The Way We Dance with Others

How South Nodes & Planets in Capricorn are Reshaping the World

By Allie Kesler

Photograph | Robert Collins

We’re in a moment that is profound in the stars. We’re in a moment where some big parts of us, some foundational and underlying strengths, are coming into their own. There are deep aspects within each of us, and aspects of greater outside constructs, that are ready to stake their place in the world, more seen, thus more open to all that comes with being seen.

Imagine learning to dance (or enter your own passion __________). You decide to do this because a new pulse enters your core and you need to move with it. Over time you discover how to use your body and understand your personal pulse in relation to the beat of music (or the world). You then mature with rhythmed practice, finding strength, flair, and technique.

At this point, mastering individual command of your dance, it’s like being filled with an in breath, full and ready to claim your reputation in the world as someone that can exchange on their dance. This may surface as asking someone to dance with you in a partnering way. It may be to offer your skills in teaching or in a business that interfaces with others. It’s at this point that you can relax into a knowing of your skill, in your core, and the exhale can begin which feels like relief. But, enter the world and we find that our mastery now needs to bend, letting go of personal purpose for something more elegant.


This is a big moment, testing in whether we can allow our personal mastery to respond to requests with a cooperative attitude. To notice that the way we use our mastery could be tweaked to be more encompassing of the way others master things, better able to help them on their path, or to be utilized effectively in the world. It’s the moment we either harmonize, developing elegance through our ability to move with others—OR—find conflict in an inability to either find cooperative others, face others who ask us to compromise in uncomfortable ways, or contend with an inability to imagine the benefit of all by compromising in positive ways. The dance broadens. The world via relationship challenges you to find your correct give and take. But output is a must no matter your ability to move with Other.

This initial moment of exhale, or recognizing our mastery, of newly needing to find our rhythm in relation to Other, is upon us in multiple layers right now. The concept of self-mastery built upon a new vibration that triggers us to initiate something can be as short as a breath, a day, a year, or a longer pattern such as something that’s taken ten or twenty years. But, what we’re talking about right now also holds very long patterns. On one level, there are things coming to this point that have taken around nine years, some that have taken fifteen years, on another level there are things that we began in a previous lifetime or that we inherited through great grandparents. But also, on a whole other level, potentially things we started hundreds of lifetimes ago.

The South Node of a few planets/cosmic bodies is what’s being triggered right now. These points show where a planet’s orbit begins to descend below the ecliptic, holding the energy of an exhale, like autumn, pushing from self-development into offering your wholeness into the world.

It’s a mystical karmic point in relation to our soul’s journey and puts us at 180 degrees around a circle, directly facing something we began months, years, or lifetimes ago.

In the shortest patterns coming into being, but most obviously felt, the moon’s south node is crossing over both Saturn (authority – April 30) and Pluto (transformation – April 4). This indicates something around power and position that we’ve been working on in a personal, embodied way, for nine or so years, is being felt coming to a place of confidence and arrival. In the sign of Capricorn, all of this nodal shifting will take place around our reach and how we’re building our reputations and expertise with integrity.

In a much broader way, the south nodes of Pluto and Saturn (which have been in Capricorn our whole lives), are both being crossed by their own planets over the next year. Pluto did this in February, but will reverse back over his south node in July, and then cross again for good in December. Saturn will kick 2020 off with a bang on January 12th as he does this with his own node at the same time as he conjuncts Pluto, WHILE the sun and Mercury also conjunct this momentous event.


The last time Pluto crossed his own south node was in the last days of 1770, leading up to the American Revolutionary War. It was a time of radically forming new notions around constitution of governance. The last time Saturn did this was in 1990. Around this time structures either crumbled or found more authority: The Berlin Wall came down reuniting Germany, the Soviet Union crumbled ending the Cold War, Nelson Mandela was freed from prison, Clinton started campaigning to be the US’ Chief Executive.

*Of course lots happened around these times, but I’m trying to keep it to themes that Pluto and Saturn would’ve triggered during their above nodal crossings. Feel free to add to the comments, historical events you feel are important to these times and themes. I welcome encompassing accounts.

On top of this, everything is leading up to Pluto making his 250 year return in 2022 to his position in the US’ birth chart. This has never happened for the US. At the same time the US is undergoing its 19-year nodal return with the signature of chaos, shedding baggage, and making room for new beginnings. AND, its rising sign is hosting its own ruler for a new 12-year reboot, with Jupiter in Sagittarius. It’s going to be some heavy but also fresh igniting years in this nation! Radical reinvention sounds about right.

This is major stuff. This is burn it all down and rebuild from our ashes stuff. Although I won’t go that far in literal terms—but figuratively it feels this way.


Let me break down the bigger, more Karmic patterns around Saturn and Pluto’s South Node crossings.

This year, Pluto crossing his own south node: What is full in each of us, and in our generational powers, that’s ready to face karma, cooperation/conflict, or potentially more elegance, balance, and exchange around our radical depths?

Find your ability to share resources in a way that’s empowering to all involved in the sharing, or to all who are affected by merging of power. Equalizing power/governance in authority and constructs is the goal. In the greatest pattern, I believe the earth is ready to reclaim and equalize how her resources are being abused through our constructs. She loves sharing and reciprocation, but it’s currently unbalanced.

Think about your own resources in this way. What deep inner wells of value in your expertise are you ready to put into the world that might be vulnerable to outside powers, or bring you more exchange? This is likely something in you that your soul has been working on for a long time, that you now need to face during this lifetime.

Just as the earth is mined for gold, silver, oil, and all sorts of other valuable resources, close your eyes and feel into your being. Imagine heat, compression, aging, chemistry, and alchemy that’s been at work on you since before you were in your current body. What do you see in your darkest, oldest recesses? Write down any imagery that arrives. What’s ready to be mined and exchanged on?

In another perspective, as we face off with things started lifetimes ago, we may feel certain debts, weights, and challenges lift off of our plates, or fight the balance being sought and compound some difficult Karma.


Next year, Saturn crossing his own south node: Closer to January I’ll share a practice to help visualize what is ready to come into exchange around our soul’s Saturn-esque qualities.  For now, recognize how you might be feeling some pressure to perfect some sort of authority you’ve been honing over the past 15 or so years, as well as in other ways, over many lives. Find personal rhythm in order to weave authority complete in yourself. You will feel, after April 30th when the lunar south node crosses Saturn, a smaller experience of what Saturn’s builder rhythm is working to perfecting through you.

How all of these south node crossings plays out for each of us will be quite different. We each have karma we’re unaware of. We each have our own maturity around cooperation and compromise. Both beautiful and difficult things will be triggered. Do your best to put yourself in the shoes of others and you’ll find a better grasp of the balance that is needed to dance through this equalizing time.


How each sign (read for your sun and rising) may see the lunar south node crossing over Saturn and Pluto, unfold over the year:

Aries | 10th House: Your authority and power are ready to rise. Be ready for more feedback, more responsibility, and more open-mindedness to keep fairness in balance.

Taurus | 9th House: Your perspectives and ability to create authoritative growth in your life out of willingness to push into the unknown, is on the rise. Partners or partnerships may be important elements in play here, and the goal will be to share the broadening of authority and power in a balanced way.

Gemini | 8th House: Your authoritative connection to shared resources is rising, partially through the power of your work, but with this, you will need to be willing to compromise and cultivate equal exchange, fairness, in how resources are utilized or promised.

Cancer | 7th House: Your partners and partnerships are gaining more clout, partially via creative ability and leadership. You’ll need to find dynamic balance to agreements and willingness to use your spotlight in cooperative ways.

Leo | 6th House: Your work and lifestyle are finding more capacity and expertise. A master of processes, it’s now time to share this in the world and find compromise in order to attract the work that gives you due respect. A deeper connection to your roots and security could be partially at the heart of your new-found solid rhythms.

Virgo | 5th House: Your presence and command are moving from cultivation and hard work into an elegant ability to share through your heart, your authoritative creativity. Your powerful detective mind could be partially to thank for the solidity of your star that’s rising, but that will need to cooperate in what’s being created or led.

Libra | 4th House: Your sense of security is beginning to feel solid and more balanced, with roots that now have room to allow more Others to feed from your care, or contribute to it. Your self-worth finding more form is partially at the heart of why things are solidifying. Be sure to find more space for cooperation in your private life as more elements begin to appear.

Scorpio | 3rd House: Your Mind and communities are firming up with a deeper command over your network of connection. Through your ideas or written word, you will have access to more authority in your life, but authority that will need to be fair, potentially shared, and cooperative. It’s partially through deep personal passions and a rising sense of Self that you are generating more diversity in your power.

Sagittarius | 2nd House: The authority and expertise you demand from yourself to feel worthy of value, or in how you solidify values, is coming into its own. It’s time to relax into recognition that your authority is solid enough to ask that it be recognized and valued. It’s partially due to your connection to spiritual or inspired realms that you are better finding your material connection to the pleasures of life—maybe via a cosmically assigned title. Be sure to create a flow of give and take to keep your ‘boss of magic’ value balanced.

Capricorn | 1st House: You have been under a lot of pressure, Cappy. Working very hard to cultivate who you are as a person with passion and authority over Self. It’s time to relax a little more, trusting yourself that you are solid and whole just as you are. Everyone is going to want a piece of you, and it’s partially due to your powerful insight into group, technological, or collaborative innovation. With more attention, you will need to find balance between how much of your passion you share and how much you keep to help you stay centered.

Aquarius | 12th House: Your grasp of the mystical and artistic realms has been working very hard to find a sense of rhythm and wholeness. You are arriving in grand fashion right now. Rest in the knowing that you’ve crafted your authority in things intangible. At least as far as they are meant to go for the now. There is a readiness to show your work in more seen ways, to feel respect for your grasp of composition or trust in things beyond. It’s likely that your career and aspirations are partially at the root of what’s been pressuring you to work so hard at ‘flow states’ or finding clout in professions of magic and glamour. You may be asked to share your gifts in ways that you aren’t used to, but you’ve got the foundations to bend any way you choose.

Pisces | 11th House: Groups, collectives, movements, technology, humanity. These are the things pushing powerfully up through rhythmed hard work. Your reputation in the world is rising but with this (and know you have what it takes now) you will need to find room for all kinds of sharing of skills and ideas. You will need to create spaces that are fair and elegant in how authority is used or experimented with. It’s partially due to pushing your powerful boundaries and visionary aim that you are solidifying your authority in electric spaces.


And There’s More: Winter Progressions, A Triplicity Change & Synodic Resets

There is so much going down over the next couple of years in the sign of Capricorn, as if the above wasn’t’ enough. It’s truly a historic time.

In a broad sweeping way, several powerful planets in Capricorn show us some general but big progressions to be aware of.

Currently we’re experiencing Saturn, the farthest planet that we can see with the naked eye, thus indicating our reality, pushing through its own sign of Capricorn. Symbolically, Capricorn welcomes us into winter energy, indicating a need to batten down the hatches as reality needs us to focus, reach, and rely on the solid strengths we’ve developed with foresight over the past 22 years when he ignited in Aries’ spring energy through to Sagittarius’ end of autumn visionary aim. Whatever is excess may be too much of a burden to carry, depending on what you’ve built. Lean down so that your resources go far. In Capricorn we’re seeing what in our realities (and actual structures) are strong enough to hold up, and what is crumbling. In his tour through Aquarius during 2021/22/23 we’ll reinvent around what breaks.

Jupiter will enter Capricorn at the end of 2019, ruling over how we create civilization and shared philosophies. In Capricorn, our beliefs will be put under pressure tests. We’ll shed weight and see overly compromised social judgements crumble. In 2021 moving into Aquarius, reinvention will start to take place, but the winter feelings of needing discipline and lean living will be present due to these two planets that shape our tangible constructs. They’re needing us to let go of old, making room for imagination and experimentation that will lead to fresh cycles of shaping the world. Just before 2023 Jupiter will move into spring energy, and just after the start of 2026, Saturn will. We’ll all fare differently leading up to this time. We’ve all planned and prepared and built differently, but our sociopolitical integrity is going to be under tests of pressures for years to come.

We also have Pluto who’s been burning things down around the integrity of powers in the world, travelling through Capricorn. He’s not felt as personally as Jupiter and Saturn, but in larger pattern, so harder to see ways, he’s at work transforming and uprooting structures of the deepest and darkest things in our world. He entered Capricorn in 2008, to stay until 2024.


We have mounting winter energy playing out in big societal ways. This is a lot, but to add to the plate, each of these planets is going to make conjuncts to each other over the next two years, igniting new synodic cycles. There is sacred geometry to these rare occurrences.

First up, Saturn will conjoin Pluto on January 10, 2020, igniting a new 34-year cycle in how we find integrity in our power.

On July 21, 2020, Jupiter will conjoin Pluto in Capricorn, igniting a new 12.5-year cycle of how we expand in power.

With both of these happening in Capricorn, major long term cycles are indicating a need for integrity, strength, and foresight in our foundations and depths.

Last up, Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin on December 21, 2020. This is the occurrence that is most closely felt. There are some interesting patterns that these planets play out called the Triplicity Cycle. For 200 year chunks, these planets will conjoin every 20 years in one element. This is used by many astrologers as a way to measure our sociopolitical and historical climate. In earth for the past 200 years, we’ve been heavily focused on industrialization, mining the earth for resources, and valuing the tangible assets in life. There was a bridge occurrence in 1981 as this took place in the air sign of Libra, but in 2000, we went back to the earth triplicity with a Virgo conjunction.

We’ve been in a bit of a meld between the era of information and the era of capitalism. Come this new conjunction in the first degrees of Aquarius, we fully enter the era of air signs, every 20 years moving backwards to the preceeding air sign. I very much so agree with these articles

(  & )

in that we are still in the age of Pisces, but that it’s in fact this Jupiter-Saturn bridge time of partial airiness that has made us feel like the age of Aquarius has begun.

The era (not age) of air/Aquarius will be upon us in more straight forward ways come December 21, 2020. It will be interesting to watch and see if more utopian views start to find real traction, to see where technology goes, and how much more information we can be bombarded with—or innovative ways to handle it.

This article is a little advanced for the novice, but I love its videos, giving imagery of how the planets are moving and the music of their spheres interacting during these epic years.

Overall, going back to the beginning of the article, with all of this playing out around planetary south nodes, it’s a time of great equalizing and karmic scales weighing and measuring things. Gender, race, culture, fiscal, you name it, it’s time to mix it all up and even the scales in power, policy, structure, and status. Although the US has so many issues right now, I can say that I’m grateful to be here as her melting pot (for good and tragic) does give us pretty good grounds to roll with major reinvention coming down the pipeline.


A Note from Me:

I’ve developed my own patterns in how I see planetary nodes, in how planets progress, and how they each have their own phases, like the moon, that take you out of the flat chart, out of fully being geocentric in orientation, and gives more dimension and elegant wholeness to the sacred geometry of our universe.

If you want to learn more about my lens with astrology, sign up for the

It’s a piece of me. It’s born of a mind that digs and digs and digs for the roots of patterns and rhythms in a way that can be felt though sensation. I use biology, ecology, and other sciences to bridge depth of understanding. They’re all entangled. It takes one out of so much mental gymnastics into embodied recognition of cycles playing out. It’s a lifestyle tool to help you cultivate balance and rhythm in co-creation with nature and the stars.

The Mystically in Season practice can do for the rhythm of life what mindfulness practices do for the breath.  

For The Love of Me, Myself, and I

By Tessa Woolf

The She & I

When I look in the mirror, I see her reflection. She is always here, and always there. She’s the first woman I see when I wake in the morning, and the last woman I see when I say good night.

She is I. I am she. We are one.

Sometimes she’s happy; other times she’s sad. I love to see her laugh; I hate to see her cry. I try to care for her as best as I can, and she does the same for me. In our own ways, we nurture each other. We bathe in a warm tub, letting the water from the faucet cascade over our toes and the dainty water droplets trickle down our backs. We brush our hair, letting the bristles slowly release the tangles in our locks and the tangles of the day. We sip piping hot cups of tea and read from the pages of great novels. We explore the desert, the mountains, and the stark-white, otherworldly Salt Flats. We tell each other our deepest, most intimate secrets, and share our most magical dreams.

She is I. I am she. We are one.

Yet, sometimes I betray her. I catch a glimpse of her in the mirror, and I quickly look away. I see her shadow following me on a sunny day, and I pick up my steps, trying to outpace her. I awake to see her sleepy eyes and messy hair, and I think, “She looks terrible.” She beckons me to sit, to enjoy a moment of pause during a hectic day, but I dismiss her invitation. “I’m too busy,” I whisper under my breath as I ignore her kind, welcoming smile. Often, I hurry to bed, too tired to take care of her. And then, tucked beneath the sheets, while the world outside is silent and sleeping, the deep sorrow and unshakeable loneliness sink in. Alone I stand; together we fall apart.

Because she is I. I am she. We are one.

2 Steps Towards Greater Self-Compassion

Our relationship with the self is one we all too often overlook. We’ll go to great lengths to please our partner, friend, boss, sister, daughter—but when was the last time you went out of your way to do something nice for yourself? To care for the one person who will always be by your side? When was the last time you practiced self-compassion?

Contrary to what you may have convinced yourself of in this fast-paced, plugged-in, to-do’s driven world we reside in, self compassion is not selfish. Before you list off a series of excuses why you don’t have time to focus on yours truly, consider this: The act of caring for oneself not only boosts your mental and physical wellness and betters your relationship with the self, but it betters your relationships with others, too, and your ability to care for them in return.

Winter is the perfect time to polish up your self-compassion practice. The season is synonymous with cold, dark months, a time when we literally and figuratively turn inward—we spend more time inside our homes, hearts, and heads. And although the winter can be harsh, cruel, and bitter, it’s coupled with moments of joy, warmth, and softness—much like life itself.

Below, I share two steps to start your journey towards healthier self-compassion through positive self-talk, nurturing self-care, and self-grounding rituals.


The Act of Positive Self Talk

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” ―C.G. Jung

Words have power. With the words we speak, we can elicit a smile, conjure tears, and even start a war. And the same is true of the words we speak to ourselves.

Listen to your self-speak: Do you speak to yourself kindly or do you criticize yourself?  Do you tell yourself you’re beautiful regardless of your bad hair day? Or do you curse you tresses for being frizzy and unruly? Do you tell yourself it’s OK, everyone makes mistakes, when you mess up on a work project? Or do you tell yourself you’re stupid? Do you tell yourself you’re not worthy of love when a romantic relationship ends? Or do you tell yourself a greater love exists?

Find your inner compassionate voice, and give yourself permission to stop negative thoughts. Learn to silence your own inner critic. Acknowledge that you are human—you are not perfect and, yes, you make mistakes—just like the rest of us. You know the saying, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” The same is true with words: Speak to yourself the way you wish to be spoken to by others. Practice positive self-talk through mantras and daily affirmations. You can find powerful mantras and affirmations online or in books about self-compassion, but you can also create your own personal, meaningful phrase—one that truly speaks to your heart—to repeat every day when you rise.


The Act of Nurturing Self-Care

“Truly, it is in the darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.” ―Meister Eckhart

Throughout life’s ups and downs, when you find yourself in the thick of an emotional fog, lost in the shadows, or encountering moments of darkness, remember that you are not alone. The self is always by your side—you simply have to reach for her and ask for her to walk with you. There is comfort in knowing we are never truly alone; the self is always there to hold your hand and to comfort you in times of need.

But finding that warm, guiding hand in a sea of sorrow can be difficult. You must learn to channel your compassionate, nurturing self during times of loss and need. The best way to do this is to be present and to truly feel—to sit with your sadness, with your thoughts and your discomfort, and let it wash over you. As scary, painful, and uncomfortable as it may be, and as much as you may want to ignore it, try to welcome the sadness. Take a deep breath and feel it all. Don’t shy away from tears as crying is an act of cleansing. Take comfort in knowing that the self loves you no matter the circumstance. Practicing nightly self-grounding rituals like those outlined in THIS post will also help you become better connected with the self in times of both gratitude and great need.

Photography:Britt Chudleigh | Model: Blaire Wachter | Art Direction: Allie Kesler | HMU:Gabby Gabbitas | Prop/On Model:Lauren V Brady

Taurus New Moon of Essence

[one_third] Photography: Anna Rey[/one_third][two_third]TAURUS NEW MOON of ESSENCE
Allie Couch | 2018 – 2019 Seasonal Astrology Guide

What are your senses finding pleasure in and how can that ground you into your essence and value?

Smell the scent of mid-morning dew evaporating as the sun warms the day. Hear the sounds of birds leading their young to feeding grounds as they peck and toss their heads with plump worms. Witness the sight of new life breaking through the ground in fresh spring pallets. Luxuriate in the feel of soft, baby petals starting to unfold with new confidence. Notice the nature of our earth starting to show what she’s made of. Drop into your senses, one at a time. Really be in them.

Think back on what the birth of Spring Equinox brought up in you. From this place of embodiment, easily and with surety, pass through a list of things that you are still deciding whether to pursue around new desires. Say yes and no with confident grace from this place of embodied knowing. You are in the most stable and grounded phase of spring and the Taurus New Moon is here to help you decide what to put yourself into. A slower, more deliberate pace means some things must go, but the things you truly value will start to come alive with shape, texture, scent, and sound during this season. What you decide to hold onto should connect to you in a way that brings you pleasure and slow, steady ease. These will be things that bring you worth because they are so honored. They are a reflection of your nature, your essence, your worth. The things you say yes to should be allotted ample space and time in your life in order to move with and adore them.[/two_third]

[two_third padding=”3% 0 0 0″]A STATEMENT OF VALUE
Write a short phrase that supports your most pure, inner essence. Successful brands do this for themselves to assure a guiding value. Why not do it to grow personal self-worth. Disney’s is “fun family entertainment”. Simple, short, to the heart. Everything they value and give form to stems from their essence statement.

As an example, I strongly hold both the mystic and explorer archetypes so I can deduct why I’ve always been drawn to off-the-beaten-path travel and why cherished ethereal items flood my home. By further cataloging the way I spend and care for certain things I own, I can understand that I value design, quality, cycles, patterns, mystery, and nature. In melding these, my guiding essence statement is “Exploring Seasonal Elegance”. Keep yours to three to four words if possible. Use the above practices to write down what you intend to give form to through your essence. Use this as a way to remember your guiding values, meant to provide you a life of pleasure and worth.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]THE ASPECTS: INTELLIGENCE OF FOCAL POINTS
Mars and Pluto are in a nice angle from Capricorn––this brings maturity and powerful passions around all that rises anew this spring. There is support from protectors and those with resources at this new seeding time.

Opposed Jupiter in Scorpio, it’s through compromise and sharing that great opportunities widens your perspective and what is possible.

Venus rules this new moon and is sextile Uranus in Aries. Find secure boundaries and focus on why there’s been any discontent around your identity. This will allow you to be more natural with strong focus and dedication in acceptance of who you are. Square Neptune, there may be something you are seeing through rose-colored glasses around what you believe to be valuable. Come down to earth and re-engage your senses.

Taurus is sitting on the south bend of the moon’s orbit, making its energy one that is peaking our lives. Taurus pursuits are moving into a phase of rest and renewal. Accept recognition coming your way for all of your grand summits in how you’ve built personal value. This energy will be reborn to a brand new journey in a few years. [/two_third_last]

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]The above article is from our 2018 – 2019 Seasonal Astrology Guide: Devotion To The Unseen. For more on this season and through to the end of winter 2019, order your guide HERE.[/two_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

Leo New Moon: Feel Your Heartbeat

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding=”4% 0 0 0″]Sunday July 23rd | Leo New Moon
By Allie Couch

“I believe there is something of the divine mystery in everything that exists. We can see it sparkle in a sunflower or a poppy. We sense more of the unfathomable mystery in a butterfly that flutters from a twig–or in a goldfish swimming in a bowl. But we are closest to God in our own soul. Only there can we become one with the greatest mystery of life. In truth, at very rare moments we can experience that we ourselves are that divine mystery.” -Jostein Gaarder, Sophie’s World

The critical 0 degree point of Leo that we experience this new moon at, along with some of the planetary aspects to it, could make for some shocking episodes. Some could even experience a rare glimpse into the creation and root of their heart’s communication with their mind—raw energy converting into consciousness.

[two_third padding=”0% 0 0 0″]With Mars only one degree ahead of this new moon, a current of creation-magic engulfs this event. Mars clears away debris with his manifesting fires in order to crack through into new realms, carrying electrical pulses. 0 degrees, new moons, and Mars all contain the power of initiation—gate keepers of new realms. In the sign of Leo, solar fires as well as our hearts and egos become the focus. We also have a square from Uranus, planet of lightning: grand flashes of sudden disruption, whether in beautiful insight or destructive force. All of this adds up to a lot of fire-y originality striking.

At this new moon, I challenge you to witness your life force—your ability to use electricity to move, eat, sleep, and dream. In this delve into your own gorgeous, mystical existence through electrical currents—currents that are constantly creating new life processes­—feel how your heart feeds off of these energetic plays. Notice its magnificence in transmuting impulse and energy into something that your mind can interpret and form desires and willpower with. Learn to witness your ego taking form and find brilliant ways to manipulate that for greater creative control of your life, love, and happiness.

Make intentions at this new moon to redesign your ego and your ability to warmly embrace the process of life and love over the next year. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

A Vibrant Gemini Supermoon New Moon

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding=”2% 0 0 0″]The Gemini New Moon
By Astrologist Allie Couch

Our last new moon of spring brings much life into the open that has been finding its grounding, intention, and senses behind the scenes. The sun is ascending to its highest point and we are experiencing our longest days before the sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, at Summer Solstice, and starts tilting back toward the Tropic of Capricorn.

Baby deer, raccoons, voles, and chipmunks will start to make their first appearances to the outside world, away from their birth place, just as our new spring intentions and values will do the same. More insects start to appear as do bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in order to carry the pollen and seeds of new spring growth. This is what happens with humans as well. We start to communicate, to allow our new spring initiatives to emerge from the protective places we’ve held them, and to tell our communities what we are going to be working on this year.

The Gemini new moon is the pivot for all of this and this year’s is quite a powerful one.


[full_width]Be very careful with your thoughts at this new moon. If you are struggling with jealousies, negativity, or anger, see what you can do to keep these away from your new moon goals. The Gemini new moon is a potent time to create intentions for the next year to come around mentality, learning, belonging, connecting, and communicating. Gemini spreads its seeds far and wide so this, more than any other new moon, holds the chance of inadvertently planting seeds that you didn’t mean to plant, filled with mental attitudes that will play out all year.

Find some extra awareness and self-control around your thoughts (ruled by Gemini) over the next week or you may end up with some seeds that only bring more negativity and hurtful words into your life—for a full year.

On the other hand, if you tap into your natural rhythms, really feel into those places that welcome you with open arms and hold great interest and curiosity for you, your Gemini new moon goals could lead you to great mental growth, fortuitous connections, and a year filled with wonder and community.

Now to the smaller details: This year’s Gemini new moon is a supermoon. This means that this union between the sun and moon will fall in its closest possible proximity to earth, making what arises very potent and powerfully felt. We have a lovely link to Jupiter in Libra, making this moon open to pushing our boundaries and finding more faith around equality, harmony, fairness, and relationships. On the other hand, Neptune is squaring off to this moon, calling for us to be extra cautions around honesty (from ourselves OR others), to be realistic, and to use our creative urges toward the arts and spiritual aims rather than toward deceit and trickery. Last, we have Pluto in a sesquiquadrate angel to this moon. Some subtle challenges may be felt at our cores around obsessions and power issues. By bringing these to your surface and sharing your thoughts, some of this can get cleared out and actually create some metamorphism around using knowledge and eloquence for empowerment rather than to control. [/full_width]

[one_half padding=”10% 0 0 0″]We also look to the planetary ruler of Gemini (Mercury) to see how our goals may move throughout the year. In Taurus, we may need for our Gemini goals to bring us a greater sense of ownership and self-worth. Take some moments leading up to writing out your new moon goals to feel your value. Use all of your senses to find resonance with your authenticity. How can your words and communications help you hone this even more over the next year? Mercury will be in nice angle to both Neptune and Pluto, the very planets giving our new moon a bit of heat. This will help us to tap into the better sides of these planets over the next year, in connection to our Gemini goals. Inspired art, transcendent feelings, psychological insight that brings great transformations—all of these are possible as we work to move our Gemini goals forward. [/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[full_width]Muses, if there’s anything to remember about the Gemini new moon, it’s this:

Our Gemini new moon day is a powerful time to make goals that will enhance the eloquence of our thoughts and words. It’s a time to embrace the duality that lives within us by experimenting with both the left and right sides of our bodies—our yin and yang qualities, to plug into communities and learning experiences that feel right and accepting of us, and to let loose our curiosity for the wonders of life, all around us. The seeds formed at this moon will bring a new cycle of thought, movement, and connecting into our lives for the next year. Stay aware and stay positive. [/full_width]

Taurus New Moon: Material Healing

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Happy earthy and sensual Taurus new moon, Muses! On this once yearly pleasure oriented day, Astrologist Allie Couch brings us some cosmic guidance and a sense driven practice.

Are you swimming in compassionate seas this Taurus new moon, with your values and possessions seeming to take on spiritual notes?

New moons are our most fertile time to make goals. In Taurus, new seeds may be forming around your income, your values, your material possessions, and your self-esteem. Just like an actual seed, care and tending are needed for these metaphorical seeds to sprout, grow, and blossom. We look to the full moon of the same sign for results, six months down the road.

The planetary ruler of any event will point us in a deeper direction. The Taurus new moon is ruled by Venus so we look to this goddess planet for context. Our intentions will be formed in Taurus-related themes, but they need to go somewhere—they need to be expressed. In the last degree of Pisces, the last degree of our zodiac, Venus is cracked wide open with her heart exposed and healing all sorts of value wounds that we hold. Our greatest potential for manifestation is held in this degree—so long as symbolic and spiritual tones are noticed.[/two_third_last]


  1. Close your eyes and say the word value out loud – what image arises in your mind’s eye? How does it make your heart feel? Does it make you feel fluid and fertile?
  1. Do this a few more times with other Taurus-reflected words: self-esteem, possession, ownership, income, pleasure, voice, form, texture, smell, taste, sight, sound. Jot down some notes after each to use when forming your Taurus new moon goals.

This new moon has some serious healing vibes surrounding it, but you have to have awareness of the spirit channels at work. They are subtle. Meditation, music, art, breathwork, and the above reflecting practice can help you.

Drawn to our site, you are likely a special breed that is open to subtle forces that are ready and waiting to envelop you in heartfelt love—seeing you for all the greatness you possess. Ask for some cosmic help and see what comes to your aid, reflecting your value back to you. Say out loud: I’m ready for cosmic assistance to help me value myself more, to help me slow down and enjoy my senses, and to find more stability in my personal finances. Be sure to show gratitude to whatever swoops in to assist you. It takes time to develop a relationship to cosmic guidance, but it’s there.

Download our free 2017 guide that has a new moon worksheet for each season, if you don’t have it yet – or buy our printed one, now on sale. [/full_width]


Here are a few more thoughts to help you understand how you relate to Taurus’s financial energy at this new moon.

What do you want to own in the material realm and why?

Before you answer this, let’s do a bit of reflection so we can think about this question with more depth and understanding of our habits.

What do you tend to spend your money on?
Does your income support the above habits with ease? (If not, are you being overly careless with your resources or do you need a leg up to help you get by with very essential needs? Either way, use this new moon to help you with the issue.)
What resources do you own that you consider valuable?
What possessions do you take the most care of?
What are a few things you’d like to initiate to help you feel more security through your personal resources (open a savings account, budget to rid yourself of debt, put more into a 401k, open an IRA, stash a shoebox of money, ask for a raise, learn how to budget…)

These material things can help you feel more solid and stable, allowing you to act out of your real values rather than react out of a feeling of deficit. Once you’ve answered the above questions, go back and answer the first question. [/full_width]


Taurus: I assert into life with strength of voice, financial prudence, and loving values.

Gemini: I inspire the world through my voice and values. My cosmic connections are comfortable.

Cancer: I help evolve humanity with a progressive voice and values.

Leo: I support the world through loving values and a prudent voice.

Virgo: I value pushing my perspectives to be wiser as I expand into foreign sensibilities.

Libra: I value and respect the resources of others, in turn, finding value through those resources.

Scorpio: I build relationships based on hearing others and values rooted in equality.

Sagittarius: I find pleasure and value in my work. My lifestyle is easy and comfortable.

Capricorn: I create with my senses and find a strong voice as a leader.

My home is a place of comfort, pleasure, and strong values.

Pisces: I use my strength in communication to spread loving values.

Aries: I am financially comfortable and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.[/two_third] [one_third_last][/one_third_last]

Monday Mantras: Clarity & Senses

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third][/one_third][one_third]This week’s Monday Mantras for April 17th – 23rd, come to us from Astrologist, Allie Couch. Designed to help us shift from the ending Aries Season to Wednesday evening’s approaching Taurus Season.

This is a week of shifting energies as we move from our first astrological season of Aries; the season that woke us out of our winter slumber and into initiations for the yang half of the year; to the season of Taurus where we’ll be taking a slower pace to find pleasure and hone in on our senses. These mantras should wake us up to the value and beauty of life and ourselves. The shifting energies this week can bring feelings of urgency to tie things up, celebrate or release a cycle, and take some awkward steps into a new energy and season. It’s not a great week for initiating, but rather, for reflecting,and being open to new possibility as you observe and sense your way into Taurus Season. [/one_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[two_third padding=”2% 0 0 0″]Aries: I am clear and self-possessed as I move into a fresh cycle of sensual living.

Taurus: I am clear and spiritually activated as I move into a fresh cycle of claiming my worth.

Gemini: I am clear and socially plugged-in as I move into a fresh cycle of spiritual enhancement.

Cancer: I am clear about my authority and aspirations as I move into a fresh cycle of valuable networking.

Leo: I am clear about bold aims as I move into a fresh cycle of giving form to my aspirations.

Virgo: I am clear and personally empowered as I move into a fresh cycle of grand financial aims. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”5% 0 0 0″]Libra: I am clear in my harmonizing with others as I move into a fresh cycle of transforming my values.

Scorpio: I am clear and assertive in my productivity as I move into a fresh cycle of forming valuable relationships.

Sagittarius: I am clear about my creative initiative as I move into a fresh cycle of slow & valuable living.

Capricorn: I am clear about my self-care needs as I move into a fresh cycle of forming creative projects.

My mind is sharp and clear as I move into a fresh cycle of nurturing & caring for my senses.

I am clear about my bold self-worth as I move into a fresh cycle of valuable connecting and communicating. [/two_third_last]

Desire & Aversion: An Aries Season Meditation

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]We asked John Kesler, founder of Integral Polarity Practice Institute (IPPI), to share a polarity meditation with us that fit the themes of Aries Season. With purpose and clarity, his take on the polarity of Desire & Aversion is one that can be of great use for us as we define new passions with the rebirth of spring and our first astrological season of Aries.


At this time of the year we can feel connected to the earth and the rebirth of life. Out of this earthy, physical sensibility, our instincts for passion and creation arise with purpose and power.

Although the source of this energy arises from our primal life force, it nevertheless courses through the full spectrum of our beings including our highest spiritual quests, ultimately seeking clarity and simplicity on the other side of chaos and complexity.

One basic polarity which we share with all living things is foundational to such Aries related dynamics: desire and aversion. Together they comprise the energy of seeking. In its most primal manifestation one moves towards food and safety and away from dangers of all sorts. We use these polar dynamics hundreds of times a day, naturally and without much thought. Yet it is this very polar dynamic, when brought forward and empowered, generates such important Aries qualities.[/two_third_last]

[two_third]A pathology results when one is caught up in either pole. When we are stuck in desire, we suffer addiction. When aversion takes over we are experiencing conditions such as anorexia or any number of phobias. In addition to having desire/aversion well integrated with one another, the key is to be centered and present, so that there is an inner stillness and clarity regarding what is important at any given moment.

From this still center we can access a concrete sense of Deep Satisfaction, a more subtle sense of Deep Contentment and an even more spiritual sense of Transcendent Abundance and possibility. Also a deep Gratitude emanates from this Abundance as well as a spirit of Generosity. All of this results from tapping into this power at the core of our beings.

On the other hand if we are always seeking and striving from a place of deficit rather than Abundance, we are driven, endlessly dissatisfied, leading to exhaustion and confusion rather than empowerment, clarity and flow.

It is important then to learn to hold desire and aversion as two complementary freely flowing aspects of the same awareness and energy and to be centered in a sense of Satisfaction, Contentment and Abundance. This connects us to the limitless source of the life force, to our deepest wisdom, clarity, purpose, compassion, inspiration and creativity as we fully awaken to the energy of Aries.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]An IPP Meditative Practice:
Accessing the Still Point of these polarities and the virtues that flow from them

o Get comfortable in a chair or seated floor position, somewhere without distraction.

o Breathing in a relaxed manner, settle into a state of relaxation, calm and tranquility.

o Allow the energy of purposeful activity of seeking – of desire/aversion – to slow down and become still.

o In this place of stillness bring forth a sense of Deep Satisfaction, Deep Contentment and Transcendent Abundance in this moment, a place of Stillness outside of place and time. Settle into this experience.

o Out of this Stillness and Abundance feel the opening to a deeper Purpose, to a source of Passion, Clarity, Inspiration and Creativity.

o From this experience, feel the qualities of Gratitude and Generosity emerge and accompany you during your day.[/full_width]

Ask Ash: The Libra Full Moon & Finding Balance

[one_third padding=”0% 0 0 0″][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0% 0 0 0″]Astrologist Ash Bonelli brings her intuitive connection to the stars as she guides us through our yearly Libra full moon’s balancing act between attending to our personal desires and the needs of others. At the end, Ash gives advice about this lunation to one lucky reader.

Dear Muses,

During the Libra full moon the sun and the moon are gazing deeply into one another’s eyes. They are relaying a story to each other that will show up in our lives in a variety of ways depending upon the cosmic makeup of our charts. If you have any planets or important points (Ex: MC, IC, Descendant, Ascendant) at or within a few degrees of 21 in Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) you are likely to feel this lunar event more deeply.

Let’s begin with the Sun’s role in this configuration. The sign that the Sun is currently in each month gives a feel for the energy found within the collective. Right now the Sun is residing with passionate pioneer, Aries. It makes sense that Aries, the Ram, would lead the charge of Spring to kick start the zodiacal year. We are in the midst of newness and charging ahead with the plans that will grow and evolve over the next year. There is a strong need for independence right now. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]Your autonomy in a particular area of your life is probably quite palpable, but as much as we need to be able to stand on our own two feet we also need others in this intense journey called life. This Sun/Moon opposition is all about being able to find,feed,and nurture ourselves without compromising our precious relationships. The urge to be free is even more amplified at this time due to the fact it’s sharing close quarters with Uranus, our planetary rebel. With Uranus adding some peer pressure to the sun you may feel more restless than usual this month.[/full_width]

[one_half]Across the heavens we find lady luna nestled in Libra’s harmonious embrace creating an emotional need to keep the peace with others. She vibes sweetness and serenity. The moon is a swift figure within the transiting bodies that affect us. She only stays in a sign for about 2 ½ days, so her emotional state is always changing. With that said she is in Libra every month for a couple of days—except this time in particular she is sitting right next to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. He is often associated with happily increasing good cheer and positivity yet the dark side to this is that he isn’t really concerned about what exactly he expands in our lives. He can amp up the joy just as quickly as any drama. We always forget to choose wisely with Jupiter. He goes big and isn’t concerned with the details so we need to be! Jupiter will be expanding upon any emotions you may have about pleasing those near and dear to you. This could throw a wrench in all of that Aries, my way or the highway attitude. You may find yourself juggling your needs versus your desire to make other people happy.

Another element of this lunar spectacle is that the sun and moon will both be squaring Pluto, Mr. Underworld himself. That means that whatever comes up at this time for you won’t go away unless you deal with it. Avoidance, denial, and resistance will only make you sink further into Pluto’s depths. To win with Pluto is to let go. Stop clinging on to the issue. The negativity will only disappear when you recognize its hold on you. No use fighting the tide when you can simply float, my friends.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[full_width]Lastly, (like there isn’t enough already going on!) is the fact that Mercury (our communication planet) and Venus (our values & love planet) are both retrograde. This could add in discussions/episodes that you thought were over. People from your past could start cropping up. Some of these people may be a welcome surprise while others you wish would just stay in the shadows of the past. Either way be on watch for review sessions regarding your thought patterns, the way you engage, your values, self-esteem and how your heart deals with love & loss. [/full_width]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]All of these topics could show up in your friendships, partnerships, jobs, children, etc so be mindful of your inner state vs. outer state.

Think on these questions….

Is there an area of your life where you restrict yourself for fear of being judged by others?

Do you give yourself enough alone time?

Are you addicted to pleasing others? If so, what area of your life do you focus that energy and why?

Do your thoughts align with your words?


[full_width]THE READER QUESTION (Email [email protected] for a chance to get your question answered at next month’s Scorpio full moon).

Dear Ash,
How does this upcoming full moon play out in my chart?

Dear Maiysha,

As with everything in astrology there are layers, cycles and an evolving story at play. How this full moon in Libra will unfold for you is no exception. Full moons are a time of release and awareness. They have a tendency to illuminate important areas of our lives especially if the degrees of the full moon happen to be close to natal points or planets in our charts. In your case this is occurring near a few areas of interest. First off, you are coming up on your solar return, Happy Birthday! Since this full moon is happening so closely to your birthday I feel like its themes tie into your year ahead. Keep that idea in mind when thinking about the energy of the rest of 2017.

During a full moon the sun and moon are in an exact opposition so we want to look at the dialogue between those two first. The transiting Sun is in fiery Aries making a conjunction (close together) with your natal (birth) Chiron, Mercury and natal Sun. This represents the external/yang portion. With so much energy close to home for you I would expect this to be a more intense lunar experience. Since you were born with Chiron, the symbol of our personal achilles heel being right next to your Mercury, our communication planet you may naturally be sharp witted and quick to state your opinion but this could be a gift that gets you in trouble with others from time to time. Having this conjunction so close to your Sun suggests that this is a big part of your life path. The full moon may light up this dynamic in a surprising way thanks to Uranus also being in the mix. Uranus is our rebellious planet that likes to be foot loose and fancy free. His presence could throw you some curve balls. The issues/experiences that come up will likely be linked to your daily routines, how you go about your life, your health or how you feel you are giving back to the world. This may be a good time to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself unless it’s a battle you know you will win. [/full_width]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Across the chart we see the more internal/yin side of the story. The moon is in diplomatic Libra being extra close with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The moon in Libra is concerned about the other, whether that be romantic or platonic, she needs to know she is being harmonious. Jupiter who livens up everything he touches in size and attitude will be amplifying this need to please. This will be the emotional side for you. You are an Aries so you won’t be placating nonsense but when you care for someone you are willing to at least hear them out. This could be a theme that pulses strongly during this moon cycle as well as the year. Finding a balance between the head and the heart is this years mantra.

Also in this cosmic soup the sun and moon will be square to Pluto. The deal with Pluto is to let go of the things that seemingly control us. If there is a thought pattern, attitude, experience that is nagging you from within that you are happy to ignore then you’ve found your Pluto. This could be a time when that drum starts banging away again. [/one_half_last]

[full_width]Be mindful of your internal landscape and see what happens if you face the issue head on by giving into it instead of hoping it will dip back into the recesses of your mind.

During this full moon Mercury will be retrograde in your house of love and partnerships while Venus will be retrograde in your house of creativity, romance, and personal expression. This would point towards the idea that this push/pull dynamic of aligning what you say and what you think especially in intimate relationships will be up for review. When Mercury is retrograde we get to reflect on our verbal interactions, things we’ve written and the many ideas that come up again and again in our heads. During a Venus retrograde we reflect on our current relationship status, our exes, our values and our self esteem in response to those subjects. You may find yourself running into people that once meant so much but somehow got lost in the shuffle of life and time. You may re-evaluate what you find meaning in. This is an excellent full moon to let go of ideas, feelings or experiences that are limiting you from moving forward in all of your relationships. Just know some old ghosts may arise, surprises are not out of the questions and get ready for a year ahead that focuses on love, relationships, and potential business partnerships!


Find a list of Ash’s astrological services on her site, HERE.[/full_width]

Monday Mantras: Wishing on Stars

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]Welcome to our new weekly, Monday Mantras! Based off of the solar season, any major cosmic events in the week ahead, and a touch of chakra love, we hope to help you start your Moody Monday’s with a bit more excitement. This week, Seasonal Astrologist Allie Couch gives us some power to put behind our Aries new moon wishes.

At this evening’s Aries new moon, we have potent energy to make new intentions and get really clear about what we want to be fearless in over the next twelve months, leading to great satisfaction around personal desires. Read your Aries new moon mantras below for both your sun sign & rising sign to help you tap into bold intentions over the course of this week. When the moon is new, it’s at it’s darkest, allowing for our stars to shine bright, begging for us to make wishes upon them. Happy wishing, muses.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson



Aries Mantra: I am a fearless pioneer, boldly clearing new life paths that lead to my deepest passions.

Taurus Mantra: I see and express love in the world as I connect to fresh spiritual clarity and inspiration.

Gemini Mantra: My passion and initiative revives systems and friendships through strong and conscious intuiting.

Cancer Mantra: A clear and sharp mind gives me logical creativity as I build fresh & independent successes.

Leo Mantra: Analytical skills and a strong memory push my boundaries as I experience fresh & passionate wisdom. [/full_width]

[one_half padding=”4% 0 0 0″]Virgo Mantra: I intuit and transform anything blocking my life force, attracting outside resources & empowerment.

Libra Mantra: I receive the love of others into my life, connecting me with fresh balance and simple elegance.

Scorpio Mantra: Assertion and action in my day-to-day life and processes, reignites my self-confidence & will-power.

Sagittarius Mantra: Bold emotions and passions fluidly move through me, generating exciting and fresh creativity.

Capricorn Mantra: Nurturing and caring grounds my life, giving me the courage to grow new physical strength.

Aquarius Mantra: Positive connections and information bring new found stability and energetic control.

Pisces Mantra: Alluring creativity molds and infuses my life with pleasure and value, generating new financial energy.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]