Capricorn Archetypes: Jord & Simone de Beauvior

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Creative force, Ann Whittaker, joins us with more archetype musings as she shares her inspiration around the Capricorn vibed role models that we can all tap into (male of female). Get ready to tour some Norse Mythology and historical feminist role models as we dive deeper into our yearly purpose of Feminine Rising.


The Norse Earth Mother & Simone de Beauvoir


The Norse Earth Mother, Jord, is a mother of many children–too many to count. She is not a monogamous goddess–she is solely focused on her own fertility and health. Jord is the embodiment of primitive earth, inhabits the wilderness, worshipped on mountaintops, and everything she touches immediately sprouts or bears fruit. She is the Earth Mother archetype–connected to fertile soil.

Jord is highly focused and disciplined in order to give life continuously to the entire earth. She feels a responsibility first and foremost to her role as mother. She will not be distracted by anything else. She is the earth, and nothing else. Wild and free and fertile–responsible only to herself.[/two_third_last]


“I am too intelligent, too demanding, and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself”

If you’ve been feeling the feminine rising, and signing up for women’s marches all over the country, you can thank Simone as she is a powerful feminist mama in our history. Imagine living in France in the early 20th century and attending universities to study mathematics and philosophy, and graduating where most women weren’t even allowed to attend. Truly, Simone climbed impossible mountains as she wrote book after book after book analyzing women’s oppression in a patriarchal culture. She spoke out not only about gender issues, but she addressed sexual orientation as well. Simone was determined to tear down stereotypes of all kinds. Her contribution to feminist movements is monumental. Follow her to the mountaintop.


[one_sixth][/one_sixth][two_third]“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”

“…but all day long I would be training myself to think, to understand, to criticize, to know myself; I was seeking for the absolute truth: this preoccupation did not exactly encourage polite conversation.” [/two_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

Dear Ash: Your Personal Capricorn Energy

[one_sixth][/one_sixth][one_third][/one_third][one_third]Astrologist Ash Bonelli brings a powerful offering today as she answers one muses’ question about connecting to the Capricorn in their chart. Keep reading as she then sheds light, for each sign, on how the transformation enhancing Sun conjunct Pluto transit is affecting each of our signs this weekend. A must read.

Dear Ash,

Can you tell me a little bit about where I have Capricorn energy in my birth chart and how that plays out in my life?

Dear Andrea,

You were born with Capricorn residing proudly in your 1st house. Your Ascendant/Rising sign is there at 19 degrees. [/one_third][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[two_third]The Capricorn rising moves through the world with a quiet grace, a strong sense of self and stoic distance. They appear wise, classy and are usually quite polite with the occasional side of bluntness.. They possess a natural determination to pursue their goals no matter how many blocks pop up on the path. Capricorns are serious achievers and wish to be noticed for their committed efforts! They can be stubborn but dedicated and they want to be seen as successful. This is definitely a rising sign that wants to project to the collective that they are cool, calm, and collected. Lucky for Cappy, they usually are!

This year these normal temperaments may begin to shift though. Pluto, the mighty mouse of the cosmos will make an exact conjunction to your Ascendant in early March and will be moving back and forth over it all year due to his retrograde period. That means this will be a deeply transformational year for you. How you engage with the world is up for review. Pluto likes to break things down so they are forced to rebuild better and stronger than before. You may notice that your attitudes around how you want to be seen in your day to day life could drastically change. Pluto works beneath the surface so these are likely (to be) subconscious thoughts and feelings that are coming up for processing. The mantra with Pluto though is “just let go”. If you feel you are clinging on to some old beliefs or support systems that are no longer working, but you are simply hanging on for comfort, then that’s your cue to release them. New and better ones are on the way! [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]Pluto can sometimes work in really obvious ways but usually the most profound insights come about in hindsight. Because this is a merging of two energies it’s possible that you will feel more powerful during this transit because Pluto will essentially be imbuing with your Ascendant. This could give you a sense of strength you’ve never had before and you will now know how to integrate it moving forward. The mantra with Pluto though is “just let go”. If you feel you are clinging on to some old beliefs or support systems that are no longer working (but you are simply hanging on for comfort) then that is your cue to release them. New and better ones are on the way!

Another piece to add to your Capricorn nature is to take a look at her ruler. Saturn is the traditional feminine ruler of Capricorn. I see Saturn as our cosmic life coach. He has rough edges and can be quite demanding, but he is also fair and ultimately expects you to do well. He goes about it in harsh ways sometimes so most people dislike him, but if we didn’t have structure, pressure, deadlines, etc. in addition to someone putting up boundaries then we all would just Neptune out and party all the time. It’s all about balance, and Saturn loves when our ducks are all in a row! You have natal Saturn in Gemini in the 6th house. This would suggest that you try to have structured routines and are always paying attention to the way you communicate. This adds a playful and talkative quality to your Capricorn rising which could actually soften some of that natural coolness that Cappy is known for. It also means that this upcoming Pluto transit could also have a strong affect on your daily routines and your work life. You may notice that any shifts in your personality directly affect your engagement with clients. It could be that the way you’ve always presented yourself in a professional setting needs a tune up. Maybe you’ve been over giving? The 6th house represents service after all. You might set up stronger boundaries and this transit could bring some new found confidence that allows you to really go after some bigger dreams. However this Pluto transit plays out for you, I think you will come away with a renewed sense of independence, strength, and vitality!

Ash [/full_width]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]Sun + Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn


Our solar king is making his yearly conjunction to Pluto this weekend. This sets the tone for the next year to an area of your life that could use an injection of power or deep changes. Pluto, lord of the underworld likes to work behind the scenes. His presence is strong, immensely felt but usually not obvious right away. It’s common to feel the plutonian experience while it’s happening, but the wisdom that comes from those experiences seems to arrive in hindsight. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 and will be there until 2024–so he’s a slow little beast! Capricorn also rules power so they have that in common but this sign also governs structure which is Pluto’s favorite thing to tear down. The Sun/Pluto lesson is that we are learning what we need to let go of in order to feel empowered on our life paths. Often we are weighed down by self-imposing barriers or ideas that have been created by outsiders that we feel we need to uphold. These can limit our growth, autonomy, and independence. Pluto likes to peel back our layers to get to the bones of our own personal truth. It’s not easy work but the more you learn to let go when it comes to Pluto dealings, the happier you will ultimately be. For more insights I’ve written a few sentences for each of the houses. All you have to do is look at your birth chart and see which house Capricorn lives in. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]1st House/Capricorn Rising – Our house of image, projection and our bodies. Pluto moving through your 1st house is asking that you let go of the idea of who you think you are to the world. If you are putting on airs or projecting an image that isn’t really you, then it’s time to peel back those layers. Authenticity is key here. This is a really impactful place for Pluto because most likely it’s crossing your Ascendant/Rising sign. Your Ascendant literally represents how you rise up each day to face the world. So a whole life examination could be in order. Think of this as a bit of a rebirth. You are the Phoenix, not the snake.

2nd House/Sagittarius Rising – Our house of money and self worth/esteem. Pluto moving through your 2nd house is asking you to let go of any negative feelings you have around your finances. If this is an issue in your life then it’s probably damaging your self worth/esteem. Therefore it affects more than just your bank account. Currency is tangible energy so how we treat it and what we think of it does play a role in how it shows up in our lives. If you have a really negative view of yourself financially, then that’s going to be a tough hole to climb out of. Really use this Sun/Pluto conjunction to get really honest about your feelings around spending, saving, and what limiting ideas you have that are actually holding you back from prospering. [/full_width]

[full_width]3rd House/Scorpio Rising – Our house of communications in all forms: speaking/writing/body language. Pluto moving through your 3rd house is asking you to re-evaluate how you engage with others. This could range from feeling like you don’t have a voice because other people speak over you or maybe you are the one that needs to learn to listen more. We all have times where we feel unseen, unheard, and misunderstood. These issues all come from how well we listen, mentally digest what we just heard, and understand one another. These are very important skills that make or break our conversations. Be mindful of your dialogue at work, home, school, etc., and see where some adjustments could be made.

4th House/Libra Rising – Our house of home, family and security. Pluto moving through this house is asking you to let go of the need to be in control at home all of the time. There could be a need for more compromise with members of your family. If this can’t be met in a healthy way then a hard look at serious boundaries may be in order. Also look at what you need to feel safe at home. Everyone deserves to have a sanctuary, so look at your current situation and see what could be shifted/discarded in order for you to find your perfect haven. This could also be a time where you find security in new or unusual places. You may start to find an inner strength that you didn’t know you had. One that gives you comfort in the face of changing foundations ahead. In times of shaky grounds remind yourself that you are always at home in your own heart. Allow the tides of change to do their work, and take comfort in your own resiliency. [/full_width]

[full_width]5th House/Virgo Rising – Our house of children, creativity, and romance. Pluto moving through this house is asking you to let go of anything that is blocking your true expression. This could show up in your dating life, your relationships with your kids, or how you go about creating anything that you feel passionate about. If you don’t have a clear/honest relationship about what lights you up in life then that’s where you need to start. That fire within us is our own personal root system that then feeds the garden of our lives. Get digging. Also, whether or not you have children we all have an inner child. This part of ourselves needs attention so that we can experience a bit of play and joy in our adult lives. You may find yourself craving childlike activities that allow you a deeper connection to source. If this is the case, embrace it.

6th House/Leo Rising – Our house of daily routines, work, service, and health. Pluto moving through the 6th house is asking you to let go your daily habits that are no longer serving your highest self. When I say highest self, I’m referring to the best version of you that each of us should strive to be. Of course we all having housework to do but what do you do regularly that doesn’t actually make life better? Think about your bad habits. These could run from cigarettes/unhealthy food choices to the constant need for outside approval. These are just a few of the many examples of things you could let go of. These changes would not only make your daily work/routines feel better but give you a more healthy body/mind/soul as well! This could also be a time where you heal your own issues and find yourself feeling the desire to help others with the same journey. This could be a profound experience that allows the energy of Pluto to work his magic by stripping away what doesn’t serve you so you can better serve others![/full_width]

[two_third]7th House/Cancer Rising – Our house of love and relationships. Pluto moving through the 7th house is asking you to let go of any toxic relationships, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, or issues around control. These issues can apply to romantic or business relationships. The ideas that you had when you were younger about what love looks like could be up for a major shift. You may find yourself craving a new type of partnership or maybe just a better one with yourself. You may also realize that the drama in a current situation is actually coming from you. If so, it’s up to you to be proactive about figuring out why you behave in the negative ways you do. If you find yourself in that relationship with someone else then maybe it’s time for couples therapy. This could also be a breakdown to breakthrough situation, so some relationships may only get better and better. Work on letting go of any power struggles and the new fresh energy to arise will be oh so lovely.

8th House/Gemini Rising – Our house of personal power, sex, death, and the mysterious side of life. Pluto enjoys this house (of course) so he is quite at home here. Pluto asks us to let go of of anything blocking us from being totally empowered individuals. Think about people, situations, attitudes or ideas that make you feel small. How can you step away from any of those toxic choices. I use the word choices because that’s the driving force behind many of our issues. We can choose who we spend time with; we can choose to not partake in certain negative situations; and we also decide what we think. These things that need to change can seem so obvious, but we are all guilty of letting things in our own control wreck our day. Look for ways in which you allow drainage to occur in your life, and make some adjustments so you can move through the world with more power and grace. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[full_width]9th House/Taurus Rising – Our house of spirituality, higher education, philosophy, and international travel. Pluto has his work cut out for him in this section of the chart. There is a lot going in this house. He could be stripping away a long held belief system that shaped your upbringing, but now doesn’t fit who you’ve become today. Your thoughts and feelings about the world could be changing dramatically at this time. Maybe you are desiring to get out and fill up your passport so you can open your mind to different cultures. You may also be thinking about going back (or currently going) to school to connect deeper with these shifts in your consciousness. Any limiting or just rigid ideas that you’ve had about society, government, religion, and lifestyle are up for review. Be open-minded and let go when you find yourself swimming upstream against the current.

10th House/Aries Rising – Our house of career and public life. Pluto moving through the top of the chart here could signal major job shifts or the ideas you’ve held about your current position could be changing. Your thoughts/feelings around how you appear in the world could also be transforming. Since Pluto governs power, you may be recognizing where you don’t have as much as you thought or how you actually need to work on developing yours. Maybe you’ve been working in an unfulfilling career but never had the self worth to actually make a change until now. Pluto could show up in your experience as a bit of a wrecking ball that breaks down one situation so that a better one can come about. Work on letting go of clinging to anything that isn’t actually benefitting you just because you are comfortable. Sun/Pluto asks that you step outside of your box long enough to see what else is possible. Then work on your personal power step by step until you’ve reached a more satisfying situation. If it all happens too quickly though, just embrace the end goal by recognizing that you have to break the walls to let the light in sometimes. [/full_width]

[full_width]11th House/Pisces Rising – Our house of hopes, dreams, and community. Pluto moving through the 11th house is asking you to get real about your goals. You may have big dreams, but due to a multitude of reasons (so many things can bog us down) you haven’t actually reached your desired outcome yet. This Sun/Pluto conjunction is kicking off another year for you to get really clear and practical about your wishes. If there is something blocking you from achieving your dreams, then Pluto’s presence may remove them. Now this may sound too good to be true. That’s because it is. There is another side to this shiny coin. When the excavation occurs it could actually leave you feeling a bit vulnerable. We have a tendency to unconsciously rely on our blocks, bad behaviors, and things we don’t actually like. Weird, huh? When those negative things are removed and we come to terms with our new reality we can then move forward with more clarity. Be careful what you wish for, and be ready to work for your dreams when those roadblocks are no longer lingering!

12th House/Aquarius Rising – Our house of mystery, intuition, and inner wisdom. Pluto is treading through the private waters of our soul in this house. Because this house is a bit undercover, Pluto may bring up issues/feelings that we have either forgotten (possibly on purpose) or didn’t even know we had. This can be a deeply cathartic experience where we really get in touch with our most intimate selves. This can feel like a spiritual purge that at times may be painful but once you pull the thorn out the healing can occur. Pluto is asking you to let go of any barriers that restrict you from connecting with your more yin/feminine side (men included). This is a great time to start a meditation practice so you can still your mind from over active thoughts. This would allow for the deeper wisdom residing in this house to bubble up. You can learn from the nebulous energy of the 12th house by surrendering to your own emotions. Release to realize is your mantra. [/full_width]

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][one_fourth][/one_fourth][one_fourth]Dear Ash is a monthly advice column with astrologer Ash Bonelli. For her next CosmoMuse feature, if you want to know more about how Aquarius show up in your chart (or if you are an Aquarius who has astrological question), send it to [email protected] for a chance to get it answered in next month’s Dear Ash feature. For private readings with Ash, email her, [email protected], or pop into her website. [/one_fourth][one_fourth_last][/one_fourth_last]

Feel It All: Where Are Your Bones?

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”5% 0 0 0″]Katie Chirgotis of Eothen joins us with her uber sensitive connection to the feeling realm and her poignant ability to identify our nurturing needs for the seasonal energies, through nature’s notes. Durning this exposed season of Capricorn, when mother earth gives us a peek at her own structuring methods (through bare branches and frosted windows), Katie points out how to take note and start connecting to our own framing. Words & Images by Katie

Have you ever stood in a room filled with chattering, shimmering people? All flashing eyes and teeth, emanated heat and magnetic poles pulse throughout the space? In that crash of sensory waves have you thought to yourself, “where am I?”

I’m not talking about where Google Maps pins you as the app runs in the background, or, on the opposite spectrum, your spiritual path to Enlightenment. I’m talking about your tangible, physical self–in this moment; in this crowd. On what do you stand? Where are your bones?[/two_third_last]


[two_third padding=”3% 0 0 0″]So get in there. Close your eyes. Turn-on the x-ray vision. Witness your gorgeous skull balancing on the delicate vertebrae of neck, the fanning of collar and shoulders that square themselves above the fusion of ribs, a backwards wrap to the column of spine, diving into the bowl of hips, spinning on top of long trees of legs, pooling towards the roots of feet. This is your structure, this is how you stand. This is what carries your whirl of heady experience through the world. In some variation or another–it’s a similarity that we share. It houses a Self, and whether we’re in that crowded room or standing on some solitary stone on the Earth, we are all rattling here together.

We see the skeleton of many things this time of the year. The bare lines of trees and exposed raw ground, or the connective joinery that made up the past 365 days of who we were. In this seasonal sparseness, many begin building a structure for what’s to come. We may set intentions, saying them out loud to make them real, and to hold ourselves accountable. This is one of the few times where we collectively get humble about the notion of starting again. That perhaps this year we can be more present for ourselves and each other. We reconnect with our bones, the basal framing of who we are, to flesh out the hope for something more. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

Capricorn Rituals: Daily Steps for your Summits

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Tune into the seasonal Capricorn energy as we start recognizing the peaks of success we wish to summit as the sun slowly grows in strength. Ann Whittaker’s rituals for our personal summits can help us build a solid ste-by-step foundation as we trek along on our steep climb to acclaim as we’re about to make our yearly resolutions. Photography by Ann

Capricorn Rituals


“Our imagination is struck only by what is great; but the lover of natural philosophy should reflect equally on little things.” -alexander von humboldt

Almost every day, I find myself on a mountainside; almost every week, I find myself on a mountaintop. It’s easy for me to take the first steps on a trail; it’s not so easy for me to take those mid-steps or final steps when I’m tired and hungry and cold. However, my endurance has everything to do with daily training, and the way I pace myself in the beginning. If I get too excited and try to run to the summit, I burn out and end up hating that stupid ol’ mountain anyway.

[two_fifth padding=”5% 0 0 0″]And, so, I find myself reading about the life of the Prussian 17th-18th century explorer, Alexander Humboldt. I’ve been reading his biography all year–slowly, bit by bit, because I, for once, am savoring the words that describe this prolific naturalist’s expeditions and his accounts of what he discovered. How did he do it? One observation at a time; one step at a time; one sentence at a time; one conversation at a time; one day at a time.

The little things matter.

Because the little things create the muscles we’ll need to get to where we’re going. If you’re like me, it’s much more pleasing to look at the majesty of a summit, rather than my feet that I’ve seen every day of my life. So, here’s to looking right in front of you, and cultivating rituals that will gently get you to the place you’ve been longing for.[/two_fifth][three_fifth_last][/three_fifth_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”7% 0 0 0″]CAPRICORN RITUALS – TO THE MOUNTAINTOP WE GO

Morning Rituals

Identify the goal, the summit, the destination. If it’s a new job, write it down. If it’s a crazy idea, you should really write it down and take it seriously–so very seriously. If it’s climbing Denali, write it down. If it’s starting your own business, write it down.

Then, identify the first step. Take the first step every day until it becomes natural. If you want to be a writer, write one page every day until one page feels easy. Then step it up to a page and a half. If you want to climb a mountain, start by walking on a trail or around your neighborhood. Every day, go a little bit longer–one minute at a time. You don’t have to do an ultra marathon tomorrow.

Make the first step a part of your morning ritual. Begin with the first steps every day.[/two_third_last]

[two_third padding=”4% 0 0 0″]Evening Rituals

Acknowledge the work you did–especially the tiniest of steps. Give the little things more weight, more value than you have in the past. You’re that much closer to your summit. Even if one day takes you around a corner you didn’t expect, you’re still that much closer. Declutter every evening. Did you get distracted or take on too much? Overwhelm sneaks up on you. Bite-size is the name of the game. If you find you’re feeling really good, try not to overdo it and exhaust yourself by the time you get further along your path.

Once you feel ready to take on the next step, stop and enjoy the view. Acknowledge where you’ve been. Wasn’t that pretty?

Ya. It was pretty.

And so is the summit. Take it nice and easy. And take along a friend or two.[/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

Yoga Poses to Build A Flexible & Stable Foundation

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]CosmoMuse yogini, Brooke Musat, brings us some important foundation building poses as we enter into the new year. Let’s build on our flexibility and stability as we improve our yoga practice in 2017. Photography by Ann Whittaker

It’s Capricorn season, and it begins with a nod to longer days and shorter nights. It may be hard to remember what a full 15 hours of daylight felt like, or how peaks now covered in snow and ice once basked bare in the direct light of a summer’s sun, but with Capricorn season, we are reminded it’s time to dust off our inspirations and aspirations, and seize the longer days. We aren’t saying you should trade in your thermal for a t-shirt just yet, or make the leap to transition your subie’s ski rack to a bike rack, but rather, are encouraging you to begin to prepare for what you hope to pull off in 2017. [/one_third_last]

[full_width]If parts of 2016 were disappointing, maybe it’s because you had great ideas, but you rushed into them too quickly. The early bird may catch the worm, but only if the bird has trained in the art of worm catching. Every goal is worth striving toward, but it’s easier to realize your goals when you prepare for them properly.
Whether you are preparing to hike Mt Everest or you’re trying to tackle Handstand, you need to first build a proper foundation. For the climber, a proper foundation may look like several dozen hikes over long distances, or an intimate relationship with weather prediction. For the yogi, a need to strengthen the core in boat pose, or becoming comfortable with being upside down in dolphin, could be the necessary requisites for an appropriate Handstand foundation. Both the climber and the yogi have to start small, but remain focused on their goal. Any one of these steps when looked at separately may not seem all that grand, but when you layer them overtime they create a reliable structure for success.
In the spirit of building a proper foundation, try practicing Extended Side Angle and Triangle Pose back to back. In Extended Side Angle Pose you’ll increase flexibility in the inner thighs while strengthening the side body. Then as you transition to Triangle, you’ll be able to deepen the stretch in the inner thighs and focus on finding stability from the engagement of the entire core, not just the side body. Extended Side Angle and Triangle Pose build on one another nicely, but also help lay the framework for more advanced standing balancing postures.
2017 is right around the corner, and the time is perfect for preparing how you’ll make this your best year yet! [/full_width]

[one_third]Extended Side Angle :: (Utthita Parsvakonasana) Variation


o Strengthens quads, upper back, side body, and the tiny muscles in the feet

o Stretches the inner thighs and hamstrings

o Opens chest and shoulders

o Lengthens spine

Prop Suggestion: Try holding the tall side of a block between both hands firmly to build strength in the arms. Still squeezing the block between both hands, you could try reaching both arms toward the front of your mat and holding for 5-7 breathes.

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]Triangle :: (Trikonasana) Variation


o Strengthens the entire core and legs

o Stretches inner thighs, hamstrings, and hips

o Lengthens spine

o Extreme opener for the shoulders, heart and chest when practiced as variation shown

Prop Suggestion: In traditional Triangle Pose if your bottom arm does not reach the ground, try placing a block directly below your hand and in line with your shoulder. The block can be any height you need. Push your bottom hand firmly into the block, and elongate your top hand (and arm) toward the sky.

Great Summits: The Capricorn New Moon

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]CosmoMuse Seasonal Astrologist, Allie Couch, brings us some guidance around tonight’s aspiring Capricorn new moon, breaks it down by sign, as well as shares a practice to help us connect on a deeper level with our pinnacle goals of the year. Set your sights on tall peaks on this winter night, Muses; ones that will bring you glory and acclaim for the authority and responsibility that you are capable of carrying—and remeber to write your new moon goals in your CosmoMuse 2017 Seasonal Astrology Guide (or get one here if you don’t have one yet). Photography by Dan Peck

A quick refresher: New moons signify a point in time when the energies are ripe to initiate new goals. Each solar season gets a new moon of the same sign when the sun and moon share the same degree of the Tropical Zodiac. [/one_third_last]

[two_third]This season, Capricorn is up, marking our highest point in the zodiac and connected to the things we aspire to be recognized for, whether that’s through career, achievements, titles, awards or things we hold authority and responsibility in. Just as Capricorn Season starts at the winter solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere), when the days are at their shortest but start slowly growing in length, our Capricorn new moon goals will reflect this new found desire to slowly, step-by-step, climb the peaks we start seeing outlines of as we seek more light and glory. The goals we initiate now are ones that we will summit at the summer solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere), when the days are at their longest. They may feel like heavy burdens to bear and will require singular focus and a limiting of what we allow into our sphere of duties. Just as one who climbs a tough mountain needs to be prepared, plan and train for their journey, your Capricorn goals should take on the same seriousness and austerity.

Only look to goals that you know are within your attainment but push these and yourself bit beyond your norm this year as the planetary ruler of this event, Saturn, is in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion, vision and optimism.

This lunar event will happen at the tail end of the 28th for some of us and in the wee hours of the 29th for others. Either way, the optimal time to set your goals and intentions for your Capricorn themed yearly goals should be within six hours of the exact new moon. Starting no earlier than 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET is your best timing and into the night, with a 12 hour window. Don’t fear if you miss this, you can set and work on these goals for the whole week ahead, this window is just the ideal.


[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]CAPRICORN GOALS BY SIGN

Capricorn rules a different part of each sign’s chart. Read below for a little extra context around how to direct your goals based on your sun sign AND rising sign:

Aries: Your career and public aspirations are doubly in focus. Own your authority in the professional world and watch your responsibilities and acclaim grow.
Taurus: Your ability to give structure and prestige to global and enterprising pursuits could win you some public favor. Let go of any limiting notions of belief and allow yourself to climb foreign mountains.
Gemini: Authority follows you into taboo areas. You are responsible and structured in the things you share and transform with others. Own your ability to make responsible choices in entanglement and find your acclaim this summer as you see what you’ve helped rebuild, step-by-step, through joining forces for exponential growth in shared possessions.
Cancer: Relating and relationships are what bring you glory and acclaim. You may sometimes feel limited or too responsible when it comes to your relationships, but own your ability to bring structure and focus to the give and take that makes great partnering and climb big peaks in front of you with a graceful flow of taking the lead and following that takes your ability to equalize to new heights. [/two_third_last]

[full_width]Leo: Lifestyle and your daily processes (or work duties) are what get your most structured capabilities. You may take a lot on your shoulders but your step-by-step approach to getting through your days is enviable and you are capable of tackling more projects than the other signs and having a rigorously purified life. A new project may come your way that will push your limits but open the door to a new stream of work that rises your prestige.
Virgo: Structure and responsibility are where you shine. Don’t squash your authority for fear of the limelight. Embrace your leadership and creative expression and watch as the world praises your ability to structure and achieve.
Libra: Growing roots and self-nurturing are important things in life and you take this very seriously—or you should. By taking care of your family and home or things related to nurturing, sustaining and protecting, your structured abilities here help you grow prestigious roots in life.
Scorpio: Words and connecting with others may at times seem a burden to you but this is where you build and take on authority in your life. By realizing that your linear thought process is enviable and respectable, you can let go of any feelings of communicative inferiority. Use your authoritative style to stay connected to those in power, bringing you more respect.
Sagittarius: What comes around goes around. Share your authority in something to increase your self-worth and give of your possessions to keep the flow of value streaming into your life. Or, use your resources to increase your authority and skills in something that you feel is important to your self-worth. This will help you let go of feelings of lack or inferiority.
Capricorn: This is your new moon of the year; the time when your agenda is in motion and getting green lights. You are a responsible breed and no doubt your new moon goals will be tinted with practical, step-by-step goals that will give you more respect and authority in your life. Whatever you most desire should be sought now.
Aquarius: Arts, spirituality, composition and healing may feel like serious areas to you and they are. This is your time to initiate new goals that fill you with inspiration. You are capable of becoming an authority in your artistic and spiritual pursuits but you have to put in solid, structured building to get there.
Pisces: Groups, causes, and friends may sometimes make you feel inferior but they need you. You bring structure and responsibility to humanity and causes bigger than the individual. So on our behalf, not yours, please shed your feelings of limitation around what you can contribute and dive in to help the rest of us bring structure and acclaim to the things we all need as a collective for the progress of our world.

*Only incorporate the above contexts into your Capricorn themed goals if you can hold or understand the complexity – do not stress about these if it feels too overwhelming confusing. [/full_width]


Normally I suggest making 3 or 4 goals for both your sun and rising sign (6-8 total) as not all of them will grow the needed roots but this time I’m suggesting a limit to this. Make one or two goals for each and treat them like a expedition plan that then may incorporate other smaller stepping stones, base camps (or goals) to help you reach your main peak to summit. So here’s the question to help you set your gaze on the right challenging peak for glory this year: What do you most aspire to be recognized for and stand on top as an authority of?

o Make a 4-5 step plan that will help you attain your main goal— this can include some sub-goals.

o With each of your sub-goals, write out a few sentences of how you will start those goals.[/one_third][two_third_last][/two_third_last]


o Make a list of ‘gear’ need for your big trek ahead.

o As soon as you are ready to take a step into your first sub-goal, light a candle and repeat the following (this should be within a week of making your goals): I accept the responsibility that I am asking for and know that this will lead me to more authority and acclaim in my life, which in turn I can use to give others more authority in their lives.

o Enjoy the trek you set out on but stay focused and take time to look back every now and then, leading up to July (or the scheduled summit), to see how far you’ve climbed toward this goal.

With Mercury retrograde connected to your yearly Capricorn goal/s, be sure you are clear and double check any communication around your journey/s with these goal/s. Take things slow as certain paths may not lead where you think they will—planning and research will help you to choose the correct routes so there is little back tracking needed. Mars and Neptune send supporting guidance on your mission so inspired, artistic, and cosmically entangled action and healing will be with you every step of the way—but you do need to ask for this when you need it. These guides are available to you but they can’t read you mind. Happy trails muses. May you find all that you aspire to accomplish on this new trek and summit with grand fulfillment come July.[/full_width]


With this being your summer solstice time of year, we flip the seasons around and so in some astrologers theories (including mine), this is your Cancer time of year.

With your Cancer new moon falling today, it’s the perfect time for you to make goals around how to nurture and grow your roots. Pay attention to your inner stirrings of what you need to feel safe, nurtured and protected in this world. The sun has reached the tropic of Capricorn and will start backing away as the nights slowly grow in length, making it your ideal time to start thinking about and planning for the future darker times coming, when your autumn months will ask you to tap into your inner resources.

I know this is just a bread crumb but more for your side of the world is in the works! [/full_width]

Inner Musings: Climbing the Mountain and Cat Videos

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]We’re excited to introduce our newest muse contributor, Lauren Eimers-Wangrud, bringing us some Capricorn Season advice on how to be more human and empathetic toward those different from us after the stresses of an intense 2016. As a licensed mental health and genetic counselor, Lauren brings a valuable and compassionate voice to our muse-ful community. Photography by Dan Peck

“Power comes not from the barrel of a gun, but from one’s awareness of his or her own cultural strength and the unlimited capacity to empathize with, feel for, care, and love one’s brothers and sisters.” – Addison Gayle, Jr.

2016 has been called many things, most of them negative and rightly so. This was the year that stripped us of beloved artists, robbed the U.S. of its hope for its first female president and nationally exposed the roiling underbelly of racism, sexism, and xenophobia that many Americans still call patriotism.[/one_third_last]

[full_width]2016 also witnessed the massive loss of civilian life from overcrowded escape vessels in unforgiving waters to the dissolution and death of families just trying to reach safety across borders from their once-safe home. We also saw another mass murder of individuals just out celebrating their youth and vitality at a club in Florida. It’s human nature to recall the jarring events of the past, while forgetting the better times and while there are other years in humankind’s history that could take the title as the “worst,” 2016 has put so much information in our faces without the obvious ability to actively do anything about it.

It’s understandable that one can become numb to this seemingly constant barrage of horrific news, day in and day out. That is totally normal and I’m here to tell you that’s ok – don’t beat yourself up over wanting to look away from these reports and images. Taking a break to expose your mind to something uplifting and light can be a salve for the weary mind and soul. Yes, I’m telling you those cute cat videos are something that is 100% necessary for your mental health.

But before we all end up staring into our phones at 3am after hours of animals sneezing videos, we need to also recognize that the echo chambers we’ve built around ourselves have served as protection from many of the horrors that took us by surprise this year. While David Bowie’s passing and transformation into stardust was something out of our control, the “social siloing” we create for ourselves on Twitter, Facebook, and the like made many of this year’s occurrences seem like impossibilities is something we can change. When your social media feeds likely just reverberate the same thoughts and ideas you have, it can seem like more folks ascribe to your way of thinking, are voting similarly, and treating other human beings in the same way you do.[/full_width]


[full_width]This siloing is one of the reasons conversations with the “other side” rarely end well or even occur to begin with. In the spirit of Capricorn season, let’s take this time to makes a promise to ourselves to push outside of our comfort zones. Let’s seek and endeavor to understand the perspective of those who oppose our viewpoints. In this journey to dialogue with others, don’t feel pressure to change any minds or persuade the opposing party; in simply understanding comes empathy and with empathy comes compassion.

But why should we have to do all the work, many have asked? Why do we need to listen and reflect? Empathy from you doesn’t just benefit the person you’re with, it can benefit you, as well. Steering your mind away from objectifying an individual helps you keep their humanity at the forefront. Objectifying people deliberately can distance us from the opposing party and keep the discomfort empathy can bring at bay. Associating people with groups can be a slippery slope, making it easy for us to forget the individual, their stories, and their nuanced positions. Ultimately, they are bringing their history, ideals, and hopes to the table, just like you.[/full_width]

[one_third]Sounds a lot like climbing Mount Everest, right? Change happens incrementally, for better or for worse, so you can empower yourself to be on the side of change for the better, one step up the mountain at a time. Continue putting yourself out there, challenge you own worldview while listening and dialoguing with those that both share and oppose your viewpoint, push yourself to donate to charities that are fighting the good fight, just like you, don’t forget that there are real people on the other end of those tweets and Facebook posts. And last, but not least, watch a cat video here and there (try this one). [/one_third][two_third_last][/two_third_last]

Seasonal Celebrations: Winter Solstice

[two_third]CosmoMuse, Allie Couch, brings us inspiration, a cocktail and playlist for all of our Solstice and Capricorn Season festivities. Styling & Images by Allie.[/two_third][one_third_last]

Graduating From Sagittarius Season: Visionary Aim
We’ve made it through the darkest season of the year and out the other side to Winter Solstice, the shift to days slowly and coldly growing in length. It also marks the start of one of our four important cardinal seasons, Capricorn Season. This is the season to start seeing the long hard road ahead as we fix our gaze on new aspirations and the hopeful acclaim that comes with the structure we are able to give to our public achievements.

As we say farewell to Sagittarius’ Season of hope and seeking, let’s pay gratitude to the foreign boundaries we’ve pushed ourselves into, helping us see with new possibility and optimism. It was in the darkness of this season that we could see the brightest stars, giving us belief in visionary narratives and our own epic life stories. [/one_third_last]

[two_third]Winter Solstice: Darkness Turns Toward Light
A Ritual to start on December 21st, marking our darkest and longest night of the year.

o Let in as much natural light during the day and illuminated light in the evening as possible.

o Unplug from technology and explore any darkness that’s been swept under your surface from the past year through journaling or having heartfelt discussion with trusted friends. This will help you consciously take care of or rid yourself of baggage from the intensity of 2018 as the solstice shifts our balance of light and dark. Days start to grow in length and we may start craving to abandon our shadows and rich inner darkness as we work toward Spring Equinox, a time of equal day and night.

o Use the days leading up to the new year to do some of this rich inner work in order to approach the new year with a solid sense of knowing what it is you most want and aspire to reach in 2019.

o Even though the days start growing longer, we are building our dreams and nurturing them within ourselves until spring comes and the light, or sun, reigns as king of the cosmos. Let the Queen of the cosmos, the moon, help you nurture and gestate your 2019 goals as they won’t be ready to sprout until the Equinox when day finally becomes longer than night.

o Ask yourself each morning leading up to March 21st, what it is you can do to nurture the inner fertile grounds where you are tending to your aspirations and inner flame. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]


[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]A Toast to Capricorn Season: A Season of Festivity

It’s a season of festivity as Capricorn summons our need to host and be in the public’s view. This is our pinnacle sign of the zodiac, the highest point on our cosmic chart wheel, making it best suited to host all of the gatherings and celebrating that the holiday’s bring. Let’s toast to the achievements of 2018 and mingle as we exchange resolutions and hopes for our new year and the numerological 3 path that takes over in 2019. A number that signifies lots of creative energy that needs to express itself, even if a bit undirected.

Bubbly seems to overflow during these holiday evenings, so below is a fun champagne drink with an umph to enjoy as you mingle and hob nob your way up the social ladders to more opportunities in the coming year. This is equally delightful for a romantic night in or out celebrating with others and we highly suggest serving chocolate and strawberries with it!

Also, give our Capricorn Season Spotify playlist (at the end) a whirl as you imbibe, intricately designed to help us release baggage from 2018 as it begins, gradually moving into the holiday spirit, followed by powerful and upbeat songs that speaks to our Capricorn boss selves as we reach for new heights at the new year. It’s a mix of favorites from all of our muse contributors, eclectic and fitting mix for the season.

Happy holidays, muses! [/two_third_last]


[full_width]Grand Champagne Cocktail via Bobby Flay/Food Network

4 shots orange-flavored liqueur (recommended: Grand Marnier)
4 teaspoons honey
4 fresh strawberries, tops trimmed
1 bottle Champagne, well chilled
Special equipment: 4 chilled Champagne flutes

Add the orange-flavored liqueur, honey and strawberries to a food processor and process until smooth. Fill the chilled glasses halfway with the strawberry mixture and then fill the rest of the glass with Champagne.[/full_width]

Or Link HERE[/full_width]