Inspired by Season. CosmoMuse brings us to the cyclically mystical intersection where heaven, earth, and human meet. Lean into the poetry of astrology with us. Lean into how seasons hold more intuitive and healing energy in their progressions than we are aware of. Have a little fun in the process of understanding the deeper cycles that we all go through in the daily, monthly, yearly, and longer-term phases that we go through. Find your light and your depth. Find your heartbeat and breath.


Allie has been an avid student of astrology for 20 years and has always been a bit of a bohemian. Along with a background in fashion design with experience at brands such as Patagonia, she most recently served as the executive director of an event design firm in Salt Lake City and Park City. With her background in design, Allie brings a modern, quiet, and rhythmic expression to astrology, tying it to the seasons and seasonal living in a unique and grounded way. She aims to help others enrich their lives through helping them form a deep connection to the cycles and patterns that weave through human, nature, and the cosmic spaces. Having lived in several countries and states, Allie has a thirst for exploration and learning about what makes people and cultures tick, looking for the poetry in all of life.

*Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Sagittarius Rising & Chart Ruler in Cancer

Cosmo Muses


Training as a classical ballerina till she was 18, Brooke enjoyed finding ways to communicate stories and emotions through movement. Looking for ways to help deal with her anxiety after Brooke’s father passed away, she found yoga. One downward dog and a few sun salutations and she was hooked! Brooke received her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2010. Recognizing both the healing powers and communicative abilities of yoga, Brooke focused her Masters research on teaching individuals about place through the art of yoga. An Aquarius at heart, Brooke is always looking for ways to inject creativity into her yoga practice. For Cosmo Muse, she enjoys customizing yoga sequences for the different astrological signs. When she’s not practicing yoga Brooke, enjoys recreating in the mountains of Utah with her fiancé and black lab Harley.

*Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius & Cancer Rising


Ash Bonelli is an astrologer, writer and private yoga instructor located in Seattle. She has worked in the holistic field for the past 13 years with additional studies in photography. She brings her education, intuition and creativity to all of her client sessions. She focuses her work with women to show them how to better understand themselves, their lives and how to become more empowered. Her love of alternative healing blossomed when she received a reflexology chart at age 12 and began working on her parents. It was a natural course in life to be of service in some way. She believes everything begins within and we each have the power to operate from our best selves. She is thrilled to be sharing astrology with the readers of CosmoMuse!


*Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn & Libra Rising

Lauren Eimers-Wangrud, MEd, MS, CMHC, LCGC

Lauren is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, a licensed and certified genetic counselor, and you can also find her helping artists and small businesses build their online shops with bigcartel.com. She hails from a multicultural-feminist perspective in her counseling, hoping to empower her clients to choose the best path for themselves to healing and better self-understanding. She is excited to share her thoughts and advice with CosmoMuse!

*Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aries, Cancer Rising

Katie Chirgotis

Raised on a small organic farm in rural Virginia, Katie developed a deep love and reverence for the Natural World from her first barefoot step onto soil. The emotional connection to the turning of the seasons and skies is a cornerstone on which she was raised, and continues to move through the world.

Katie moved to California in 2011 after a career in advertising to live in a remote cabin and farm in Santa Cruz as a way to reconnect with the earth. Through a series of fortunate connections and a strong amount of manifesting, Katie founded her floral design company, Eothen. Eothen, Greek translation for "from the East," honors and celebrates Mother Nature and the immense amount of beauty she brings.

Her work has been called kinetic, spiritual and evocative. Big energies, loud music, holding ritual and seeing the signs all strongly influence her art. She is eternally grateful for all the love and guidance that's brought her to where she is today.


Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius, Sagittarius Rising

Cherise Lily Nana

Cherise is ​a writer, curator, and muse. She enthusiastically began her career as a "kid's corner" columnist for a neighbourhood newsletter at age 10, and has since worked across the arts/wellness sectors gathering much beauty and wisdom. An avid learner, she holds degrees in Art History and Professional Writing, and has also studied a diverse array of subjects including Transpersonal Psychology, Ayurveda, Comparative Religion, Energetic Healing, Literature, Astrology and Indigenous Studies. She has woven these passions together to create the Muse Bespoke: online courses and projects designed to inspire people who want to uncover their unique voice and soulful, creative self-expression.

She is delighted to join the CosmoMuse community sharing her musings on archetypes, myth and art.


* Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius Rising

Lindsay LaPaugh

Lindsay is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, student of Natalia Rose’s PHDetox Course, founder of The Wellness Gypsy and co-owner of Salt Lake Elevated. Lindsay’s restriction free food philosophy of 80% clean eat and 20% life happens, has allowed her to let go of strict diets and the feeling of always being out of control around food. For years Lindsay struggled with her weight and being uncomfortable in her own skin. Lindsay's health issues in her late teens led to illness, an unhealthy lifestyle, and being overly medicated. After getting frustrated with taking too many prescription drugs she took a look at her own lifestyle and made small but meaningful changes. Over time her health improved and she learned how to live a life that fed her soul, nourished her body and stimulated her mind. Lindsay works with her clients to help them achieve their goals and desires without any strict rules. She is passionate about food that taste amazing, drinking tea, meaningful relationships and following your body’s true desires.


*Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, Sagittarius Rising