Illuminated Gathering: A Theatrical Leo Eclipse

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Illuminating Tomorrow’s Dramatic High Tide

How do you plan to gather at tomorrow evening’s full moon, a time of illumination and integration when dreams come to life, events challenge us in new ways, and manifesting prevails?

Gatherings bring connection. Toss in a full moon and you’ve got high tides of feelings and events, making the ping pong of communing rich and deep. Layer in the moon in Leo and excitement, creativity, warmth, and generosity encompass the mood—but tack on an eclipse and a wild card of the unexpected arises.

Beyond the above string of glow-y themes; themes that make this one of the most anticipated and possibly the most dramatic full moons of the year, we also have a large pack of planets that are gathering to watch and contribute to the spectacle on deck, spinning a beautiful web of supportive cosmic formations (two kites and a mystic rectangle). Things are arranging nicely to usher us into a new two-year cycle of Leo-Aquarius eclipses, honing and evolving our creative-expression and command (Leo), while also uncovering ways in which we can plug into collaborative efforts that move beyond our own ego expression (Aquarius). [/one_half_last]

[two_third padding=”2% 0 0 0″]Symbolism of this Full Moon

I love looking at the degree in which full moons fall to get some insight into what they are telling us to integrate and illuminate in our lives.

SABIAN SYMBOLS (archetypal images for the zodiac degrees):
Leo Moon 22 Degrees – In A Circus the Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill
Aquarius Sun 22 Degrees – A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws

The illumination of our moon in Leo focuses on a need to get self-disciplined in order to gain control of our egos and natural vitality so that we can perform spectacular feats with showmanship. In this, we also need to integrate control and the refinement of our natural impulses to use them for a purpose greater than ourselves. Overall, troops come to mind: circus, dance, theater, etc––the honing of your personal performance and skill to contribute to a bigger performance element. Spectacular inter- and intra- coordination. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]The Gathering

If you are doing a moon circle, practice performing a ritual, ceremony, a piece of poetry, mannerisms. Make this the most choreographed, performance enhanced, ritual and ceremony you’ve ever done. Get theatrical and dramatic with gestures, think about the how to make fire more prominent, coordinate your efforts with others. Rehearse this an hour or two before your gathering starts with anyone else involved in leading the moon circle. Ask people to wear certain things or bring certain things. (Our printed 2017 guide has moon ritual info – purchase here).

If you aren’t into the whole circle and ritual thing, grab your lady friends and plan a theatrical night on the town. Go to a decadent dinner where the service is honed and impeccable, dress up and head to the theater or ballet, and then find a fancy place for cocktails and desserts, after. Think grand and dramatic and prepare for a brilliantly glamorous night.

Do a bit of Pre-Galentine décor or theme-ing: Roses are heart-openers, which is the part of the body related to Leo, where our full moon resides. Incorporate rose tea, rose head-wreaths, a rose mandala. Oranges, cocoa, ginger root, garlic, and cayenne are great for circulation, ruled by Aquarius, where our sun is. Get creative with these seasonal materials, tying them into your moon circle, dinner, and décor. [/two_third_last]

Virgo New Moon Eclipse: Queen of Lifestyle

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]The early morning of Thursday, September 1st, 2016, kicks off a month of eclipse season and with it the Virgo New Moon Eclipse (or a Virgo Solar Eclipse). Eclipses always coincide with new and full moons, as well as makes them 100 times more potent. If one hits a natal planet or major point in your chart, you can expect sweeping changes. For a new moon, they’ll be in the form of initiations and doors opening that never had been for you. You don’t need to have a Virgo Sun to feel the epic shifts coming our way tomorrow. I know plenty of people who are going through big shifts because of this event, in the area of their life that Virgo rules – although a natal Virgo planet will feel this the most.

Virgo is the sign of refinement and perfection with no time for frills and fuss. They need efficiency and purity. Our digestion and gut instinct are ruled by Virgo and it’s the sign that helps us create our daily processes from how we chose to get our work duties done, to how we structure the flow of our day and our routines. In this sense, it rules our health, wellness and lifestyle. Virgo wants us to run like a well-oiled machine: Early to rise, get our workout in, a 10 minute meditation, make a green drink, get showered and groomed, off to work with energy and purpose, post-work errands, make a healthy dinner, tidy up around the house, a batch of laundry while having a quick read-up on something useful – news or an article on how to work more efficiently. NO ROOM FOR FRILLS. This sign is pure and clean. Wherever this sign is in your chart, you will be thoughtful, purposeful, intentional, contextual, perfectionist and sophisticated. [/two_third_last]

[one_half]Simplicity and a mantra of quality over quantity follow this sign around. They know how to create the best lifestyle for anyone, based on the contexts of their lives. If you know a Virgo and need help organizing how you setup your days, give them a shout. They may seem shy or unapproachable on first glance, but at heart this sign NEEDS to feel useful and LOVES to be of service.

With tomorrow’s eclipse, you can be sure that the area Virgo rules for you will see exciting developments and you may have new opportunities around bringing purpose into yours or others lives. In the least, more organization and purpose will be felt.

Here’s a breakdown per sign on how you may feel the events of this lunar cycle:

Aries || Aries Rising
Your work projects and lifestyle, in general, will have an open window to be completley redesigned.

Taurus || Taurus Rising
Your creative expression and leadership style could get a surge of fresh vitality with a hint of efficiency and productivity in your wake.


[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Gemini || Gemini Rising
Get ready for a more efficient and healthy home. You may be moving, renovating or simply spring cleaning.

Cancer || Cancer Rising
Communication and the way you think and write may get new opportunities to show off just how detailed and contextual you can be.

Leo || Leo Rising
Your sense of value and self worth may get healthy boost with new lifestyle and purposeful work coming your way.

Virgo ||Virgo Rising
This is your big reset of the year. Chose wisely what your agendas a passions are and watch as door fling open to help you move those forward. Obviously, these will be filled with purpose and useful lifestyle notes.

Libra || Libra Rising
The cosmos are oping up to you with new inspiration. You may have a chance to bring compassion, art and spirituality to lifestyle with a new opportunity.

[one_half]Scorpio || Scorpio Rising
You are being given a window to connect with new groups and friends who like to collaborate like you do – efficiently and with purpose.

Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising
Your career could be seeing fresh opportunity and a chance to show the world how you can help them be more healthy and live with more purpose.

Capricorn || Capricorn Rising
Opportunities to broaden your horizons through your lifestyle and work could appear.

Aquarius || Aquarius Rising
Purity and purpose in your investments (time and resources) could bring empowering circumstances to your door.

Pisces || Pisces Rising
Relationships are on the rise for you. New developments could appear here that create a healthier and more productive you.

Images via Instagram: Sarah Sherman Samuel[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]