Scorpio Full Moon of Entanglement

[one_third] ARTWORK: Anna Rey | Distillation Series[/one_third][two_third_last]SEDUCTIVE ENTANGLING
Allie Couch, from our new astrology guide DEVOTION TO THE UNSEEN

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours––this is the lure and the intrigue magnetically pulling us to reveal things we’ve strategically kept hidden. A mysterious scenario arrives promising great power should you merge your resources with others. What is it about the power of the situation that pushes you over the edge into great risk and great vulnerability? One person says yes to an affair, knowing that it has to be kept secret for a variety of reasons, but also knowing that they will newly have access to resources they never dreamed of. Six months in, they feel depleted and empty, unable to find personal power in the situation they’ve entered, but they no longer see how they can live without the power that the other offers.

Another invests in a land deal, knowing there are risks, knowing there could be great payoff as well as great loss of precious resources. But this person does something strategic and precise: they check into their essence and know that they have what it would take to recover what could be lost. They know their worth, and, therefore, how to rely upon themselves to create worth. Whether this investment brings greater wealth or assets are lost, they can afford it. This is the secret of Scorpio and power: knowing you can empower yourself regardless of how you merge with others. Knowing that Scorpio’s opposite energy of Taurus needs to be strong in order to come out of sharing your essence with others, unscathed, regardless of how everything lands.[/two_third_last]


Sometimes we have choices, but sometimes we don’t give permission nor do we have any control over why something occurs to things we value deeply––things that have been shared or taken. Either way, it’s likely that there is a mystery in your life that you feel, if you could just extract the roots of it, something in you would be unblocked.

At the Scorpio Full Moon, it’s time to open up about what’s blocking you. It’s time to find courage and vulnerability and reach out for help should you need it. It’s time to stop trying to figure this mystery out on your own. Healers come in many shapes and forms these days and it may be time to tap into them. You may never solve a mystery, but you can find healing through releasing it. For me, the most powerful healing I’ve experienced is in allowing myself to be witnessed by others in my truth. There is something about the vulnerability of being truly seen that releases things, sheds light on them, and that gets absorbed out of you in the most powerful of ways.

Deep transformation comes from baring your soul and revealing what’s blocking you to a safe group or another person. I challenge you all, at this moon, to let others in who want to help you release things, or to truly witness another that needs this from you. It’s not about giving counsel or fixing anything, it’s purely a witnessing.


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]Claim your power back, release blocks and mysteries, and reach out for a healing hand at this moon should the need arise. If not, pay attention to how you can balance new vital understanding in your personal essence and worth, and how that can allow you to confidently entangle with others––in healthier ways—knowing that you have choices and the power to detangle should you need.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]THE TRANSITS: FERTILE GROUNDS

Scorpio’s energy is a very fertile place for all of us this year, laying at the north bend of the moon’s orbit. There may be a feeling of protection and roots starting to sprout in how you are personally allowing yourself to merge and share with others. Things blossoming and becoming full right now may, in several years, be what allows you to take part and share on bigger platforms in the world. Tend to these things and know that they are meant to be nurtured and protected for the time being.

This moon will require initiative and shifts in order to properly grow with a square to Ceres and the lunar nodes. Channel your dynamic problem solving skills and push through any barriers around your needs. Inspiration and compassion through a Neptune connection will help soften some intensity. Saturn adds some get-it-done oomph while Jupiter adds an extra dose of enriched fertilizer to help you grow deeply and expansively. If you need financial help through a loan or raising funds, there are good prospects around this moon—put your feelers out.

Both rulers of this moon, Mars and Pluto, conjunct each other, bringing and alignment of purpose. In Capricorn, this may be around outer world achievements and how to navigate power and control in regard to authority figures, career, or starting/growing your own business.[/two_third_last]

Dear Ash: How to Embrace More Scorpio Mystique?

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”6% 0 0 0″]Dear Ash,

I’d love to know how and where Scorpio shows up in my chart and how I can tap into its dark and mysterious powers?

Dear Jessica-

There is a deep reservoir to be found in the Scorpio slice of the chart that is vulnerable, sacred and fearless. In your Libra rising chart we find Scorpio ruling over your 2nd house of self-worth, tangible resources, your relationship to those resources and money. It’s the house of how we support ourselves in this material world. The foundations we create. The way we view ourselves in private. Needless to say, a powerfully important house. Truth be told, each house carries its own blessings and burdens but this one really represents some heavy topics.

So LaCasa Scorpio is a private place meaning you may be a bit secretive about your money. Maybe its a topic you like keeping a little mystery around. You might be strict, hyper focused or obsessive about always having enough. Your feelings about yourself could have a direct link to how much you have and how well you can take care of yourself. You also have two planets living in that house that are in what is called a ‘Conjunction’ in astro speak. This simply means they are in close proximity. Their themes influence each others energy.


[full_width]First off, you have Saturn, the planet I see as the cosmic life coach there. Saturn represents our fears, survival, fathers or older male figures, hard work, restriction and structure. Where we have Saturn in the chart is where we are meant to work extra hard in our lifetime. This means making money could have been or still is a bit of a struggle. If not, you are working your Saturn. If it is, that is what you should focus on. Because this theme is in your 2nd house it represents more than just making money to consume and have fancy things. This is about your ability as a woman to take care of yourself on your own merit. Knowing you have your own back at the end of the day is the lesson here. Scorpio is independent and will go to whatever length it needs to, to achieve success even put itself at risk. That is a trait you must always be mindful of. Risk assess every option.

[two_third]Secondly, you have Mars, the warrior planet residing there. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so he is very strong and able to act on his desires with greater ease. He governs over personal drive, passion, aggression, masculinity and power. This adds an interesting dynamic to your 2nd house formed by the relationship between Saturn and Mars. One restricts and wishes you to work hard by sometimes going without while Mars goes after whatever it wants. So there is probably a push/pull that occurs within you around topics of self-esteem, what you want/deserve/need and how you go about getting it. The good thing about Saturn is that if you do work hard for him, you get rewarded. He isn’t there to help you (not in the traditional sense of the word), he’s there to challenge you to push through the obstacles life throws your way. Mars adds a needed boost in purpose to help you achieve in the face of struggle.

To tap into this side of yourself further I would say work on transparency around any issues you have with your money, your self-esteem and your current living situation. Scorpio likes to dig till they hit every nook and cranny of truth possible. Look at what blocks, boundaries and resentment you have around the 2nd house subjects so you can be clear as possible about what you want to work for. Your goals in life come back to this house because of the inherent psychological self value component. It’s imperative to feel like you have control over the tangible sections of your life. So dig deep and see what treasures lie within that can help you move forward feeling the best you can feel about yourself!

Scorpio Season Mantra: I let go of that which I cannot control. I embrace my shadows without the need to hide them away. I release any resentments that cloud my ability to be authentically seen by others.

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