writing. This is taking a lot of her free-time so CosmoMuse is in slow gear for now, although still active in subtle ways.

*Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Sagittarius Rising & Chart Ruler in Cancer allie@cosmomuse.com