90 Minute Audio Birth Chart Reading


Get to the heart of your birth chart, your cosmic makeup.

Resident astrologer and CosmoMuse founder, Allie Kesler, will dive into the juiciest parts of your chart, including its back bone: your sun, moon, and rising sign/chart ruler. She will look at the major themes going on in your chart's makeup that create the details of how you come up against the little challenges and joys in your life. She'll guide you through how each season of the year might affect you as well as point out the best times to focus on self, home, relationships, and career—and your style around those. She'll end by talking about the greatest patterns in your life, the missions you are ultimately here to tackle.

At checkout, you must enter your birthdate, time, and city in the notes field (your birth certificate will typically contain all of this info if you're not sure). Expect up to a week for completion depending on current workload. An email with your mp4 audio reading as well as PDF of your chart will arrive in your inbox as little treasure you can always hold onto. If you need a different audio file type, please also put this int he notes field. Most likely we can accomadate.

* If you'd like to give this as a gift or live in Salt Lake and would like an in-person reading, email Allie at [email protected] to setup a Gift Card option/personal reading date & time.




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