Scorpio Full Moon of Entanglement

[one_third] ARTWORK: Anna Rey | Distillation Series[/one_third][two_third_last]SEDUCTIVE ENTANGLING
Allie Couch, from our new astrology guide DEVOTION TO THE UNSEEN

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours––this is the lure and the intrigue magnetically pulling us to reveal things we’ve strategically kept hidden. A mysterious scenario arrives promising great power should you merge your resources with others. What is it about the power of the situation that pushes you over the edge into great risk and great vulnerability? One person says yes to an affair, knowing that it has to be kept secret for a variety of reasons, but also knowing that they will newly have access to resources they never dreamed of. Six months in, they feel depleted and empty, unable to find personal power in the situation they’ve entered, but they no longer see how they can live without the power that the other offers.

Another invests in a land deal, knowing there are risks, knowing there could be great payoff as well as great loss of precious resources. But this person does something strategic and precise: they check into their essence and know that they have what it would take to recover what could be lost. They know their worth, and, therefore, how to rely upon themselves to create worth. Whether this investment brings greater wealth or assets are lost, they can afford it. This is the secret of Scorpio and power: knowing you can empower yourself regardless of how you merge with others. Knowing that Scorpio’s opposite energy of Taurus needs to be strong in order to come out of sharing your essence with others, unscathed, regardless of how everything lands.[/two_third_last]


Sometimes we have choices, but sometimes we don’t give permission nor do we have any control over why something occurs to things we value deeply––things that have been shared or taken. Either way, it’s likely that there is a mystery in your life that you feel, if you could just extract the roots of it, something in you would be unblocked.

At the Scorpio Full Moon, it’s time to open up about what’s blocking you. It’s time to find courage and vulnerability and reach out for help should you need it. It’s time to stop trying to figure this mystery out on your own. Healers come in many shapes and forms these days and it may be time to tap into them. You may never solve a mystery, but you can find healing through releasing it. For me, the most powerful healing I’ve experienced is in allowing myself to be witnessed by others in my truth. There is something about the vulnerability of being truly seen that releases things, sheds light on them, and that gets absorbed out of you in the most powerful of ways.

Deep transformation comes from baring your soul and revealing what’s blocking you to a safe group or another person. I challenge you all, at this moon, to let others in who want to help you release things, or to truly witness another that needs this from you. It’s not about giving counsel or fixing anything, it’s purely a witnessing.


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]Claim your power back, release blocks and mysteries, and reach out for a healing hand at this moon should the need arise. If not, pay attention to how you can balance new vital understanding in your personal essence and worth, and how that can allow you to confidently entangle with others––in healthier ways—knowing that you have choices and the power to detangle should you need.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]THE TRANSITS: FERTILE GROUNDS

Scorpio’s energy is a very fertile place for all of us this year, laying at the north bend of the moon’s orbit. There may be a feeling of protection and roots starting to sprout in how you are personally allowing yourself to merge and share with others. Things blossoming and becoming full right now may, in several years, be what allows you to take part and share on bigger platforms in the world. Tend to these things and know that they are meant to be nurtured and protected for the time being.

This moon will require initiative and shifts in order to properly grow with a square to Ceres and the lunar nodes. Channel your dynamic problem solving skills and push through any barriers around your needs. Inspiration and compassion through a Neptune connection will help soften some intensity. Saturn adds some get-it-done oomph while Jupiter adds an extra dose of enriched fertilizer to help you grow deeply and expansively. If you need financial help through a loan or raising funds, there are good prospects around this moon—put your feelers out.

Both rulers of this moon, Mars and Pluto, conjunct each other, bringing and alignment of purpose. In Capricorn, this may be around outer world achievements and how to navigate power and control in regard to authority figures, career, or starting/growing your own business.[/two_third_last]

Monday Mantras: 1 + 1 = 1,000

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]One Plus One Equals A Thousand
by Allie Couch

“A miracle is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A miracle is when one plus one equals a thousand.”
― Frederick Buechner, The Alphabet of Grace

Dear Muses,

This week’s Monday Mantra is a reminder that our yearly full moon in Scorpio, the sing of joint forces and power, arrives on Wednesday—but affects us all week. Find others who can help you. Join hands and hearts with those who can lift you up and empower your current position. This requires grace in intimacy, but when we allow others in and entangle what we can do, or own, with what others can do, or have, miracles can materialize.

Maybe this full moon brings a cycle of grief and we need the support of others to help swallow up what’s too much to bear. Maybe great windfalls of wealth in finances or other resources actualize through allowing your 1 to join with the 1 of another (or many.) Maybe all of those 1’s that join forces are different kinds of 1’s, and when put together, they equal something so very great and so very graceful. Surrender to a need to keep your things separate and your own. Risk their wandering and their death by taking a chance on merging and see what transformations arrive. [/two_third_last]

Ask Ash: The Libra Full Moon & Finding Balance

[one_third padding=”0% 0 0 0″][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0% 0 0 0″]Astrologist Ash Bonelli brings her intuitive connection to the stars as she guides us through our yearly Libra full moon’s balancing act between attending to our personal desires and the needs of others. At the end, Ash gives advice about this lunation to one lucky reader.

Dear Muses,

During the Libra full moon the sun and the moon are gazing deeply into one another’s eyes. They are relaying a story to each other that will show up in our lives in a variety of ways depending upon the cosmic makeup of our charts. If you have any planets or important points (Ex: MC, IC, Descendant, Ascendant) at or within a few degrees of 21 in Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) you are likely to feel this lunar event more deeply.

Let’s begin with the Sun’s role in this configuration. The sign that the Sun is currently in each month gives a feel for the energy found within the collective. Right now the Sun is residing with passionate pioneer, Aries. It makes sense that Aries, the Ram, would lead the charge of Spring to kick start the zodiacal year. We are in the midst of newness and charging ahead with the plans that will grow and evolve over the next year. There is a strong need for independence right now. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]Your autonomy in a particular area of your life is probably quite palpable, but as much as we need to be able to stand on our own two feet we also need others in this intense journey called life. This Sun/Moon opposition is all about being able to find,feed,and nurture ourselves without compromising our precious relationships. The urge to be free is even more amplified at this time due to the fact it’s sharing close quarters with Uranus, our planetary rebel. With Uranus adding some peer pressure to the sun you may feel more restless than usual this month.[/full_width]

[one_half]Across the heavens we find lady luna nestled in Libra’s harmonious embrace creating an emotional need to keep the peace with others. She vibes sweetness and serenity. The moon is a swift figure within the transiting bodies that affect us. She only stays in a sign for about 2 ½ days, so her emotional state is always changing. With that said she is in Libra every month for a couple of days—except this time in particular she is sitting right next to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. He is often associated with happily increasing good cheer and positivity yet the dark side to this is that he isn’t really concerned about what exactly he expands in our lives. He can amp up the joy just as quickly as any drama. We always forget to choose wisely with Jupiter. He goes big and isn’t concerned with the details so we need to be! Jupiter will be expanding upon any emotions you may have about pleasing those near and dear to you. This could throw a wrench in all of that Aries, my way or the highway attitude. You may find yourself juggling your needs versus your desire to make other people happy.

Another element of this lunar spectacle is that the sun and moon will both be squaring Pluto, Mr. Underworld himself. That means that whatever comes up at this time for you won’t go away unless you deal with it. Avoidance, denial, and resistance will only make you sink further into Pluto’s depths. To win with Pluto is to let go. Stop clinging on to the issue. The negativity will only disappear when you recognize its hold on you. No use fighting the tide when you can simply float, my friends.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[full_width]Lastly, (like there isn’t enough already going on!) is the fact that Mercury (our communication planet) and Venus (our values & love planet) are both retrograde. This could add in discussions/episodes that you thought were over. People from your past could start cropping up. Some of these people may be a welcome surprise while others you wish would just stay in the shadows of the past. Either way be on watch for review sessions regarding your thought patterns, the way you engage, your values, self-esteem and how your heart deals with love & loss. [/full_width]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]All of these topics could show up in your friendships, partnerships, jobs, children, etc so be mindful of your inner state vs. outer state.

Think on these questions….

Is there an area of your life where you restrict yourself for fear of being judged by others?

Do you give yourself enough alone time?

Are you addicted to pleasing others? If so, what area of your life do you focus that energy and why?

Do your thoughts align with your words?


[full_width]THE READER QUESTION (Email [email protected] for a chance to get your question answered at next month’s Scorpio full moon).

Dear Ash,
How does this upcoming full moon play out in my chart?

Dear Maiysha,

As with everything in astrology there are layers, cycles and an evolving story at play. How this full moon in Libra will unfold for you is no exception. Full moons are a time of release and awareness. They have a tendency to illuminate important areas of our lives especially if the degrees of the full moon happen to be close to natal points or planets in our charts. In your case this is occurring near a few areas of interest. First off, you are coming up on your solar return, Happy Birthday! Since this full moon is happening so closely to your birthday I feel like its themes tie into your year ahead. Keep that idea in mind when thinking about the energy of the rest of 2017.

During a full moon the sun and moon are in an exact opposition so we want to look at the dialogue between those two first. The transiting Sun is in fiery Aries making a conjunction (close together) with your natal (birth) Chiron, Mercury and natal Sun. This represents the external/yang portion. With so much energy close to home for you I would expect this to be a more intense lunar experience. Since you were born with Chiron, the symbol of our personal achilles heel being right next to your Mercury, our communication planet you may naturally be sharp witted and quick to state your opinion but this could be a gift that gets you in trouble with others from time to time. Having this conjunction so close to your Sun suggests that this is a big part of your life path. The full moon may light up this dynamic in a surprising way thanks to Uranus also being in the mix. Uranus is our rebellious planet that likes to be foot loose and fancy free. His presence could throw you some curve balls. The issues/experiences that come up will likely be linked to your daily routines, how you go about your life, your health or how you feel you are giving back to the world. This may be a good time to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself unless it’s a battle you know you will win. [/full_width]

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Across the chart we see the more internal/yin side of the story. The moon is in diplomatic Libra being extra close with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The moon in Libra is concerned about the other, whether that be romantic or platonic, she needs to know she is being harmonious. Jupiter who livens up everything he touches in size and attitude will be amplifying this need to please. This will be the emotional side for you. You are an Aries so you won’t be placating nonsense but when you care for someone you are willing to at least hear them out. This could be a theme that pulses strongly during this moon cycle as well as the year. Finding a balance between the head and the heart is this years mantra.

Also in this cosmic soup the sun and moon will be square to Pluto. The deal with Pluto is to let go of the things that seemingly control us. If there is a thought pattern, attitude, experience that is nagging you from within that you are happy to ignore then you’ve found your Pluto. This could be a time when that drum starts banging away again. [/one_half_last]

[full_width]Be mindful of your internal landscape and see what happens if you face the issue head on by giving into it instead of hoping it will dip back into the recesses of your mind.

During this full moon Mercury will be retrograde in your house of love and partnerships while Venus will be retrograde in your house of creativity, romance, and personal expression. This would point towards the idea that this push/pull dynamic of aligning what you say and what you think especially in intimate relationships will be up for review. When Mercury is retrograde we get to reflect on our verbal interactions, things we’ve written and the many ideas that come up again and again in our heads. During a Venus retrograde we reflect on our current relationship status, our exes, our values and our self esteem in response to those subjects. You may find yourself running into people that once meant so much but somehow got lost in the shuffle of life and time. You may re-evaluate what you find meaning in. This is an excellent full moon to let go of ideas, feelings or experiences that are limiting you from moving forward in all of your relationships. Just know some old ghosts may arise, surprises are not out of the questions and get ready for a year ahead that focuses on love, relationships, and potential business partnerships!


Find a list of Ash’s astrological services on her site, HERE.[/full_width]

Dear Ash: Translate the Virgo Full Moon

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Astrologist, Ash Bonelli, brings her intuitive Pisces insight to one reader, and then to all of us, around this weekend’s Virgo full moon. The polarity of Pisces and Virgo that is illuminated at this time is always one that feels haunting, in a magical way. Ash channels this beautifully as she guides us to weave through the energy of the Dual Fish and the Virgin with mysticism and purity.

Dear Ash,

How does this Full Moon in Virgo translate within my life?

Dear Kate,

The transiting Sun (our current solar path), Chiron (our point of sensitivity) & Mercury (our communications) are all conjoined with your natal Moon (our emotional hub) in Pisces for this particular lunar event. The transiting Moon in Virgo will be shining her light on that watery quartet. This fleeting dance of opposition may be asking you to make a compromise somewhere in your life or at least strike a more authentic balance.

Breaking this down I will start with the Moon lighting up your second house. Where the Moon is transiting, especially when she is full, shows where you currently need to feel nurtured and cared for. This window of time is showing you where you can amplify those requirements. In Virgo, the Moon needs to be able to care for those they love in a way that is more practical and almost mundane. The everyday details of life can be boring but if we didn’t take care of them everything else would just seem a bit sloppy. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]If we thread in that this expression is occurring in your 2nd house, there is a link to your self-worth. You may need to derive more value from your everyday acts of service. Since this is a Full Moon we are experiencing, there is something that has come to fruition as well as something that needs to be released. It may become more clear in the next few days just exactly how you’ve been routinely engaged with your intimate circle. This could also highlight what has been blocking you from experiencing a deeper, more fulfilling version of expressing these Virgo moon characteristics.

Now over in the house of Pisces where the Sun, Chiron and Mercury are transiting your natal Moon with a little hug we see the other side of the opposition story. The Sun is highlighting the energy and attributes of how we go about our life path. Being in Pisces, there is a heightened urge to express empathy, compassion and creativity. Considering you were born with a Pisces moon these sensitive qualities are certainly not foreign to you. Having the Sun illuminate your tender moon could highlight the need to invest more into that compassionate soul you were meant to be. With Chiron so closely tied into this exchange it could bring up some raw emotions especially if you feel you haven’t been able to properly/fully utilize your kindness. It could be that you’ve felt repressed and need to channel it outwards in some capacity. Mercury rounds out the mix with a need for creative verbal release. Your thoughts and feelings may be swirling about for a few days and possibly journaling or just sharing with a friend may be very cathartic. This all goes down in your 8th house so you may be feeling a need for more empowerment. Maybe your heart has yearned for expression but due to feelings of fear or anger haven’t yet had the proper outlet to share it. I feel this is especially strong due to the fact that Saturn will also be squaring this gathering of pisces planets. There could be an authority figure or a negative male/patriarchal energy butting heads with your spirit’s need for expression. Use that Virgo moon energy to be strategic, skilled and crafty with your emotional executions. We live in a time where caring about the details, doing the work and leaning into the art of discernment will lead to more creative freedom and compassion. Wishing you a healing and inspiring Full Moon.


[two_third]Dear Collective,

We have arrived at the Full Moon in Virgo at 22 degrees which will give birth at 7:54 AM (PDT)!

We find ourselves swimming through the season of the dreamer, Pisces, for another week. Pisces is at the end of the cosmic pantheon making our entrance into Aries on March 21st, the zodiacal New Year. There is a feeling of endings with Pisces, yet as her archetype would also suggest (the two fish swimming in opposite directions) a symbology of new beginnings. I often think of the quote from Pablo Picasso, “The act of creation is first of all an act of destruction” when I meditate on Pisces energy because this sign really embodies the belief that there is a never ending cycle of birth/death. Full moons also possess this similar energy as they represent the culmination of something as well as the ending of something else. The Sun and Moon are gazing at one another asking us to weave together a narrative between these two polar opposites.

Our current Full Moon is playing out in the sign of Virgo. The Moon in Virgo wants to nurture by taking care of all the necessary details that can get missed by the nebulous/dreamy nature of Pisces. With that said, there is an area of your life that needs more fine tuning, more craft and care. With Chiron being so closely linked to this lunar event you may find yourself feeling a bit more sensitive especially to any outside critiques. Mercury is also intimately involved so how you think and speak are at play as well. Really give notice to whether or not your thoughts align with your actions. Maybe work on letting go of any distance between the two so you can feel more cohesive in your daily life. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]As if this wasn’t enough to process, Saturn, our cosmic life coach is squaring (90 degrees) our little underwater trio (Sun/Chiron/Mercury). This adds a serious depth to any shifts or decisions that you embark on during this time. Pisces is all about the feelings and Saturn is all about the achievement. Whenever Saturn is involved just do the work and the rewards will eventually come. Such a simple mantra, do the work, do the work and yes, do the work. Saturn is really the Zen master of the universe.

Concurrently, we are under the spell of the Venus Retrograde. Our values within our relationships, our self-worth, what unifies us and all the things we love are up for review. This addition to the heavens weighs heavily into how we navigate this Full Moon. Stay clear of being too critical, drowning in unnecessary worry or judging things that you know all too well you are also guilty of. Up the self-care, make mindful adjustments that you can commit to long term and allow creativity to lead the way. Below are questions for each of the houses Virgo could rule in the chart. Take time to review and process these questions. This Full Moon could bring some healthy solutions to begin integrating into your routine starting with our next New Moon on March 27th in fiery Aries. [/full_width]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]1st house Virgo/Virgo Rising – Are you taking care of your body? How do you speak to yourself? Could it stand to be a bit kinder?

2nd house Virgo/Leo Rising- How is your budget? What is your money story aka your relationship to your finances based on how you were raised regarding the topic of money? Are your feelings of self-worth directly linked to how others perceive your external successes or failures?

3rd house Virgo/Cancer Rising – Are you too critical of yourself and/or others? Do you place too much pressure upon yourself to be perfect? Have you considered starting a daily journaling practice?

4th house Virgo/Gemini Rising – How do you engage/support your family? How do they nurture you? What small actions could you take to feel more secure in your own home?

5th house Virgo/Taurus Rising – Do you allow yourself time to engage creatively with your inner child? What allows you to feel free? Are there any new skills/crafts that you wish to start learning or sharing with others?

6th house Virgo/Aries Rising – What could you add to your daily routine that would help it flow better? In fact, what could you take away? How could you nurture your health better? What dietary changes could you embrace for more optimal wellness?[/two_third_last]

[full_width]7th House Virgo/Pisces Rising – How are you contributing to your relationships in a meaningful way? Do you feel seen, heard and supported by your intimate circle? What do you love about yourself?

8th house Virgo/Aquarius Rising – What helps you feel in control? Do you feel that something within you is actually limiting your ability to experience self empowerment? How can you creatively connect on a deeper level to your own intuition?

9th house Virgo/Capricorn Rising – What makes you feel spiritual? How do connect to a deeper sense of purpose? What is your relationship to culture?

10th house Virgo/Sagittarius Rising – What are your career goals for the rest of the year? How is your relationship to your co-workers? Is there a creative interest that could be turned into a new career or make for a nice addition to your current work situation?

11th house Virgo/Scorpio Rising – How do you support your social network? Is there a charity that could really utilize your area of expertise? How often do you allow yourself to daydream?

12th house Virgo/Libra Rising – Do you take time to notice and really evaluate your more subconscious/background thoughts? Do they align with your daily conscious expressions? Do you write down your nightly dreams?

Happy Full Moon Muses!

xxAsh [/full_width]

Illuminated Gathering: Virgo, Spinner’s Full Moon

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0% 0 0 0″]A Virgo full moon masterfully weaves itself into our lives this Sunday, making it the perfect day to plan a moon gathering for this weekend. Seasonal Astrologist, Allie Couch, brings us some fated insight and ideas to get your gathering spun with perfection.


As we swim our way through the dreamy, mystical, and artistic seas of Pisces Season, a grounding full moon will come along in the not-so-emotional sign of Virgo. In opposition to this solar season’s vitality; a vitality that influences all of us to use symbolism and composition to attach meaning to the full spectrum and complexity of life, we blossom with a new found ability to actualize practical purposes in the outer world.

Virgo is a sign of fate and as we stepped into the Virgo new moon initiations, in early September, we started a six month journey to analyze, refine, and hone a skill or skills that we saw as being ‘useful’ or ‘purposeful’. There is a purity to this sign of the Virgin which conflicts with the messiness of human relations. Because of this, a pendulum swing happens as we refine and develop this ‘pure’ and ‘useful’ purpose, one that may have taken us between moments of needing the help of others to develop to one of utilizing what was learned to purify our own lives. At the full moon, this skill is actualized in some way that pushes it, and us, out into the world. An ability to refine, organize, and analyze has gifted us with a beautiful capability and now we recognize that it’s this capability that can bring a recognized purpose and usefulness to our lives. We see that this is a service we can offer and one that is needed by humanity.

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]We now start a six month journey to offer our useful purpose to our close peers, communities, and then to the world at large, all the while, spinning a web of connection that maintains purity from needing to engage in the messiness of emotional interaction or subjectivity. Rather, this web is spun to bring support and connection to an objective fate or specific need, purifying health and process. This is where Virgo gets it’s connection to the principle of serving. [/two_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[two_third padding=”0% 0 0 0″]THE GATHERING

We love us a full moon gathering at CosmoMuse as the high tide that full moons bring creates an opening to put our needs in the spotlight. This complete illumination is urging us to step into the outer world with what’s developed and celebrate the things coming into actualization—or mourn for things that didn’t make the cut and are now needing to phase out of our lives. With a close group of loved ones, either side that you are spilling over with (actualizing or releasing), is given communal support and nurturing.

At this Virgo full moon, take the time to ask your gatherers what it is that they’ve been honing and training in, or taming, in their lives. At 22 degrees of Virgo, the Sabian Symbol speaks to a readied faith in yourself after taming and mastering a wild aspect of ego: An ego refinement.

Here are some great questions to allow each person to address in the moon circle:

What part of yourself do you feel is ready and more polished to give to the world?

Do you feel a rising purpose or fate in your life?

Is there a skill, service, or aspect of your ego that is feeling a need to phase out of your life right now, no longer serving the fate, or usefulness of your life direction?[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]With all that is illuminated after these questions, use some critical thinking skills to see if there might be some way to help each person feel more comfortable with spinning their web of use and purpose in the outer world. Do any of the skills or purposes of those at the gathering relate or can some of these things be practiced on others there to help boost confidence in this coming-out time? How does each moon gatherer see the use of each other’s new fateful callings? Maybe allow a bit of response and reaction to each person, adding to the never ending need of Virgo energy to refine, analyze, and purify. [/two_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]SEASONAL ACTIVITIES

Some kind of seasonal art or activity is always a lovely, grounding, and communal enhancing thing to start your moon gathering off with, followed by a shared meal, and then the moon circle. To learn how to organize the flow of a full moon gathering and our version of what you need, you can find this info in our 2017 Seasonal Astrology Guide (download the PDF version here or purchase the print version here).

With this being a very practical and earth oriented full moon, we think it’s the perfect gathering to actually learn a skill and bring in a professional or one of your crew who’s good at this skill to give a simple and short 101 class: knitting, macrame, crochet. With Virgo being tied to the sympathetic nervous system, making epsom salt bath soaks is another great thing that might encourage everyone to go home and take a relaxing soak, taking a bit of pressure off of the perfection that Virgo is tied to. Have each person bring an herb, dried flowers, or essential oil that’s seasonal so people can make their own soak mixtures that speak to them. Chamomile and lavender are especially great relaxers. As this is the Native American Magpie Full Moon, having soil and little containers for planting seedlings, could also be fun. Have each person bring spring seeds so there’s a nice variety and make cartons of seed starters for herbs, veggies and flowers. Here’s a great tutorial.

Cancer Full Moon: Feminine Power Rising

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Understanding This Year’s Cancer Full Moon

What timing for a Cancer full moon! Or, not really. It is what the cosmos are asking us to feed. The feminine sign of The Crab, the mother and the protector, is rising in popularity, and not just because it’s the full moon of the matriarchy (the reckoning time of year for what we as women are manifesting into gestation), but also because of the political ‘fuck you’ that we got this fall as our first viable woman candidate for the US Presidency lost to the most arrogant, slippery, stereotypical, and patriarch-type of male that we could have possibly elected. It seems to have been a last-straw and a wake-up call that we actually haven’t been gaining the ground that we thought we had in our feminist movements.

Together we unite as we’ve received the message loud and clear. Here we come world, right on the shoulders of a very powerful lunar cycle. It’s rare that as a collective we get an astoundingly unified nod from the cosmos to what we should all be a manifesting–so join the CosmoMuse community and accept the responsibility as a woman or man to gestate and birth the rise of the matriarchy as we release and realize the patriarchy system that’s been on top for far too long is exhausted and clearly needs their mothers as they rest and get nurtured for a long while. Because, really, if Trump is the best they can deliver, they clearly need some love and time to regenerate to get them healthy and back on their feet. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]This full moon comes very close to the Women’s March on D.C. (and others around the country. We’ll be at Chelsea Handler’s one in Park City during The Sundance Film Festival), and we love that it falls during the influence of this lunar cycle and think this is a great activity to corral your female circle and gather in solidarity—whether at a march or as a gathering somewhere special.[/full_width]

[full_width]The Aspects (players) of this Full Moon: A Grand Cross

There are some difficult aspects connected to this full moon with a grand cross, or crossroads effect. This is already evident in the fighting spirit that is arising for women. We need to focus on one issue at a time with this aspect: In the opposition to the Sun and Pluto, issues of power and vitality need us to step back for perspective. These are powerful things and some structure and putting ourselves in front of the public with authority and a plan will win us our Cancerian/women’s needs. Jupiter squaring off from diplomatic Libra will require some creative action around an offer of equality for this expansive planet to allow our freedom to grow. Uranus in Aries is excited to break the chains of old constructs and power balances but will want to rush in, head first, acting on bold ideas and possibly getting a bit overly aggressive or even violent. Ask your inner warrior to allow nurturing and a bit of protection in so this doesn’t get out of hand and burn down all the work that’s been laid, due to feelings of rage. The full moon will allow this progressive and assertive spirit to do its thing but wants subtlety. She will ultimately protect herself from any destructive outbreaks so watch tempers and overly negative anarchist actions.[/full_width]

[two_third]The Goddesses’ Asteroids

As we take on the challenge of allowing ourselves and the matriarchy to fight for and rise in command, let our goddess asteroids enter your psyche: connect with them and identify with them. These powerful ladies are admittedly new to us at CosmoMuse, but they’ve been tossing pebbles at our window for a little while now, saying, “hey, we’re her for you. Pay attention to us and let us help you.” We’ve taken notice and the little we’ve absorbed has brought empowerment to our feminine qualities to new heights. So we’re grabbing handfuls of our own pebbles to toss your way and let you know, the goddesses are coming, pay attention. Not without a fight, however, but we think the pendulum is starting to swing the other way in the matriarchy/patriarch holding of power. As the goddesses rise, so does the matriarch, cyclical living, a shift in power structures, and organic feminine intelligence—thank the heavens!

You might notice that all of our typical planets or ruling bodies discussed in astrology are fashioned after male gods–with the exceptions of Venus and the moon. We’ve been missing a lot without paying homage to the goddesses in our charts. Here’s our favorite four (there are lots more) and some basics of the mythology they are connected to. Find the one that you connect with and channel her as you step into your feminine power: [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]Ceres The mother of earth and sister to Zeus (or Jupiter). This goddess brings abundance around food, cooking, and nurturing as she holds the cornucopia. There is a giving a receiving energy and flow that she creates. Because her most loved thing, her daughter Persephone, was taken by her brother Pluto, and given to Hades, she is connected to abundance followed by loss. But compromise reigns as a deal is worked out to each get Persephone for six months of the year. When out of balance (or when the Patriarchy is allowed to interfere), feelings of loss, fear of abundance, eating disorders, and over-attachment rise. When her power is owned, nurturing brings abundance and flow. I for one think our world is due her healthy powers. Beyonce, Queen Bee, has a strong Ceres in her chart.

Pallas (Athena – also CosmoMuse’s most felt goddess) Zeus’ (Jupiter’s) daughter, was born out of his forehead, already fully armored. She is female intelligence and a weaver of patterns and cycles with an organic wisdom. She is the strategic commander in chief, usually able to bring peaceful resolutions to quarrels, but not afraid to battle in war in equally strategic ways if things digress (as Medusa learned). Her domain is the city as she brings connection to all through her weaving abilities. Artistic and a survivor, Pallas expects you to own your power. She is connected to the father and can show how you connect with males. When out of balance or over-powered by the gods, she is surrounded by conflict, legal battles, and injustice. Yup, again, another goddess that we think is due to reclaim her power.


[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0% 0 0 0″]Juno (Hera) The wife of Zeus (Jupiter) and Queen goddess. Juno takes Venus up a notch. Where Venus brings about attraction and the decision to indulge in the feeling of partnering, Juno rules the commitment and actual marriage. True love and soul mates are her domain. She has a queenly and diplomatic presence, ruling over the lands, flowers and the female genitalia. Women’s rights fall here so we all need to wake up to her power or surround ourselves with those who seem to be empowered by her. When out of balance or taken advantage of by the gods, she has to deal with infidelities, powerlessness, betrayal, inequality, and possibly spousal abuse. Again, time to take her power back. WAKE UP JUNO!!! Angelina Jolie has a strong Juno in her chart.

Vesta Zeus’ (Jupiter’s) oldest sibling. With a virginal, pure, and perfectionist quality, she is the keeper of the hearth who’s attributed to focus, dedication and domestic tranquility. She is the ruler of gatherings, sisterhood, rituals, keeping the fire stocked, security (or lock and key/investments), and chastity. She has some Virgo traits in her ability to break things down and utilize purified components. When out of balance, she brings insecurity, promiscuity, segregation, secret societies, family troubles, fear of sex, invalidation of self, and denial. Essentially, the pretty little secrets in corporations and powerful institutions that keep popping up, that shatter our feelings safety as a human family, need the Vestas out there to take their power back!

Some Goddess inspiration was pulled from our favorite new go-to podcast, Bridging Realities. Listen to more about Juno here or Ceres here.[/two_third_last]

[full_width]Gathering, Manifesting & This Full Moon’s Craft

Grab your CosmoMuse Guide, revisit the feature about full moon gatherings as well as find more on the Cancer Full Moon in the Capricorn Season section of the guide (where we also give ideas for the theme of this gathering), and start planning your own.

On the 12th, at the full moon, gather your circle of females to stoke each other’s fires, listen to each other, nurture each other, and learn what each of your women gatherers would do if a matriarch power were to take the helm. Help each other tap into the goddess powers arising inside and honor the qualities of each.

In this listening and nurturing process, I believe the gestation of powerful female needs will take place in women everywhere and we will then go into the marches on the 21st with a stronger collective voice and a personal gestating purpose to fight for, nurture, and protect.

As promised, with each full moon, we’ll be giving some ideas of a craft or activity to pair with the regular rituals of this gathering. We think in this is the perfect one to pick a comfortable and welcoming home to cook in, and make a meal all together. Commune, collaborate, chat, and cook together before your rituals. What better way to expand the themes of nurturing and growing roots as female protectors?

CosmoMuse’s Cancer Full Moon Gestation

Behind the scenes, we love that the timing of this lunar event is lining up exactly with when we are researching, synthesizing, and ultimately picking a yearly theme for our 2018 guide. Clearly this newly gestating theme is going to lead to lots of goddesses, nurturing themes, and feminine rising qualities. [/full_width]

Gemini Full Moon: Positive Messages

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]As an epic full moon, supermoon in Gemini sits on our horizon, astrologist Allie Couch guides us through the high tide themes facing us today and this evening.

It’s full moon time muses, and this one is a special full supermoon as well as our culminating full moon of 2016. There may be huge feelings of needing to let go of aspects of 2016 that messed with our minds and thoughts so we can move on to 2017 in fresh and vital ways. It’s been a rocky and combustible year with the yang fire that’s been a filter over things. We’ve also had the numerological number 9 (the number of endings) filtering our happenings in 2016–the final number in the 1-9 cycle of years. The good news is that this is a spiritual number and I think it will help us let go of much negativity and prep us for the “1” year ahead–welcoming new paths and epic beginnings and initiatives.

In Gemini, the full moon’s purpose is to show us the information and thoughts that we need to let go of as well as a time of manifestation around information, words, communication, and community connecting that we have worked hard on. The messages that we have put out to the world and the pollination efforts that we have been busy promoting will show through now, letting us know how well we did.

If negativity is reflected back to us at this full moon, we’ll need to take time to analyze our thoughts and words over the past six months. Have they been negative?


[one_half]If our messages and thoughts have been positive and productive, community, connection, and a merry sense of belonging will be reflected back to us.

The planets seem very eager for this moon as so many of them will reach out with holiday cheer. We have two kite formations at this lunation and the full supermoon serves as one target and our seasonal ruler, grandiose Jupiter, serves as the other one. Because of this, there should be an epic feeling of being in touch with others now–for good or bad. It’s great day and night to get out, meet new people, and maybe find that key person or connection who can help push our manifestations, that are trying to peak, over a hump.

It’s always interesting to watch how timing works out and as fate would have it, we made a final decision to produce and self-publish our guide around the Gemini new moon. As hard as we worked and tried to get it out to everyone a few weeks earlier than we did, it is manifesting now, literally getting delivered today to the people who ordered it. A very literal moon cycle in our cards: set the intention at the Gemini new moon and watching it manifest at the Gemini full moon. We have put our hearts, souls, love, and gratitude for so many into this and it’s overwhelming to see the love coming back in and new connections coming our way.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]Please come to our humble home today for our pop-up shop to check one out for yourself (check our Instagram @cosmomuse for details). If you already have one come to our 7-9pm holiday celebratory open house and toast to the coming 2017 ‘A Year of Great Expectations’ so we can help elevate each other in all of the new and altruistic inspiration that we see seeping into so many of your minds.

We would love to meet every one of our followers, although I know many are not in the same city as us.

Gemini Full Moon Gathering Ideas:
With this moon being agile, verbal, quick, and movement oriented, it’s a gathering that should be more free flowing than usual. Instead of having a structured program, maybe treat this more like a book club

[full_width](actually a book club theme would be great for a Gemini themed gathering) where food and wine are just out and available to nibble on all night as you sit and chat and move around freely. Let the ritual aspects of this moon gathering happen in their own time and in a less formal way. Instead of doing the traditional circle, maybe set up a table where your moon crew can write out their messages to release and burn and messages that they are hoping to have come into manifestation, to do in their own time. No doubt people will be coming and going so anything structured may have constant distraction. Smudge people upon arriving at the gathering location rather than before entering the moon circle.

Gemini Full Moon Prayer:
I release all of my negative thoughts, forgive other’s negativity and embrace the good messages that I, and others, have. As the year ends, so do my feelings of hatred and bitterness. I am loved, connected and belong to amazing things and people that are all around in this world. My messages carry light and love as I help connect the dots of positive forward motion all around me. [/full_width]